Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


3. Chapter 3: Nightly dinners with strangers

Third Person POV

Later on that evening.


In Niall’s room, he was eating – mostly because he was nervous on seeing Steve again. The boys still did not know why he was jittery. Harry and Louis were just talking to each other on the couch in their joint rooms. Zayn was half-asleep on the couch – yet again. Liam was tweeting to fans contemplating whether he should do a Twitcam right now or not.

Niall’s thoughts were clouded – wondering how everyone would think of him if they found out he was going to be the new ‘Captain America’ except for Ireland.

Everyone loves a Superhero, right? Why can’t they love Niall? Niall is already famous – but being famous for saving people is better than being famous for singing, right?


Liam decided to ask Niall what was bothering him, “Niall?”

Niall came out of his thoughts instantly, “Yes Li?”

Liam asked, “What’s wrong Nialler?”

Niall sighed, “I would tell you – but right now, it is top secret.”

Liam laughed, “You didn’t suddenly become a CIA agent forced to protect us right?”

Niall chuckled, “Of course not – also isn’t it illegal; to tell others your secret if you are a CIA agent?”


Liam nodded, “I guess that isn’t it…is it girl problems?”

Niall shook his head, “Nope, no girl problems here.”

Liam nodded, “You didn’t suddenly become gay, right?”

Niall laughed, “Nope, 100 percent straight man right here.”


Liam nodded, “No Twitter hate?”

Niall shrugged, “Haven’t been on Twitter since last night.”

Liam nodded, “Is that why?”


Niall shook his head, “Li, it is top secret – as in hush, hush, don’t tell.”

Liam sighed, “Sorry Nialler, I am just curious what has you worried.”

Niall nodded, “I know that, I wish I could – but for now it will be a secret.”


Liam stopped asking, and Niall felt glad to have such a caring friend. Niall also finds it funny how when it was not girl problems, Liam thought he was gay. Liam on the other hand, is still very worried for Niall. Liam seems to think that Niall is up to something, something not good.


Harry and Louis on the other hand – were actually listening to Niall’s conversation. Louis was curious to what Niall was doing. Harry on the other hand, was hoping what Niall was doing was not illegal.


Zayn was peacefully sleeping in the corner, having a dream about being a superhero. Ironic huh, that one boy is about to be one, while another is dreaming he is one.

An hour later, it was 9:50pm. Niall heard a knock at the door. He was thinking, must be Steve.

Niall got up an answered it before anyone – in case it was Steve.


When he opened it up he saw a redheaded women standing there – who looked as if she was still in the 1940s or 1950s.


The woman said, “Hello, are you-” she looked down at a piece of paper, “Niall Horan?”

Niall nodded, “Yes I am. Not to be rude, but who are you?”

The woman smiled, “Hello Niall, I am Peggy Carter. I work with Steve.”

Niall nodded, “Well I’m Niall, from famous boy band One Direction.”

Peggy nodded, “Interesting, musician. That could work…”

Niall raised his eyebrow, “How is that ‘interesting?'”

Peggy said, “Because, Steve…never mind we will explain this on the way to the restaurant.”

Niall nodded, “Give me one minute, and I’ll tell my other band mates that I am heading out.”


Peggy nodded and Niall went to go tell Liam he was heading out. When Liam asked where he was going, Niall just said he was going out to treat himself to late-night dinner.


After Niall convinced Liam, he was going to be safe, he and Peggy got into a cab and head off towards the restaurant. Peggy explains more about Captain America, and what he does. Niall kept nodding every time she would explain – telling her he understood what she was telling him.



Siva was waiting for Hal at the restaurant.

10 minutes later, Hal walked into restaurant.

Hal said, “Sorry I was late. I had to talk to someone.”

Siva nodded, “No worries, I’ve only been here 20 minutes.”

Hal sighed, “Sorry, please tell me you at least ordered yourself something.”

Siva nodded, “I was hungry, and decided to order.” 

Hal let out a sigh of relief, “Good, because you shouldn’t have been stuck here without food to eat.”

Siva smiled, “Yeah, so are we going to explain about me becoming your replacement?”

Hal nodded, “Yes we will, over dinner. Give me a few minutes and I will order.”

Siva nodded, “Sounds great.”


After about half an hour of; ordering Hal’s food, and waiting for both their dishes. They started talking about Siva’s new offer…


Hal said, “Well I hope you would make a good new Green Lantern.”

Siva smiled, “I love comic books, so it should not be that hard.”

Hal said, “Okay, well I will ask a few more questions…”


Hal asked his questions, Siva answered them correctly – well most.


Hal said, “Looks good kid – you have got the job.”

Siva beamed with happiness, “Really, I got it?”

Hal nodded, “On one condition.”

Siva nodded, “Anything.”

Hal stated, “If you are in trouble, you do either; one, come to me, or two, go to another superhero.”

Siva nodded, “That means I will have to ask other DC members?”

Hal nodded, “Exactly.”


Siva was glad there would be other superheroes he could talk to about troubles.



Niall was at the same restaurant as Siva and Hal.


Steve was telling Niall; about the 1940s, and how it was different from now. Peggy explained everything earlier – but now they are just enjoying food. Which is obviously what Niall does best.


After their dinner, while they waited for dessert. Steve was telling Niall…


Steve said, “Well Mr. Horan, it seems as if you would be perfect as my replacement.”

Niall grinned, “Really?”

Steve nodded, “Peggy and I think you are perfect for my replacement.”

Niall smiled more, “Really? Instead of Captain America, it will be Captain Ireland, right?”

Steve nodded, “Yeah, and, I own the name of Captain America.”

Niall nodded, “Does that mean I own Captain Ireland?”

Steve shook his head, “Wait another 50 years and see then.”

Niall laughed, “That’s a long wait.”

Steve nodded, “I waited that long – now I own the name.”


Niall was happy now, but one thing was on his mind…

“Who can I tell my secret to?”

Steve sighed, “People you can 100 percent trust.”

Niall nodded, “Like my band mates?”

Steve shrugged, “Can they keep secrets?”

Niall nodded, “Of course.”

Steve smiled, “Then they are trustworthy of your secret.”


Niall smiled, he could tell the boys… The question was, was he going to tell them? Or will it stay a secret?


Siva on the other hand, was going to tell the boys – when he gets a hold of being a superhero.

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