We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


2. Chapter Two

After that long car drive, I was hungry. I napped the whole way so I did not get any food. Now I am really hungry.

“I’m hungry Liam!” I whined.

“Gosh, you and Niall WILL get along perfectly… We’ll stop at McDonald’s, okay?” He said

I nodded “Alright, as long as I get food, I’m good.”


*15 minutes later*

Well we got our McDonald’s let us say we got a lot. Apparently, Niall and I are a-like. I mean I got a lot to eat at McDonald’s. I may eat a lot, but I am actually still skinny. Hmm, maybe I will become a model...


“Liam are we almost there? I’m hungry and I just want to eat at home…” I whined.

Liam chuckled, “Yes sister, we’re almost there, a few moments.”

I sighed. “Okay…”


*a couple moments later*

“We’re here!” Liam said excitedly.

I laughed, “Yay! Now food.” I yelled.

Nu-uh, wait until we’re inside, I want you to meet the boys first.” He laughed.

I sighed, “Okay…”


Four boys came running out.


The first was the oldest, I know because Liam said the oldest loved wearing stripes, and well he’s wearing stripes, oh and suspenders. Liam also said his name was, Louis? Right? I think so.


Who I presume was Louis said, “Well this must be Liam’s adopted sister we’ve heard about but never seen a picture of… I’m Louis; you may know me though, as the oldest of One Direction.”

“I was right you’re Louis. And I guess so. Liam never showed you a picture. He has one in his wallet.” I chuckled

 “Liam! You have a picture of her, and you never showed us? How rude! Oh and this must be the boy he talked about, Landon, right?”

Landon walked up, “Yup that’d be me. Nice to meet you.”

Louis chuckled, “I know we’re going to be great friends… I just know it.”

Landon laughed awkwardly, “Alright, I’m going to go see Jamie.”

Louis said, “Who’s Jamie? There isn’t a third of you right? I thought you guys were twins?”

Oh no, there’s only two, Jamie is Landon’s girlfriend of well 3 years.” I smiled.

Oh! Okay that makes sense! That’s cute!” He chuckled.

I nodded, “Okay, can we do all the introductions soon, I’m hungry!” I whined.

Louis chuckled, “Alright, we’ll save the best for last. Now start boys.”


The one that is tan, I think his name is Zayn came up first, and said, “Ello, ‘vas happenin’ London?”

I chuckled, “Good, you’re Zayn? Right?”


He nodded and I moved on to the next one. The curly haired one, Harry I presume.


“Ello love, I’m Harry – you probably know that already.” He said as he kissed my hand.

“Ello Harry and I guess I do. Liam never said much about you guys. Just odds and ends of who I’ll get along with.“ I chuckled

“Oh, really now? so how are you most like? Are you funny like Louis? Vain like Zayn. Flirty like moi. Or hungry like Niall?”

“Well. Liam said I would get along with Louis and Niall the most. He said Louis because I like to have a good laugh-“

Louis cut me off, “See! We’re going to be great friends too!”

I chuckled, “Yes Louis. – Anyways. He said Niall and I am a-like, in many ways; mostly because I love to eat a lot but never get well, fat.”

Harry nodded, “Well go meet Niall now.”

I nodded, “Okay.”


I walked up to the last one, the blond one, yes, that is Niall.

Ello Niall. Nice to meet you.”


Niall just stared at me and said nothing.


Niall?” I waved my hand in front of his face.

Niall looked at me again, “Oh huh? Sorry? Wha? I umI uhIUm…”


I chuckled, “Well… Nice meeting you boys, but I’m officially hungry.”

Niall laughed, “So am I! I’ve been waiting for Liam for a while now.”

I chuckled, “Yup… So have I. Try sitting in the car not being able to eat the food…”

He laughed, “He’s done that to me a lot of times.”


Anyways, like I said, I’m hungry, so I’ll see you all later!” I said and walked away.

“See you soon London!” Everyone said in unison.


** Niall’s P.O.V **

All the boys did their introductions with London while I was the last one. Why was I the last one? They don’t usually like me so I usually go first.

She finished with the other boys and got to me. Oh gosh, she was stunning. With that black sort of brown hair that just the right amount of wavy. It reminded me of Liam’s when he doesn’t straighten his hair. She has nice blue eyes, they were almost grey, but a beautiful colour. She had flawless skin. Whoa, she’s beautiful… I can’t stop staring at her. I’m lost in my thoughts that I didn’t know she was talking to me.


“Niall?” She waved her hand in front of his face.

I stuttered, “Oh huh? Sorry? Wha? I umI uhIUm…” It is official… I was lost for words, dammit.


She chuckled, “Well… Nice meeting you boys, but I’m officially hungry.” Oh gosh, she loves food, damn… Why has Liam been hiding her all this time

I laughed, “So am I! I’ve been waiting for Liam for a while now.” I tried to make a little joke

She chuckled, “Yup… So have I. Try sitting in the car not being able to eat the food…” Hey, we are similar… We are two souls matched

I laughed, “He’s done that to me a lot of times.”


“Anyways, like I said, I’m hungry, so I’ll see you all later!” she said and walked away.

“See you soon London!” Everyone said in unison.


Oh, god she is perfect. Not just as a woman, but for me. She is my, she is my – princess that I’ve been waiting for. There is so much about her, that makes me feel happy and I have not even known her that long, only a few minutes. I think I have been thinking about her too much


Liam walked up to me, “Dude! Niall… You’ve been standing there smiling like an idiot for the past ten minutes.” Whoa, it has been ten minutes… Damn her perfection.

