We're something like Cinderella and Prince Charming [Niall]

Meet London and Landon - two twins, who were adopted when they were 12 years old. Who adopted them? Well, easy enough - it was Karen and Geoff Payne - Liam Payne's parents. So yes, these two are 'related' to the 'famous Liam Payne'.

Read this and find out how Liam may act like a 'daddy direction' to his 'little sister'.

And what about her prince - Niall Horan?

What a, mix?


8. Chapter Eight

** Niall’s POV **

It was time for the ball now. I cannot wait to see London’s dress – I know it will be beautiful, just like her. Currently, Zayn and I are fixing our tuxedos. Liam and Louis went to get their dates – apparently, Liam and Dani got back together, she was just having a hard time and they talked about it. El and Dani are Eleanor’s and Louis’ shared place. Harry went to get Amanda and London. Landon and Jamie are not going – at least I think not. I have not spoken to either since they have been here.


Zayn was looking at me weird, “Niall?”

I looked back at him, “What Zayn?”

He chuckled, “You were making different faces, happy, confused and ‘I don’t know’ faces. Why?”

I chuckled, “I was thinking about life right now…”

He nodded, “Alright Nialler… Let’s get going now.”

I smiled, “Finally.”

He shook his head, “You are so love struck Nialler.”

I nodded, “Yes I am, you and Perrie seem to be too Zayn.”

He smiled, “I know mate, I am happy with her.”


I smiled and Zayn and I got into the car we were taking to the ball.


20 minutes later, we arrived at the ball.


I walked to the food table right away – not much of a shocker.


I was getting my food when Zayn nudged me.


I looked at him, “What?”

He pointed towards the stairs, “Is that her?”


I turned and saw a girl in a beautiful blue dress – which seemed to have some green on it. Just like my eye colour… Then there was a girl with a light pink coloured dress – next to which looked like Harry himself.


I turned back to Zayn, “I think it is…but I’m hungry right now…”

Zayn chuckled, “Well eat Nialler, because we have the rest of the night.”


** London’s POV **


Harry, Amanda and I walked into the building where the ball was being held. Amanda had a pink dress on that was not puffy but almost like a mermaid dress. Harry’s tuxedo was black with a pink tie the same colour as Amanda’s dress. I had my perfect dress on.


I was currently looking for Niall right now. I have an idea at where he is…the food table.


I walked towards the food table. Sure enough, he was standing at the food table.


I tapped his shoulder.


He said, “I’m busy.”

I laughed, “I guess I’ll go find another hot guy to dance with.”


He turned around and smiled.


I smiled, “Hi Niall.”

He grinned, “Hey princess.”

I smiled, “Now I really am your princess.”

He nodded, “Well, I’m hungry right now…so let me eat and we could go dance.”

I chuckled, “Fine, I’m joining you then.”

He chuckled, “My perfect girl.”


I laughed and started grabbing some food. I heard a voice – which sounded like Liam’s. Oh, shit


I turned to Niall and whispered, “I uh, I’ll be right back.”

He nodded, “Sure bye-“

I cut him off, “Bye.”


I walked around and tried to get away from Liam – and Dani? Since when did they get back together? I thought he was still single… Hmm, I guess I had not paid attention to him lately.


I walked around for a while and finally found someone I knew. I sighed.


I said, “Zayn?”

He nodded, “Lo-“

I cut him off, “Shh, Liam cannot know I’m here.”

He nodded, “Well, Nat.” He winked, “How’s it going, been a while.”

I giggled, “It’s been swell, just trying to stay away from my brother while I wait for…uh…my ‘date’.”

He nodded, “At the food table still?”

I shrugged, “I left him and he was there.”

He laughed, “He’s probably still there. Hey you want to meet Perrie?”

I nodded, “As long as-“

He cut me off, “Yeah as long as your brother isn’t there.”

I smiled, “Thanks Zayn.”

He nodded, “No problem Nat.” He winked.


I laughed and he walked me towards a group of girls. There were four of them. I am assuming it was Perrie and her band mates.


