Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


4. Chapter 4: Secrets to share

Third Person POV

The next day,


Both Niall and Siva woke up happy. For one, both were doing their first mini-concert today. Two, they were going to start being Superheroes today – well if there was trouble.


As both bands waited to rehearse…

Niall was talking to Louis, and Siva was talking to Jay.


Niall said, “Hey Lou, can I talk to you for a minute?” Louis nodded and they walked away from the others.

Louis asked, “What’s up Ni?”

Niall sighed, “I have this…problem? And uh, you’re the one person I think would be most helpful.”

Louis nodded, “Go on…”


Niall sighed more, “I have a secret… You have to keep it… I mean it – I mean you tell no one, none of the boys.” Louis nodded and Niall continued.

“Okay. I am serious though Lou, do not – in any means – tell anyone.” Louis nodded, “Okay. What I am about to tell you, is real and it is not a joke. It is 100 percent real.” Louis nodded again, “Okay. So you know that I went out last night, for a late dinner?” Louis nodded, “Well I didn’t actually go out, just to eat – I meet up with Steve.” Louis was confused to who Steve was. Niall explained more, “Well Steve, is an ex-soldier, but he is also a,” in a whispered voice Niall said, “he is a super hero.” Louis was thinking about laughing, but then he remembered Niall said this was real, so he just nodded. Niall continued, “Anyway, as I was saying, he is a superhero, well was. Last night, Steve and I met up and we discussed me being his new replacement…”


Louis nodded, “And?”

Niall smiled, “I accepted.”


Louis gasped loudly, before yelling, “You what?” Everyone was now looking at him.

Niall shushed Louis, “Shh, Lou it is supposed to be a secret.”

Louis frowned, “Sorry Niall, I just – it was so much to hear…”

Niall nodded, “Yeah I know, it was a lot for me too.”

Louis smiled, “I’m glad you accepted though, but…”

Niall cut him off, “I don’t know if he knows Superman.”

Louis sighed, “Ah damn. Well, anyway, let’s go see what’s up with the other lads…”


They both walked back to the group of people, and everyone was still looking at them with suspicion.



Siva was talking to Jay.

Siva said, “Psst, Jay I need to talk to you for a second.”

Jay walked towards Siva, “Okay, what is it you want to talk about mate?”

Siva sighed, “You know how we were talking about our resolutions?”

Jay nodded, “Yeah, but everyone thinks they won’t come true.”

Siva sighed, “If I were to tell you something…promise you won’t tell anyone? Not even the lads?”

Jay nodded, “Secret is safe with me.”


Siva smiled, “Okay. Well, I am going to tell you something, and it is real, no jokes, just the truth.” Jay nodded, and Siva continued, “I went to the bathroom yesterday… I ran into someone. He was older than we are. His name is Hal, and his job is secret, but I knew him and what it was – and he offered me as a replacement.”

Jay nodded, “And, what does this, have to do with anything?”


Siva sighed, “I was getting to that – anyway, I accepted the job. Before you ask, no it will not affect me being in The Wanted.”

Jay nodded, “What is the job then?”


Siva whispered, “I am the replacement for Green Lantern.”

Jay laughed, “You are what, you can’t be…”

Siva sighed, “As I said before – it is real, no jokes.”


Jay sighed, “So you are the new Green Lantern?”

Siva nodded, “Yes I am, but don’t tell anyone – yet.”

Jay understood and just nodded, “Yeah mate – your secret is safe with me.”

Siva smiled, “Good, now let’s get back to the lads.


Siva and Jay walked back to the rest of the band – everyone was curious to what was so secretive between the two lads.


Both One Direction and The Wanted members ask their band mates, “What’s up?”


While Niall looked at Louis, Siva looked at Jay.


Louis explained for Niall, “We were talking about a joke – Niall thought it was funny if we were all superheroes.” Niall gave him a ‘what the fuck mate’ look.

The other lads nodded. Harry was getting suspicious at what Louis said. All Harry thought was, Louis might not be joking…

What Harry did not know – was he was correct.



Jay told the other lads what they were talking about, “We were talking about how the New Year will be much different.”

Everyone nodded, Tom spoke up, “Then why were you two so secretive?”

Jay did not know what to say, “We were talking about something that was between us two.”

They nodded again. Tom still did not believe that their ‘talk’ was about the New Year.

Funny though, Tom was actually right…it was far from the new year.


At the end of their rehearsals, both bands decided to go out for an early dinner, or late lunch – depending on how you think of it.

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