Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


5. Chapter 5: Maybe feuds are better online

Third Person POV

At dinner, both bands went to the same restaurant – and both seen each other. They both got in silly arguments over which band are better. Let us face it – both bands are awesome in their own ways. Zayn, Max, Louis, and Tom were the worst out of both bands. The others stayed in the back and did not say much. It was a continuation of their Twitter feud in November.


That night none other than Piers Morgan was interviewing both bands. Well, this interview shall turn out perfect. Are you sensing the sarcasm there?


A few hours later on the show.


Piers was currently talking to The Wanted right now.

Piers asked, “Do you guys use Twitter a lot?”

Max said, “Yeah we do, we love to talk to our fans.”

Tom agreed, “Yeah we love them as much as they love us.”


Piers said, “I presume you have seen my Twitter feud with 3/5 of One Direction, right?”

Max nodded, “Yeah, I had a pretty good laugh at that.”

Tom laughed, “When Max showed me – I definitely had a good laugh as well.”

Piers said, “You must have seen when Niall asked what I did other than Tweet, right?”

Max nodded, “We love you too Piers.”

Piers laughed, “That’s good, now we share the same love.”

Max said, “Yeah that is good.”


Siva said, “I don’t know why we feud so much – both us are famous with teenagers but in different ways.”

Jay agreed, “Yeah, it makes no sense.”

Piers nodded, “What do you think Nathan?”

Nathan said, “Honestly? I think it’s quite odd to feud with each other.”


Max scoffed, “We started first, but somehow they reached the top faster than we have.”

Siva sighed, “Yeah, yeah, we started first – but sometimes we can’t be super famous.”

Max scoffed more, “Yeah right, but I don’t get why they are so popular. They are just boys who got formed on The X Factor.”

Siva said, “Yeah and we formed in a similar way.”

Max scoffed again, “Yeah, but they didn’t even win!”

Siva sighed, “Max, just face it, both of our bands will be tied for a while.”


Max sighed, “Yeah, I guess that is true – but those lads are too cheeky for my liking.”

Jay said, “Do you just naturally hate them? From what I’ve heard, they aren’t bad lads.”

Max laughed, “Definitely not bad lads. You have a cheeky womanizer, a carefree Irish lad, a bad boy that smokes, and a sassy 21 year old who acts as if he is 10 years old. The other one, he is better – just because he is the responsible.”

Tom laughed, “I don’t like the sassy one, and he is too sassy for my liking.”

Max laughed, “And I don’t like the bad boy who smokes – he is too…it is indescribable what he is.”


Siva sighed, “This is what happens when we feud – we have Directioners and TWFanmily getting at each other’s throats. What happens when people are a part of both fandoms?”

Max said, “Then they choose a side.”

Jay sighed, “Max, mate, they cannot just ‘choose a band’ they just love us both – equally.”

Max sighed, “I guess mate, but it’s hard being compared to each other.”

Tom nodded, “Yeah, both bands are famous, both of us want to be known.”


Piers said, “Lads, we are still on air.”

Max said, “Oh, sorry about that.”

Piers said, “No, it’s no problem – I know you guys don’t like each other.”

Max said, “Yeah, so let’s continue this interview.”

Piers said, “Actually, I have a surprise for you guys. You might not like it though…”


The lads were wondering what the big surprise was…



One Direction was backstage watching Piers interview The Wanted.

Zayn scoffed, “Why is Max such a dick-head about us being more famous than their band?”

Louis shrugged, “I guess he is threatened.”

Niall said, “Max seems to hate you Zayn, like hate you. And Louis, Tom seems to not like you very much.”

Zayn scoffed again, “Yeah, well I am not very fond of him either…”

Louis gave a sassy face, “And I do not like Tom, he was mean to Zayn.”


Liam sighed, “Lads we shouldn’t hate each other – we have to face it. We both are famous.”

Harry chuckled, “But we happen to be just as famous. Not that I hate them – I am just stating the obvious.”

Niall said, “Yeah, we reached Number 1 in America faster than they did.”

Zayn said, “Yeah, because we are better than them.”

Liam sighed, “Zayn, don’t be mean.”

Zayn laughed, “Sorry ‘daddy’ I’ll be a little more sensitive.”


Louis was about to say something ... when a producer told us we could go on. The lads were confused, because The Wanted was still on.


The producer brought us to where Piers was sitting…still with The Wanted.


