We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


5. Chapter Five

** A week and a half have passed since London’s dream **

Today is the day she dreamed would never come true…and it did. Yesterday London told Liam about her and Niall. Niall wanted to tell the public, but management convinced them that they should not, because Niall is supposed to, along with Harry. Yes, London met a girl named Amanda and they became friends. She introduced her and Harry, the liked each other – like her dream. Liam was mad at her – like the dream. London and Niall broke-up – like the dream. Pretty much the dream has been right. Now its four days before the ball – also came true. Whoa, this was weird. It gets even weirder


** London’s P.O.V **

Liam was yelling at me, he never yells. Right now it’s about how I can’t go the ball and have chores and if I do those chores I can stay at Amanda’s (He knows she a goody-goody like me) and well I can’t see Niall much anymore… Pretty much, we can only see each other around the house now. We just broke-up; I mean not because we don’t like each other it’s the opposite it’s just, their manager thinks that Niall and Harry should stay single for now. – Like the dream – Everything has come true…this is hard to believe. Yes; Niall knows about the dream, and we were scared when yesterday came and when we told Liam, Louis and Zayn, because of course Harry and Amanda knew. Landon and Jaime also knew, but they’re a different story, we kind of went out on a ‘double date’ which cause Liam and them to get curious. Hence why he knows now… Now back the conversation


Liam yelled, “No London you cannot go to the ball in a couple days!”

I said, “Come on Liam, I’m a girl… We live for these moments… I mean if you want me to get over Niall I need to find another prince, right?”

Liam sighed, “No London… Niall would be heartbroken if you did that…you know that – but

Management wants him single for now…”


I sighed, “I know I wouldn’t do that, I just hoped you’d let me…maybe now I’ll be one of those girls you see in the movies… You know the one who stays home, cries all day over that one person, and eats ice cream until she is fat… I mean we know I would not get fat-“

Liam cut me off, “London just shush, and I get it. You want Niall – you cannot have him. I get it you are a girl. I know you found your prince and he found his princess. I would accept you guys, but its management’s call right now…”


I sighed, “Liam. I love you… I wish you never became famous, sometimes. I mean if you had not, I had never, met such awesome people. If you hadn’t I had also get my older brother and my twin all the time until you went off to college or the Olympics like you wanted to? I also would have never met…the love of my life…” I mumbled the last bit.


Liam sighed, “I know London. I love you too, always will, even if you are not my blood, you sure seem like it though. If I were never famous, I would have protected you from any harm. I know you met awesome people while I have been famous, I bet you mean the band. I mean you and Harry got close, which I find weird, because he is the flirt. Anyways, you and the boys get along great. Everyone loves you, even if they deny it. I know you mumbled, and I know what it was. I know you met the love of your life, and that he loves you too…sorry for saying that but it’s true.”


Niall jumped in, “You think I’m the love of your life?”

I nodded happily, “Yes Niall. I wish we could have everything right…”

He nodded in agreement and sighed, “I know princess… I wish it were all good. I wish I met you before I was famous, then we wouldn’t have had all this trouble.”

I sighed, “Me too Niall… Me too…”


I wanted to kiss him…knowing management, they probably hired people to spy on us…


He sighed again, “Yeah… I uh… I’m going to get going… See you later princess, and see you later Liam.”

Liam said, “Yeah see you later Nialler…”

I smiled, “See you, prince.”

Niall smiled, “See you, princess.”


I smiled as he walked away, then I started frowning… I turned to Liam.


Liam said, “Sorry London but I have to get going too. See you later sis.”

I smiled and nodded, “Okay, see you later bro.”


He waved and hugged me before he left.

Left, sitting there, I sighed. I wish none of this happened. Okay I wish I had met Niall before this.


** the next day **


Harry knocked at my door, “London come on, time to wake up!”

I groaned, “No. Let me sleep.”

Harry chuckled, “Gosh London, you’re worse than Niall…”

I sighed, “Thanks Harry… I know that already…”

Harry laughed, “You’re welcome but come on wake up breakf-“

I cut him off, “Move. I’m hungry.”

Harry chuckled, “Thought that would work, come on, Niall made breakfast.”


I ran downstairs and got into the kitchen. There was Niall. He was standing there….shirtless. Mmm, liking what I see… Snap out of it, he cannot be yours right now.


I smiled, “Good morning Nialler!”

He chuckled, “Actually London… its 1pm, so good afternoon.”

I gasped, “Wait. I’ve been asleep that long?”

He laughed, “Yes you have, and we tried waking you up but gave up. I think you were having a good dream and did not want to wake up. Every time we tried you would say ‘Go away I’m having a good time’ I laughed every time you said that…”

I giggled, “Oops. And yes, I was having a good dream…”

He laughed, “May I know what it was about?”

I giggled, “Nope you’ll find out soon though.” I smiled and sat down. I grabbed my pancakes…4 for now…


Wow, Niall is catching onto me now… Usually I would be polite and eat one at a time, but I grabbed four this time.


I ate my breakfast in silence, or brunch I guess.


** After brunch **


It was only Harry and I now. Niall left to go do something with the other boys. Harry’s waiting for Amanda, he hasn’t told the other guys. Mostly because of management.


I turned around, “So.”

Harry laughed, “So.” He mimicked me.

I giggled, “What to talk about?”

He smiled, “Mmm let’s see. There is Amanda and I. You and Niall. The ball. How you need to get a dress…”

I laughed, “You and Amanda are adorable, as a couple! Niall and I, well right now. there is no Niall and I. I miss that… The ball, hmm, I don’t need a dress…because I can’t go.”

He smiled evilly, uh oh, “Yes you do. Amanda and I are taking you there…”

I spit out some water I was drinking, “What?”

He laughed, “Yup we have a plan…”

I sighed, “Harry, no.”

He shook his head, “Nope, you’re going. Amanda and I planned this already.”

I sighed, “Fine. What is it?”

He smiled, “So this is how it goes…” He explained it.

I agreed with him.


Well he is helping me with my chores, well Amanda and him. Then we are going to her place for the night, because I am spending the night there. Then we are getting ready there. Harry said that Amanda would not be going as in she will be going without him knowing – because him being Daddy Direction, he would tell that I was there and make sure Niall would not well, dance with me. Then we are going shopping soon for the dress. Harry said he was going to get Niall in on the plan and make sure that he knows it is I at the ball. I mean who wouldn’t know it was I…well he will not Liam or anyone else other than Niall, Amanda or Harry.


Anyways…we are going shopping now. Liam will not know because Harry put money on Amanda’s credit card and well he is buying it but it’s on her card. We just do not need Liam getting suspicious.


** After a long while **


We walked around for a long time. I was trying to find that dress I seen in my dream so the dream would become true… So far all the dresses I seen that were that colour…then I saw it – the dress. It was beautiful.


I walked into the store – just my luck – the last dress was my size. Perfect!


I looked at Harry, “Harry! That is it. That’s the dress in my dream…”


Harry smiled, “Okay then we’re getting it. Now for the mask…”


I know the perfect place…there was a mask I always wanted. It was perfect.

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