Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


10. Chapter 10: do I know you?

Third Person’s POV

“Hey Zayn, wake up.” Paul was shaking Zayn, trying to wake him up. “Mmm?” Zayn mumbled back.


“You have a final interview today.” Paul mentioned. “Come on Zayn, you have to wake up.”


“Okay.” Zayn mumbled. “Can I have a shower?” He asked tiredly.


“Yeah, but we leave in half an hour.” Paul reassured. “So hurry up.” Paul clapped before moving on.


“Okay.” Zayn mumbled again before slowly getting up. “I’ll be ready by then.”



Maxie.” Tom’s voice sounded off in the hotel room. “We have to go to LA, and record – tomorrow, and we have to leave today.”


What, we are?” Max asked confused. “Since when?”


“Since last month?” Tom laughed, “How do you not remember?”


“I forgot, I have a lot on my mind.” Max shrugged. “Does Max want to tell me?” Tom asked. “No, no, it’s all good.” Max lied with a shrug.


“Okay, well Kels and I are going out for a lunch, and then come back for our luggage.” Tom smiled.


“Okay, well, I’ll ask Nath and Jay if they want to join me.” Max said. “Actually, they went out, and they should be back about the same time.” Tom mentioned.


“Okay, I’ll just go out by myself.” Max sighed.


“You could third wheel with me and Kels.” Tom suggested. “No, I’m fine, New York isn’t terrible.” Max suggested, knowing about Tom’s little secret.


“Okay, have a great time.” Tom smiled, “I’m off now.” Tom waved.


-- Later, walking around New York --

Pedestrians were walking fast, talking fast, and Max was not used to it. He was walking around; before he saw a tower, he never thought he would see; the Stark tower.


I thought Tony Stark was a fictional character, Max thought to himself.


“Hey could you tell me about that building?” Max asked a random pedestrian. He was pointing towards the Stark building. “Oh, that’s Tony Stark’s company’s building.” The pedestrian continued walking.


So he is real, Max thought to himself. “Wow.” Max mumbled.



It had been 20 minutes for Zayn, and he wasn’t even done showering.


“Zayn Malik, get your ass out of the shower!” Paul’s voice was furious.


“Just a minute!” Zayn yelled back.


Can’t I just take a proper shower, Zayn angrily thought to himself.


“Z, we have that interview.” Liam knocked at the bathroom door. “We need to go now.”


“Go away Liam.” Zayn grumbled. “I just want to be alone right now.” Zayn sighed loudly, “I’m sorry, that was mean, I just want to think by myself for a few more minutes.”


“Okay, well, Paul and I are still here. The other lads went to get ready.” Liam said. “Just don’t take too long.”


“Okay.” Zayn said, loud enough for Liam to hear.


Sometimes being in a famous boy band is hard, Zayn thought. But I love it – it’s a great job with great friends, Zayn thought. Sometimes I just want peace a quiet – or at least more sleep, Zayn thought.


“I’m going a little crazy now… Aren’t I?” Zayn said to himself. “Yes I am, because I’m talking to myself.”


“Zayn, you have 5 minutes until we have to leave!” Paul yelled.


Maybe I can escape and just not do the interview today, Zayn thought to himself.


“Okay!” Zayn yelled back. Zayn got out, wrapping a towel. “I’m just going to get changed now.”


“Be ready in 5 minutes.” Paul reminded.


Zayn grabbed his boxers, and quickly slid them on. “Maybe I can.” Zayn talked to himself. Zayn grabbed his pants, and put them on. “Maybe they won’t notice.” Zayn said as he put his pants on. Zayn grabbed his shirt, “The interview wouldn’t care.” Zayn shrugged to himself as he put his shirt on.


“Zayn you ready mate?” Liam asked.


“Just getting my pants on.” Zayn lied, while putting on his sweater.


“Okay, we’ll be in the kitchen, getting a snack.” Liam said.


“Okay.” Zayn said. Great – they won’t notice I’m sneaking out, Zayn thought to himself. Zayn put his socks and shoes on.


Zayn peaked outside the door, to see no Paul or Liam in sight. Great, Zayn thought to himself, I can sneak out, Zayn concluded thoughtfully.


Zayn’s feet silently tip-toed down the hall towards the main door.


“Hey Paul, who’s interviewing us today again?” Liam asked, loud enough for Zayn to hear.


“Good Morning America wants to interview you guys today, after your interview with The Wanted and Piers Morgan.” Paul replied to Liam.


Pfft – those jerks, Zayn thought angrily.


“Oh, is it going to be about the feud? Because Louis or Zayn won’t like it.” Liam mentioned.


“I can convince them not to ask about just stick to the good things.” Paul said.


“Okay, sounds great.” Liam said.


“Where is Zayn?” Paul asked. “He’s quiet.”


“I don’t know, I told him we would be getting some snacks for later.” Liam shrugged.


“Zayn!” Paul yelled.


What Paul and Liam didn’t know, was that Zayn was gone 2 minutes before they even started questioning.