Niall dude, what’s on your mind…?” Liam asked concerned.


Should I tell him? That it is his sister? He is probably not going to let me date her. I find my princess and cannot do anything about it.


I uh… I have been thinking a lot. Sorry.” I said awkwardly. Of course it is awkward, it’s his sister.

“About what man?” He asked concerned.

Um. Nothing… Just things...” I said.

“It’s about my sister, isn’t it?” He asked, almost ready to get angry.

Yeahkind ofsort ofyeah… It is.” I said even more awkwardly.

Well you’re lucky. I love you, and she will love you, she does not like flirts. Therefore, you’re in more than Harry is, I guess. Also I told her how you guys are similar.” We are similar, weird.


“We’re similar, how?” I asked.

He chuckled, “I don’t know, a lot of ways. I see a lot that reminds me of you with her.”

“Oh okay… So if I were to ask her out? In addition, she said yes. Would that uh – be okay?” I asked nervously.


He laughed, “Of course, just never break her heart, I’d rather her break yours than you breaking hers, okay? If not, I’ll get mad…you know what I’m like when I’m mad.”  “Right Harry?” he yelled loudly so Harry could hear.

Harry walked outside, “Right about what?”

Liam said, “Oh I was telling Niall about how I am when I’m angry…”

Harry laughed, “Oh you mean your whole ‘grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ thing? Yeah be careful Niall.”

Liam said, “See…”


I nodded slowly, “Don’t worry, I’ll never break her heart, and if I do, which I hope I don’t, I can’t make promises to myself well, but it’ll most likely be someone else’s fault not mine.”

Liam chuckled, “I know, I’ll ask first before I take my anger out on you. Now go, talk to her!”

I chuckled, “Thanks again Liam!” and I ran into the house.

Liam said, “No problem Niall.”


I was inside the house talking to London, she’s so beautiful. I’m hoping she’ll like me. We’re just talking, getting to know each other.

I’m thinking about asking her on a date soon before she starts school I mean she’s what I like in a girl. Pretty much.

She was talking this whole time and I heard her but well, I’m lost in her eyes still… Gosh


She said, “Niall, you still hungry?”

I nodded, “Yes I am, you?”

She nodded,” Yeah you want to go with me, to uh, eat something? I do not know what there is around here… And I thought you’d want to because well you know place around here-”

She was trying to ramble, “Of course, how about, Nando’s? I love that place, and I think you would too!”

She smiled, “Okay, I’ll go get some warmer clothes or something.”


She was about to walk away when she turned around and attacked me with a hug, actually the same hugs I do… Whoa Liam was right she was like me.


She whispered, “Thanks Niall.” Before she walked away, she kissed my cheek and ran upstairs.

I sat there mind blown, nothing to say, probably smiling like an idiot and blushing like tomato.


Harry walked in, “Hey bro, what’s up? You’re red and not talking – two shocking things in one.”

“I uh… I’m sort of going out to eat with London… She hugged me… With, one of my famous Horan hugs… Then she thanked me and kissed my cheek… Gosh I sound like a girl, don’t I?” I rambled

Harry chuckled, “Love at first sight huh? She is beautiful. I mean, she would not like me I think though, she does not like flirts, Liam told me that last night. But kind of like a date huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.


“Oh shut up Harold.” I chuckled. He hated when we did that.

Hey! Don’t call me that!” He laughed

Sorry, you’re just annoying me…” I laughed.

“It’s alright Nialler. Okay she’s coming, go!” He shoved me and handed me my jacket.

“Bye Harry… Thanks by the way.” I smiled

“Thanks for what? Never mind.” He said confused.


I laughed, “Come on, my lady.”

She chuckled and looked down and blushed, “Thanks Niall, can we go now, kind sir?”

I laughed, “Yes we can, princess-“ I slapped my mouth shut. Shit. I said princess…

She blushed, “Well come on PRINCE, I’m getting hungry!”

She was cute when she whined…okay she was always cute.

I grabbed her hand and walked out slowly but said, “See you guys later, London and I are going to Nando’s!” I yelled towards all the boys. I heard their comments.

Woo go Nialler! Get it!”

A date already? Good job!”

Use protection!”

I turned around, “Dude we’re just going to eat, and it’s not even a date!”

They all laughed, “Sure thing… You say that about all your ‘non dates’ – Remember your ‘non date’ that ended up into another?”

Liam added, “Yeah, and I’m glad it’s not a date, so the use protection thing still applies whether a date or not.”

I laughed, “Okay, it’s not a date. We are going out to eat because we are both hungry so I thought I would show her Nando’s. And yes Liam, I wouldn’t do that – waiting for marriage remember?”

Liam laughed, “I know Nialler, just joking with you. Just make sure nothing happens to her or you’re a dead man Horan!”


London chuckled, “Come on Liam let us leave! I am hungry! You know how I am when I’m hungry…” She trialed off

Liam laughed awkwardly, “Yeah, yeah London – I know. Go now!”


London smiled, “Okay, bye bro! Bye boys! Have fun Landon and Jamie – make sure they use protection if anything happens” She winked. Gosh, she was cute

Liam laughed, “Will do – you do the same! Kidding… Bye guys.”

We left the house or flat, I really don’t know, it’s weird apartment like place I guess. Off to Nando’s! Whoa…this is like a date

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