The blonde one, which I assume is Perrie – was wearing a red dress and Zayn’s tie matched it. Then the other three had the same dress but in different colours. One had a dark purple one. One had a light blue one. The last one had a light green one. They all looked so pretty.


I smiled, “Hello, I’m well I cannot tell you that right now.”

The blonde one nodded, “No problem, well, I’m Perrie.”

I smiled, “I was right.”

She laughed a little, “I guess you were.”


Zayn chuckled, “Perrie, you might want to introduce your other band mates.”

Perrie nodded, “Well this one is-“she pointed to the one in the purple one, “Jade Thirlwall.” then she pointed to the one in the light blue dress, “She’s Jesy Nelson.” Then she pointed the final one, “This one is Leigh-Anne Pinnock.”


I smiled, “Hello, I’m like I said that’ll be private for now… But you four are beautiful.”

They smiled, Jade said, “Thanks, why do you seem familiar?”

I chuckled, “I’m related to one of the One Direction members.”

She nodded, “Which one?”

I chuckled, “I’m hiding from him right now…but the most responsible one.”

She nodded, “You mean-“

I cut her off, “Sorry, but I had to sneak here….I’m not supposed to even be here right now.”

She nodded, “Okay.”


I smiled, “I have to go…find someone.”

Zayn winked, “Oh you mean-“

I slapped his arm, “Shut it Malik.”

He nodded, “Ouch that hurt!”

I grinned, “Good, now bye everyone.”


I walked around to look for Niall. I walked around for a few more minutes until I reached the food table and saw Niall…with Liam and Dani. Oh shit, he is with them right now… I guess I will come back later.


I was walking away when someone tapped my shoulder, I turned expecting Niall, but it was not, “Hi?”

The man said, “Hello beautiful.”

I smiled, “What can I do for you?”

He smiled, “Dance with me.”

I shook my head, “Sorry, but no can do.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Why? You aren’t here with anyone.”

I said, “I am-“I guess I’m not technically…considering Niall isn’t my date… “I’m waiting for someone.”

He laughed, “Sure you are sweetheart.”

I sighed, “I am, he’s at the food table over there.” I pointed to where Niall was.

He laughed, “You mean that blond one in that stupid boy band?”

I nodded, “Actually, that ‘stupid blond one’ is my brother’s best mate.”


He laughed, “You’re related to someone in that band? But you are so-“

Someone cut him off, “So what?”

The man turned to the voice, “She is so h-“

The voice said, “Don’t say hot.” I recognized that voice.


I smiled, “Niall?”

He smiled, “Hey princess.”

I smiled, “Thanks for finally-“


Someone cut me off, “London?” I knew that voice too… Oh, fuck me.

I turned around, “Hi Li…”

He raised an eyebrow, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, my little sister didn’t listen.”

I sighed, “Well at least I handled my break up a lot easier than you did.”

He glared, “Oh shush, and at least management isn’t the reason for my break up.”

I chuckled, “Because ‘directioners’ were Li.”

He glared, “At least Dani and I are back together.”

I laughed, “At least I had the nerve to talk to Niall and ask him out on the first day.”

He glared, “Touché little sis.”

I laughed, “Uh huh.”

He smiled, “I’m sorry for being mean…”

I sighed, “I know break ups are hard.”

He laughed, “But that was your first one.”


I laughed, ”Well hopefully it’s my firstand last relationship.”

Niall smiled, “I wish I could be – your last first kiss.”

I laughed, “Oh Nialler…”

He smiled, “Too cheesy?”

I nodded, “Very.”

He smiled, “Well I’m glad…”

I laughed, “You are a weird one.”


He smiled, “Want to dance, milady?”

I laughed, “Yes we can, sir.”

He bowed, “After you, milady.”

I smiled, “Again, thank you kind sir.”


I smiled, he smiled, and we walked onto the dance floor.


He looked at me, “Did you notice?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Notice what?”

He smiled, “You got your fairy tale.”

I laughed, “We’re something like Cinderella-“

He finished, “And Prince Charming.”

I smiled, “Definitely.”


He dipped me and planted a kiss. May I say, it was the perfect Cinderella moment?


The End.

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