Both bands looked at each other as if World War 3 was about to start.

Max and Zayn were glaring at each other.

Tom and Louis were mocking each other without words said.

Liam, Niall, Harry, Jay, Siva and Nathan awkwardly watched their band mates glaring at each other.

Liam and Jay sat down while Harry, Nathan, Niall and Siva were making sure Max, Zayn, Tom and Louis would not rip each other’s heads off.

Liam and Jay started talking to each other.


Liam said, “I don’t get why they fight so often.”

Jay sighed, “I know – it’s pointless. The spotlight will always be big enough for both bands.”

Liam said, “Rubbish isn’t it?”

Jay nodded, “Very rubbish.”

Liam smiled, “You’re Jay right?”

Jay nodded, “And you’re Liam?”

Liam smiled, “Yeah I am.”

Jay said, “Well it’s good to know you – but we should probably get back to the interview.”

Liam nodded and they noticed all the boys were looking at them weird.


Liam asked, “What?”

Max hissed, “What are you doing talking to my band mate?”

Liam backed up a little, “Whoa mate, we were just talking.”

Max hissed more, “Yeah right.”

Liam raised an eyebrow, “What else would we be doing?”

Max said, “You could have… You uh… Damn it.” Nothing seemed to fit why they would be talking.

Liam chuckled, “Exactly. We were just talking about you four having a feud.”

Max laughed, “Because we’re better than you.”


Zayn scoffed, “Yeah right ‘chlamydia boy’.” Zayn referred to their Twitter feud…

Max laughed, “Oh you are so funny Malik.”

Zayn snarled, “At least I can sing well.”

Max laughed, “Of course you can… Better than suspenders and toms over there.”


Louis said, “At least I can act too.”


Tom laughed, “Well ‘1 stripe’ your band mate is always defending you, huh?”

Zayn glared at Tom, “Well at least I don’t have a face like yours.”

Tom scoffed, “At least I don’t have hair like yours.”

Zayn glared, “At least my hair looks good.”

Tom glared, “Funny Malik, your hair is not that good-looking… Actually, it isn’t even good looking.”


Max said, “Yeah Malik, your hair isn’t even good looking.”

Zayn laughed, “And they call me the human echo.”


Louis laughed, “Funny Zayn.”

Tom said, “At least I can stand up for myself – you have to get sassy over here to help you.”


Liam and Jay looked at each other because the same thought was going through both their minds, why cannot we just get along.


Louis scoffed, “Yeah right, I just butt in because I am a good friend.”

Max laughed, “A ‘good friend’ would let his friend work it out themselves.”

Louis sassed, “Hypocrite says what?’

Max laughed, “How am I a hypocrite?”

Louis scoffed, “Because you have Tom over here, back you up.”

Max laughed, “I do not, he’s a good friend.”

Louis laughed, “That’s what I mean – I’m backing Zayn up, while you back up Tom.”

Max sighed, “All right, you win this time Tomlinson.”

Louis sassed, “Ooh, I am so scared.”

Max glared, “No sarcasm Tomlinson.”

Louis sassed, “It wasn’t sarcasm, and it was sass. Get it right!”

Max scoffed, “You are such a girl Tomlinson.”

Louis glared, “I am such a girl I just happen to- 


Liam cut Louis off, “Mate, calm down.”

Louis sighed, “Fine.”

Max mocked Louis, “Fine.”


After that, they got started with their interview again.


Piers said, “What’s up with you two fighting so much?”


Max shrugged, “Malik over there just despises our talent and looks.”

Zayn laughed, “So funny Maximus, but I don’t despise it. I think you guy aren’t good-looking.”

Max scoffed, “At least we don’t look like we’re still under the age of 16.”

Zayn scoffed, “Because facial hair totally says we look like we’re like 15 years old.”

Max laughed, “It does – for you guys.”

Louis said, “At least we don’t have someone who looks like Sid the sloth.”

Nathan said, “Hey, don’t bring me in this.”

Louis scoffed, “I will do what I want.”

Max said, “Shut it Tomlinson.”


Liam glared at the four boys and they instantly shut up.


Zayn and Max would send glares to each other. Tom would glare at Louis. Louis wouldn’t glare at them but he was thinking mean things.


After a long hour of their interviews, both bands left the building – still arguing.


When they both were out of the building, they went back to their hotel rooms.


After a long day, both Siva and Niall had the same call…

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