We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


3. Chapter Three

**London's POV **

We walked to Nando’s it was a little long I guess. Niall and I got to know each other. We learned that we’re pretty much exactly a-like. I think I like him a little…just it’s so hard. He’s famous. He’s my brother’s band mate. No one knows I’m even ‘related’ to Liam Payne. They just assume my last name just so happens to be Payne. I don’t know if my brother told him he can’t date me or if he can. I’m confused. I mean I could tell him. One, I could get rejected by the famous Niall Horan. Two, I could get accepted. Three, I’d get accepted but something bad will happen. Four, I could get rejected and then he’d changed his mind after I’m not single. So many things!


Niall snapped me out of my thoughts, “Uh London… We’re here.”

Sorry, I was just uhthinking?” I said awkwardly.

He chuckled slightly, “About what, princess?”

I blushed, “Nothing… Okay not nothing – it’s something, just not something I’d tell you.”

Okay, you can tell me if you want… I won’t judge…” He said while pulling out my chair for me in the restaurant.


Should I tell him? Or should I not?


“You should tell him...” Niall said…

Oh shit, I said that out loud… Didn’t I – oh fuckNot again. Don’t tell Liam I kind of swear once in a while. Mostly when I’m really nervous about saying something”

He chuckled, “I promise princess. So what’s bothering you?”


“I well. I uh. I think I might like someone-“He cut me off

“You might like someone?” He smiled awkwardly… Hmm, maybe he does like me.

I nodded “Well as I was saying I might. Well I do not know if Liam will approve, or if he did. He knows him more than I do I guess. I have not known him that long. I just feel as if we are perfect together. I also do not know if he likes me back. I just – I don’t wanna ask him.” I said that way too awkward…


He chuckled slightly, “Oh London, any guy would love you. Liam would approve as long as he didn’t hurt you, right?”

I nodded, “I guess, maybe I’ll ask Liam, then the guy.”


He nodded, “So who’s your prince charming?”

I looked at him, “Niall. I will not tell you…”

Oh come on princess! I won’t tell anyone…” He gave me puppy dog eyes.

God darn it Niall… “Fine. I won’t give you his name – but he’s sweet and thoughtful. We are so much a-like. He is exactly what I like in a guy. He has the most perfect blue eyes. He is close with Liam. I just met him, well not long ago actually.” I hope he doesn’t know I described him

Oh really? He seems nice. Can I meet him one day?” He gave me more puppy dog eyes.

Oh but I think you met already…” I mumbled the last bit, “Yeah because you’re him…” quiet enough so I can hear it only.


“What’s that? I heard you say something a little…” He said – dammit, I did not say it too quiet.

I uhI uh… I said… Oh hey look at this lovely dish, it looks delicious.” I said awkwardly trying to change the subject.

Princess, I know you said something…” Niall said trying to convince to change the subject back.

“I said it’s uhyou?” I say that too awkward…


He sat there shocked for about five minutes…


*five minutes later*


NiallSay something? Any-“I said but he cut me off


He crashed his lips onto mine – damn this felt good. I, wait this means he likes me back?


We pulled away and we were both smiling and blushing.


I said, “Uh so that uh… Means you uh… Like me too?”

He nodded, “I feel the same way, have since I met you not so long ago.”

I giggled, “Well that was easier said than done… Wait what about Liam?”

Oh don’t worry. He’s okay with me dating you as long as – I don’t break your heartintentionally” He said, smiling like an idiot.


Okay, then what are we?” I smiled hoping he’d ask me.

Niall sat beside me, “Well I was hoping – you’d be my girlfriend?”

I smiled and nodded, “Yes I would, prince.”


He smiled, “I’m your prince, and you’re my princess. This is a good day. Whoa, in one day this all happened!”

“I know. I am happy about it… Should we tell the boys? Or may this be our little secret for now?” I said, smiling.

“I think – this should be our little secret.” He leaned in and kissed me once again.


I smiled, “That’s a good idea, now come on, and I’m hungry.”

“That’s my girl!” He said, and I blushed.


*After dinner*

So, time to walk home?” Niall said.

I nodded, “Before Liam goes Daddy Direction on your arse…and well thinks we lost track of time…”

He smiled, “Yeah, I don’t wanna see that. Let’s go!”


We ran off towards home.


*After running home*

We were outside the house/flat thing. We were smiling; Niall carried me for about 10 minutes here. We’re outside, and well I’m waiting for a good night kiss like in the movies… Then I realized that means the boys might see it. I looked at Niall and smiled, which he gladly returned.


“Ready princess?” He said

I nodded, “Lead the way prince.”


We walked into the house


Liam ran up to us, “God you kids are late! It’s now – 10:30pm”

“Sorry Liam, Niall took forever to eat!” I said blaming Niall.

No you took forever…” He said rebutting my argument.

I shook my head, “Nope. You did!”


Harry cut off the argument there, “Gosh! You two should finally date… You are so perfect for each other… You guys are already arguing like an old married couple-“Liam cut his ramble off

“You guys aren’t dating right?” Liam asked…

Uh oh, “No we are friends. just friends. He is sweet. However, not in a ‘boyfriend’ mood right now. School for me.” I said as convincing as I could. Which is hard, come on, I want to tell someone about dating him…but that is impossible.

Liam looked relieved, “Okay, because that’d be a little too soon – down the line maybe – but not the first day you meet.”

I nodded, “Well yup. Night guys going to go to sleep now.”

Niall followed me, “Hey I need to talk to you quickly.”

I nodded, Harry said, “Go Nialler get it, again.”

I chuckled, “Shut it Harry, we’re just talking…” I yelled to Harry.

Harry yelled back, “Whatever London, you know you want Niall!”

