We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


4. Chapter Four

** London’s P.O.V **

The next morning I woke up next to Niall … and flashes. Dammit, the boys were in my room, weren’t they? I opened my eyes to see all four boys standing there taking pictures… Then I looked at Niall, we were still cuddling, he had his arm around my waist, it was adorable… Sigh, I wish the boys knew we were together so I could just kiss him lightly


I finally spoke up, “Hello boys! Good morning!”

Liam chuckled, “Well someone’s happy!”


Harry laughed, “Maybe Nialler got lucky last night and they covered up it.” He winked.

I chuckled and Liam slapped Harry and said, “Harry, that’s my sister you’re talking about, and my one of my best friends. They haven’t known each other long enough to even be thinking about that.”

Harry laughed, “Sorry Liam…it had to be said. I kind of thought she was too goody-goody for that.”


I laughed, “Uh-huh. We just cuddled. That’s it, nothing else. And yes – I plan on waiting.”

Harry chuckled lightly, “Sure thing love. I think you might have been snogging too…”


I shook my head, “Yes, because I go around snogging guys I’ve only known for a day…”

Sure thing love – maybe later we can snog.” Harry winked

I laughed a little too loud, “Never.”

Harry put his hand over his heart like he was sad, “That hurts so much Payne.”

I chuckled at his joke, “Mmm-hmm.”


Niall finally woke up, “Morning Ms. Payne and boys.”

I chuckled, “Well morning to you too Nialler.”

All the boys chorused a, “Morning Nialler!”


Niall replied, “So – how about breakfast? Huh? Because, I am hungry!”

I laughed, “Well I just woke up, but we can make breakfast?”

He smiled, “I’d love that…homemade breakfast!”

I nodded in agreement, “How about… Pancakes?”

He nodded, “Mmm, sounds good, LET’S GO!”


All 6 of us ran down the stairs to start the pancakes.


** half an hour later **


Niall and I both had um, many pancakes, let us say we ate probably triple more than the other boys. We were really hungry I guess.

Erg, it is only 9:30… What is there to do in London?


I sighed, “Boys it’s only 9:30 – what can we do today?”

Just then Landon and Jaime walked down, “Um, we should all hang out today” said Landon.

I smiled, “That’s what I thought but what?”

Liam said, “Uh we could take you sightseeing?”

I nodded, “Oh my, really?”


The boys nodded, I scream, the boys covered their eyes. Oops, a little too loud, “Sorry boys!”

Niall spoke up, “No problem… I guess we should be a little used to it from all the concerts…”

The boys nodded in agreement with Niall.

I chuckled, “Still, sorrySo, Landon, we are going sightseeing, you excited? Oh, and you too, Jaime.”


They just nodded, while I smiled.

Whoa maybe I should go get ready to sightsee.

I ran up the stairs to my room


** after changing **

“Okay now let’s go!” I whined with excitement.


The boys nodded, I really wanted to hold Niall’s hand… I guess my brother and the boys could find out soon. I mean Harry knows, but the other boys…

I looked at Niall and smiled, trying not to look like we were dating. So, pretty much like a friend would smile like. Harry saw I was trying to hide that we were dating and winked at me and nodded his head towards Niall. I just slapped his arm playfully.


Liam spoke up, “So we’re going sightseeing, anywhere specific first?”


I shook my head, “Nope, as long as I’m with all my friends, I am fine.”

Harry said, “Oh yeah friends… Does one of them start with a B?”

I shook my head, “Geez Harry, I’ve been here one day, I would not do that.”

He chuckled, “Yeah because you’re totally not like in love with Niall Horan.”

I slapped his arm, “Am not. Sorry Niall.” I winked at him when the boys were not paying attention to us.

Harry laughed, “Yes you are.”

I said, “Geez Harry we’re right next to each other – no need to yell.”


Niall jumped into our conversation, “Yeah Harry. You’re next to each other, no need to yell. And London – I’m hurt…you’re not in love with me? Who is it? Is it…hmm… I know, Harry?!”

I gasped, “Niall… It may not be you, but it is not Harry either. Actually, no one really. Silly little school girl crushes and love weren’t my thing.”


Landon jumped in, “Also the reason she’s never dated anyone.”

Niall gasped, “You’ve never dated anyone? But you’re beautiful?”

I blushed, “Thanks Nialler, but yes I haven’t dated anyone. Not really even a kiss. I mean yeah, on the cheek but never more. That’s why I don’t snog anyone.”


Harry gasped, “Wait. Never-ever had a boyfriend? Seriously? Was it Liam, or Landon? Did they not allow you? You must have been told not to.”

I shook my head, “Actually they were okay with me dating, just as long as he didn’t break my heart. I had guys like me and tell me, ask me out, but never said yes, I was waiting for someone, special.”


Niall smiled, “Oh really? Have you found him?”

I smiled slightly, “Mmm, maybe…”

Liam gasped, “Really?”

I giggled, “Yes Liam, maybe. As in might have.”

Liam laughed, “Sorry I’m just waiting to meet him.”

I laughed, “Oh trust me, and I’m still wondering if he is.”

Liam smiled, “Well when you find him, tell me, and let me meet him.”

I nodded, “Sure thing, you’ll be the first to know!”

He smiled, “Really?”

I smiled, “Maybe, I guess he might be first…but you’ll be a close second.”

He smiled, “Sounds good to me!”

I nodded, “Okay now we go!”


We all laughed together as we ran to the van. Sweet! Sightseeing around London. I cannot wait!