Zayn was quietly trying to walk around a loud New York. Every sidewalk he was on, was louder than most of their concerts – combined.


Zayn looked at the lights that said he – and more than 30 other people – could walk across the street, was indicating he could finally walk.


He was walking behind all the other people and he heard a car coming towards him. A nice, white car was speeding towards Zayn…


…when a bright light grabbed him.


What’s happening, Zayn thought to himself.


“Man, you almost got hit.” The voice said. “You need to be careful in New York.” The voice said again.


“Who are you?” Zayn asked.


“Who am I?” The voice asked. “Who are you?” The voice asked.


“I’m Zayn Malik – of One Direction?” Zayn said confused. “Who are you?” Zayn asked again, more sternly.


“I’m Iron Man.” The voice, now known as Iron Man, said. “Also normally known as, Tony Stark.”


“Tony Stark? Really, you’re real?” Zayn asked confused. “I thought you were just a fictional character?”


“Fictional? Fictional – actually I am more real than you are.” Tony said.


“How? I don’t have a comic book series written about me.” Zayn said. “I’m just in a famous boy band – in which a billionaire doesn’t know about.”


“There’s a comic book series?” Tony said with a cocky smile – under the Iron Man face. “What else is there?”


“You’re paired up in a group of Marvel characters – called The Avengers.” Zayn said with a shrug.


“Well good to know.” Tony said. “How old are you Zayn?” Tony asked – even though Jarvis had searched everything known about Zayn Malik.


“I’m 19 – turning 20 very soon.” Zayn said. “Why, are you curious?”


“I’m turning 44 soon, and I’m not going to be this strong in 10 years – and I want to focus on my relationship – for once.” Tony said. “I was wondering, Mr. Malik – would you like to be the new Iron Man?”


“Me?” Zayn stuttered. “I mean, I’m not a billionaire, I don’t create weapons, I can’t redesign the suit – how would I be a good Iron Man?” Zayn asked confused.


“I’ll still be working, I can still redesign for you.” Tony suggested. “I’ll do all the gadgetry for you.”


“Okay, I guess, I can, I just can’t disappear all the time. I’m in a boy band – that is doing something almost every day of the year.” Zayn said. “I accept.” Zayn confirmed.


“Okay, Pepper and I will be able to have a meeting later tonight.” Tony said.


“Tonight?” Zayn asked, as Tony just nodded. “Oh, we leave tonight for home – for more promoting.”


“We can discuss it – on my plane?” Tony suggested.


“Really?” Zayn stuttered. “I guess I can – I’m actually missing an interview right now.”


“Really, with who?” Tony asked. “I can call them and tell them you’re with me.”


“Good Morning America our tour manager slash bodyguard said.” Zayn said.


“Okay, I can make a call – then I’ll tell them you’re not attending. Hopefully, your boss won’t be mad.” Tony said.


“Okay,” Zayn stuttered, “I just hope management isn’t mad.”


“Okay.” Tony said simply.


-- Later that night –


“Miss Potts.” Tony said. “This is Mr. Malik.” Tony introduced Zayn to Pepper.


“Hello Mr. Malik – Tony has told me nothing about you.” Pepper smiled genuinely.


“You’re the famous Pepper Potts.” Zayn smiled. “I’ve read a lot about you.”


“You’ve read about me?” Pepper tilted her head confused. “How?”


“Never mind – it’s nice to meet you.” Zayn said, while shaking Pepper’s hand.


“Nice to meet you – Mr. Malik.” Pepper said. “I’ll let you and Tony talk for now.”


“That’s Miss Potts, as your little comic books mentioned – she’s my assistant, turned CEO of Stark Industries, then girlfriend.” Tony said.


“Yeah, it’s strange at how realistic the comics were of your life.” Zayn said. “Your facial structure, hair, eyes, everything looks exactly the same in person.”


“What about Pepper, does she look the same?” Tony asked. “Her hair is a little lighter in person. That’s about it.” Zayn shrugged.


“Did you read the comics?” Tony asked. “Some of them – my parents had some copies. I also watched the movies.” Zayn said. “Movies – there’s movies too?” Tony asked.


“Yeah, there’s 2 Iron Man movies, with a third coming out in April/May. Then there’s the first The Avengers movie.” Zayn said. “Great movies.”


“Jarvis,” Tony said, “look up Iron Man.”


Yes sir.” Jarvis said. “Iron Man, 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. sir.


“Yeah, that’s the first Iron Man movie.” Zayn said.


“Play it.” Tony commanded. “Okay sir – playing Iron Man movie.” Jarvis said.


Suddenly Iron Man was playing on the TV in front of Tony and Zayn.


-- After the movie --


“He’s a good actor.” Tony said. “He played me perfectly.”


At least Tony Stark is just as cocky in person as he is portrayed in the comics and movies, Zayn thought to himself.


“Yeah, he is.” Zayn said. “So about this Iron Man thing…” Zayn trailed off.

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