I blushed only because Niall can see its okay, “Sure Harry, you can believe that!” I yelled back to Harry.

Harry yelled, “Okay, you cannot resist the Irish charm-”

Louis yelled, “For the love of god! Shut up you two!”

I giggled, “Sorry Lou!” I yelled to him.

Harry added, “Yeah, sorry Boobear.”

Louis yelled, “Its finewe should stop yelling now.”


Everything went silent. Well, other than Niall laughing his ass off.


I looked up to Niall, “So what’s up Nialler?”

We walked into my room, he said, “I wanted to say good night to my princess properly.”


I smiled, he leaned in – and hugged me. I love his hugs. He leans his head into my neck. He started kissing it slowly. I tried not to moan, because it’s my sweet spot – never knew that before today


Niallstop that. Please… Someone will hear.” I whispered to him.

He frowned, “Okay – I’ll give you a real kiss.”


He leaned in and kissed me softly. I smiled into the kiss, as did he. I loved his kisses already.


He walked away, “Well night London. See you in the morning.”

I smiled, “Night Nialler, see you in the morning!”


He left my room…I was sad; I wish the boys knew so I would have a cuddle friend. Maybe I will ask Liam.


Liam!” I yelled loudly.

I heard running, must be LiamYup it was Liam, “What’s up sis?” He said out of breath almost.

“I want a cuddle buddy for bed…but I don’t have one because – well no boyfriend… So my brother is best and next in line.” I said trying to convince him to cuddle with me.

He smiled, “I’d love to – but I uh, can’t.”

I frowned, “Why?”

Um… Danielle’s coming soon.” He said almost awkwardly…

Okay….” I frowned again.


Liam looked happy again, “Hey how about Niall? I mean he is a good cuddlier. It would be the less awkward. I mean Louis has Eleanor. Zayn has Perrie. Harry would just flirt. Niall would not flirt, he would just cuddle. How about it?”

I smiled, “OkayI mean – we are not dating? Wouldn’t it be weird?”


He smiled, “I admit, it’d be awkward because you aren’t dating, but he’d be as awkward as you’d be.”

I smiled, “Okay – I’ll ask Niall. Have fun Liam”

He smiled, “Okay good night London.”

I smiled, “Yup, you too bro.”


He left my room, I yelled, “Niall!”


He ran in okay not really, I think he was outside my room the whole time.


Niall smiled,” Yes, London?”

I smiled, “Oh Niall.”

He looked confused, ”What is it London?”

I smiled, “I need a cuddle buddy…”

He smiled, “Would that be me?”


I nodded, “I asked Liam but he said Danielle was coming. Then Louis and Zayn are dating someone. Then Harry is just a flirt so he would flirt with me. Then he suggested you because you would just cuddle and be awkward. And well my twin has his girl to cuddle with, so, I guess you’re my last choice.”

He frowned, “I thought I’d be your first.”

I giggled, “Trust me, you were, just no one knows…remember?”

He nodded, “Okay that makes me feel better.”


I smiled, “Now, come here, prince.”

He smiled again, “Will do, princess.”


He laid down beside me and we just cuddled. As if we were friends – because, we do not need people getting suspicious.

Someone knocked at my door.


I said, “Come in.”

Harry walked in, “Hey have you seen- Whoa Niall, first day here and you got her in bed.”

I giggled, “You silly boy, he’s my cuddle buddy because Liam can’t – Liam also doesn’t trust you. Anyways who were you looking for?”

Harry smiled, “Well – I was looking for Nialler here, didn’t know he had a cuddle buddy. And why doesn’t he trust me?”

I shrugged, “I guess he thinks you’ll flirt with me…”

Harry laughed, “Well of course I would, and you’re hot…”

Niall said, “Dude you don’t call a girl hot when she’s beautiful.”

I smiled and blushed, “Well that you Nialler – You’re and awesome cuddle buddy.”

Harry laughed, “You guys should go out…”

I laughed, “Yeah sure Harry.”

Harry laughed, ”It’s true. Hey maybe you will end up dancing together at the masquerade ball in a few weeks and be like Cinderella and Prince Charming. Niall has always wanted a princess.”


I giggled, “So I’ve heard. And what ball?”

Harry laughed, “Well – the city is hosting a masquerade ball for the young people.”

I nodded in understanding, “Oh okay. Maybe I can go – Liam would have to let me.”

Harry was about to walk away from the conversation, “Oh yeah – and guys?”

I looked up at him, “What Harry?”

He smiled evilly, “You guys are an adorable couple. So cute…you know first date jitters so you don’t tell your brother?”


I looked up at him shocked, I stuttered, “You know?”

He nodded, “I won’t tell Liam – you’ll have to soon though. Bye guys. Have fun cuddling. Use protection if anything more.”

I threw a pillow at him, “I’ll tell him soon. Bye Harold, and we will! And I won’t be going any further than that for a while…I’ve got school to worry about, remember?”


He just left. I looked at Niall, “So – I’m tired.”

Niall smiled, “Hey… I know I may not well be an uh – virgin… However, I am waiting for marriage. So, I’ll wait to you know, need protection. I can wait a little longer…even if it takes 10 years – I’d be glad to wait for you.”

I smiled, “I think you’re cute. I’m glad you’ll wait. I’m a virgin but I haven’t decided on before or after marriage thing.”

He smiled, “We’ll wait and see I guess.”


I nodded, “Night my handsome prince, I’m ready to be sleeping beauty for the night.”

He chuckled, “Okay beautiful princess, I’m ready to be the handsome prince who gets to wake you up.” He winks.

I giggled, “Okay Nialler. Night.”


I kissed his lips ever so softly. He kissed back.

We laid there in silence and I finally went to sleep.

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