** after 4 hours of sightseeing **

We all got home, sat around the living room, and sighed from tiredness. It is only 1pm and we are tired? Nu-uhNot letting this happen.

So, boys, another thing to do!” I said

They all laughed and then Liam spoke up, “Well…there’s nothing much left to do – so how about movies?”


I nodded, “Yes. How about…. Grease. I love that movie…”

Niall smiled, “Me too! Wow…we’re a-like…”

I smiled, “Mmm-hmm. Now movie or not?”

The boys nodded and yelled together, “Movie it is!”

Liam asked, “Can we watch Toy Story after, like any one of them?”

Harry added, “Oh how about Love Actually?”

I nodded, “Wellmaybe… If we’re not tired…”

They smiled, “Okay!” they said in unison.

I smiled, “Okay, now the movie.”

Niall got up and put in the movie. I love this movie. I want to cuddle with Niall… I mean who would not. He is adorable and cuddle-able. Is that even a word? Oh whatever, he makes it a word. HAHAHAHA.


** After watching Grease **

I fell asleep. Oh yeah, on Niall. Dammit people are going to be asking questions…


I was dreaming… I dreamed that well let me explain it to you.


“We were in the house all the boys and I. Liam was yelling at me about dating Niall in secret. Dammit, maybe we should tell him soon. He was yelling at me, and it looked like the calendar said it was 4 days before the ball.

He told me I could not go because I lied and that I had to do chores. Considering all the boys would go out. He also told me to break-up with Niall because management called Liam and said that One Direction should have two single boys.

I guess I broke up with Niall, even though we would still secretly talk in private and well, you know, kiss, and cuddle. I mean Harry was the only one who knew. Harry kept this all a secret for Niall and I.

In return, I introduced him, to my new best friend her name is Amanda. (I have never seen her yet in real life, I guess I will be soon. I mean it seems so realistic) Anyways, Amanda and Harry got along well; I mean they were both flirts except they ended up dating. They dated in secret, almost like Niall and I were, except it was more like a F.W.B thing. I mean not the ‘dirty’ F.W.B. Just the one where we do stuff that a normal friend does not do.

Anyways Liam was telling me in my dream that I couldn’t go unless I got everything done, and well I stay away from any boys, unless, it was well, him, Louis, or Zayn. Apparently, Niall and Harry were off limits because they were not ‘taken’.

Technically they both were, I mean Niall had me, and Harry has Amanda. (My dream feels so realistic because I can feel my thoughts in my dreams) I must have agreed to all the chores. I feel like Cinderella, and Liam is my ‘evil stepmom’ except in this case he’s my ‘evil step brother?’ Yeah that the term…

Who is my fairy godmother that saves me in the end?

I mean Niall has to be my prince…almost like Romeo and Juliet, you know. We love each since we first met but something is forbidding us yet we still do things in secret. Yes not the dirty things still. Then we’re like Cinderella and Prince Charming. I mean I am not allowed to go to the ball, someone has to help me, and we are supposed to meet there. Except he would not be in much search because he would know it was me. I mean I should be the only one he feels sparks with; I mean he should, shouldn’t he? Yeah I guess. Anyways back to the rest of the dream. Liam told me not to, I agreed; yada, yada.

Harry was my fairy godmother. I guess my fairy god brother. Anyways, he is the one in the dream that helps me get ready and unnoticeable. Amanda helped; she tells Liam that I am staying at her house while they are all out.

I mean I must have finished all my chores before the ball if he agreed that it was okay. I got to the ball that night in a beautiful dress, I did not really see it, all I knew it was a nice blue colour, like Niall’s eyes. I had a mask that was the same colour as the dress.

I walked into the ball and everyone saw me, and they were astonished by my dress, I mean come on its blue! It just stands out. I walk down the stairs as I walk down Harry and Amanda follow behind. They motion me towards the food table…must be where Niall is.

Sure enough, Niall is standing there at the food table. He turns around and sees me and just gasped, I think he knew it was I – he asked for a dance. We danced the night away… Then my phone must have vibrated because I took it out and ran for the door.

I was running to the car, into Amanda’s – must have to go back before Liam checks up on me. We drove to her house then I noticed I lost the necklace I was wearing…oh boy… Then my dream ended…”


** Niall’s P.O.V**

We watched Grease… London loves it, I love it, and we are too a-like. I love that about her, about us. I want to tell Liam, but I want to keep in between us, for her safety, my safety and well more hers. I looked down she was sleeping she must have been dreaming. I wonder what about? I mean she was smiling then frowning, then smiling and so on. I should wake her up. I shook her and then she woke up.


I asked, ”Dream?”

She nodded, “It was…realistic. I mean I loved it, but it was, like a fairy tale…”

I said, “Oh what was it about? Did you find your prince?”

She nodded, ”Yup. It was Cinderella…”


I smiled, “Aww were you Cinderella?”

She nodded, “Yes I was….it was weird.”

I asked, “Don’t want to explain it?”


She shook her head, “No I want to wait and see if it happens. I mean, my dreams like to come true sometimes…”

I nodded in agreement, “Okay we’ll wait and see.”


She smiled, “I’m going to take another nap, so uh, not night, but uh, later?”

I nodded, “Okay, uh night, or something.”


We laughed a little and she fell back asleep.

I’m curious about her dream and she said it could come true like others have… I mean what would she not want to come true? I mean what if had to do with us? I mean she’s my princess, and I’m her prince… At least I hope so. I mean she doesn’t an evil step-mother or evil step-sisters. I mean the only family she has here is Liam and Landon… Maybe in the dream…never mind it’s stupid, I’ll ask her tomorrow or something

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