We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


6. Chapter Six

Hours later. Plus the perfect mask to go with the perfect dress.

Amanda decided to look up different hairstyles I could try – and she could try.


I am glad that she and Harry are going out. They make such a cute couple. I think Harry is going to treat her right – like a princess. Amanda also likes Harry – a lot.


I was in deep thought when a hand went in front of my face, “What?”

Niall chuckled, “Sorry love, you were in deep thought.”

I smiled, “Hey Ireland.”

Niall chuckled, “Since when did you call me Ireland?”

I shrugged, “Since you’re from Ireland, and we ‘aren’t’ dating.”

Niall nodded, “Well okay, England, how’s it going?”

I laughed, “England? Really? Is it because my name is London?”

Niall nodded, “Why yes it is,” he whispered, “Beautiful.”

I blushed, “Thank you,” I whispered, “Handsome.”

He smiled, “Well I am hungry, breakfast?”

I chuckled, “Niall, it’s dinner time…”

Niall laughed, “Oh London, if you knew me – you would know I am always hungry. Also, I want breakfast for dinner.”

I laughed, “Who does breakfast for dinner?”

Niall shrugged, “I do?”

I laughed, “You’re an odd one Niall.”

Niall shrugged, “I guess I am…”


I was about to respond when Liam walked in.


Liam said, “Morning London, Niall.”

Niall sighed, “Morning Li.”

Liam snarled, “Don’t ‘Li’ me right now.”

I sighed, “Liam, don’t be mean.”

Liam glared at me, “Oh yeah, look the princess is now defend her prince – I thought it was supposed to be the other way?”

I snarled, “Oh shut it Liam.”

Liam snarled back, “I won’t.”


I sighed, “What happened to you Liam?”

Liam sighed, “Like you want to know.”

I sighed, “I do.”

Liam sighed, “Dani broke up with me last week.”

I gasped, “She what!”

He nodded, “She broke up with me…” A tear started coming out of his eye.

I frowned, “Oh Li, I’m here for youwe’re all here for you.”

Liam tried to smiled, “Thanks little sis. I’m so sorry about being mean, but I still don’t want you two to go to the ball together.”

I sighed, “Fine, but for you.”

He smiled, “Thanks for listening to me.”


I sighed internally. I am going to go against his rules and he is going to hate me.


I nodded, “No problem Li.”

Niall coughed, “Sorry to interrupt, but what’s so bad about her and I going together?”

Liam sighed, “Our fandom would go crazy.”

Niall sighed, “But they should be happy that I found my princess.”

Liam sighed, “I know… Sorry Niall.”

Niall sighed, “Yeah, yeah, I know ‘she’s my little sister and I must protect her from all harm’ – but last time I checked, I was as scary as a baby penguin.”

Liam laughed, “I know you won’t hurt her.”

Niall sighed, “Then why can’t we go out.”

Liam sighed, “Trust issues. If you guys wanted to keep it away from me instead of telling me – what’s going to happen if you guys did the deed and forgot a condom so she get pregnant? Are you going to wait until she gets a baby bump?”

Niall sighed, “No, that we would tell you right away.”

Liam sighed, “Well give me a few weeks – and maybe I’ll change my mind.”

Niall nodded, “Sounds good to me Li.”

I smiled, “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you. We just wanted it to be a secret for a bit.”

Liam nodded, “Still not letting you two go together.”

I sighed, “I know Li. I’m just saying sorry.”

Liam smiled, “Thanks for listening…”

I sighed, “Yeah, yeah, no problem.”

Liam chuckled, “Good job kiddo, but I have to go out.”


I nodded and he left.


Niall walked up to me, “So, the ball?”

I smiled, “I’m going…but what if…we don’t go together?”

Niall sighed, “We could meet up?”

I sighed, “I mean, we get other dates…”

Niall was confused, “What?”

I sighed, “I don’t want to disobey Liam.”

Niall sighed, “Fine, you are such a Payne sometimes…”

I chuckled, “I am a Payne, Horan.”

He sighed, “I’m sorry… I don’t mean to be mean, but…I can’t imagine going with anyone else.”

I smiled, “Me neither. Maybe we find someone we know for sure don’t have feelings for us…”

He sighed, “Doesn’t Liam know we like each other?”

I nodded, “But that doesn’t mean we have to go together.”

He nodded, “So, different dates?”

I shrugged, “It could work.”

He sighed, “We could go, not together, but alone. We do not even have to know what we are wearing. So then that way if we dance, it won’t be on purpose?”

I nodded, “Perfect.”


We grinned and therefore was when our plan had started.

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