Love Me

"Wanna Know Something?" he said in a hush whisper sliding his tongue against my neck.

"W-What" I stuttered my breathe hitching at the back of my throat.

"I don't like sharing what belongs to me baby" He chuckled in my ear before pushing me to the wall and grinding his body to mine.


6. Chapter 6

My whole body froze. My hands clentched the sink in shock. Harry's pink lips caressed mine but I just stood there like a deer in the headlights. He let out a growl and bit down on my bottom lip making me moan. He smirked against my lips. I looked into his dark green eyes. Something made me have butterflies fill my stomach has his steady breathing hit against my lips. My hands left the sink made it's way slowly to his toned chest Harry seethed his bottom lip between his teeth making my heart beat a mile a minute. I was so scarred but something inside of me made me pull him closer. Harry let out a deep chuckle making me have goosebumps. "Don't be scarred baby" his smirk made an appearance on his moist lips causing dimples to indent on both sides of his cheeks. I only let out a shaky breath making his eyes turn darker than before. "Don't be fucking scarred!" he demanded almost screaming. I let out a small whimper closing my eyes a single tear sliding down my cheek. Harry noticed and his eyes turned the soft green, and his whole body pushed off of me. "A-Are you crying?" He said almost as if he was afraid. Afraid of hurting me. I shook my head and looked down moving my hands to my sides. "Are you scarred of me?" Harry's voice grew soft looking into me eyes. A/N~ OH I KNOW ITS CRAP DONT JUDGE ME IM SO SORRY THE CHAPTERS ARE SO SHORT DROP A COMMENT SHOULD I CONTINUE?!
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