Love Me

"Wanna Know Something?" he said in a hush whisper sliding his tongue against my neck.

"W-What" I stuttered my breathe hitching at the back of my throat.

"I don't like sharing what belongs to me baby" He chuckled in my ear before pushing me to the wall and grinding his body to mine.


4. Chapter 4

I rolled my eyes at him. I hope he knew I hated surprises.
I carried along with him, he was looking at me every now and then and when he did look at me, I turned away. It's not like I wanted to, I had to show no interest. We walked for a long time, taking a few blocks and turning more and more corners, I didn't know when it was gonna stop. I finally spoke up. 

"How much Longer?" He stared at me with his crisp green eyes and he thought.

"You'll see." I groaned under my breath and I heard him chuckle.  

I slouched a little as I was getting tired, and I didn't pick up my feet as much. "You want me to carry you, babe?" He had that mischievous smirk on his face, and I immediately shook my head. "No, I'm fine." Because we were standing next to each other, He pushed closer to me, and came right up next to my ear, breathing hot onto it. "You sure don't look like it." I froze a little, wanting his position to stay there, not answering him. He chuckled again and went back to his normal state. I sighed. I stared down at my feet but quickly picked my head back up when I nearly bumped into someone. "Sorry." I whispered and the man retorted. I scowled back at him before turning my head back around to face the front point of me. Harry started to play with my knuckles and I acted like it was no bother. But my hand stayed hooked to his. He eventually dragged me near an expensive restaurant, And my eyes grew wide. I knew he planned this, because their are a bunch of security guards near the door. If I even tried to sneak out, he'd know where I was. He opened the door and gently pushed me through before him, and he went up to the seater. "Two." The seater nodded at Harry and motioned for us to follow her. He pulled me through the busy restaurant and sat me in a chair. I looked around. What a surprise.

"Do you know what you're gonna order?" I looked at his face in the dim light or the restaurant, making his features darker. I shook my head. If he's making me eat a place where he knows I won't escape, I might as well get the most expensive thing on the menu. I was looking at the prices to everything, not caring for what I wanted. I ordered water because I wasn't too thirsty and Harry ordered some type of liquor. I waited for the waiter to come back to get the lobster, as it was the most expensive thing I could find. Harry stared at me and smirked. I swallowed hard because I didn't know what that look meant. After Harry ordered whatever he got he took a sip of his liquor, and I cringed. He noticed me and smiled. "Yes?" He put a hand on my thigh under the table and I made a small gasp. He smiled bigger and took his hand back. I could barley see his dimples in the dim lighting, but you could make them out clearly. I stared into his eyes before reclining back a taking a long sip of my water. This was gonna be a long dinner.



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