Love Me

"Wanna Know Something?" he said in a hush whisper sliding his tongue against my neck.

"W-What" I stuttered my breathe hitching at the back of my throat.

"I don't like sharing what belongs to me baby" He chuckled in my ear before pushing me to the wall and grinding his body to mine.


2. Chapter 2

I woke the next morning with sweat beating down my forehead. I must've had a nightmare about last night. I pushed up on my hands and shuddered at the thought of Harry. He was dangerous I knew that for a fact. But what did he want from me? I sighed and got up headed towards the shower. I turned on the shower and stripped down and headed in, the warm water hitting my back. I heard the door slightly open but I ignored it. 

"You should lock the door next time" I heard Harry's deep voice making me jump.

"H-harry?" I stuttered shutting off the shower and wrapping the black curtain around me. "How did you get in here?!" I half yelled. Harry only chuckled making the bathroom echo. "Oh, don't act like you didn't miss me" his green eyes met mine but I quickly looked down to avoid is wandering gaze. He bit back on his bottom lip "I think you would look better without that curtain around you" he half smirked. I let out a small growl "Get out". Harry took a few steps towards me so he was completely in front of me. "Not until you go on a date with me" he leaned in nibbling on my earlobe. His warm breath hitting my neck waiting for a response. "Your going on a date with me" he demanded. I only let out a small breath as Harry pulled me closer so my chest was pushed to his. "Got that baby?" he chuckled. He pushed off of me and heading towards the door. "Oh, and wear something nice, we're going to be out all day" he winked before shutting the door. My heart stopped. My mind had to process what just happened. So I'm going on a date with him? I closed my eyes, I guess I have to. I hopped out of the shower and made my way to the door, making sure to lock it. I got a towel and dried myself off. I decided to go with a pair of high waisted shorts and a flowy high-low shirt. I threw my hair in a french-side braid and put on just a smudge of makeup. I threw on my white converse and groaned. I really have to do this, don't I? I unlocked the door and I quietly went down the stairs, eager to get this 'date' over with so that I won't have to wake up to see Harry anymore. Once I was fully down stairs, I caught Harry staring at me.
I looked at him weird "What?" He looked into my eyes with his dazzling green eyes, causing my knees to shudder.
Shit, hopefully that wasn't noticeable. I saw him chuckle. Yup. It was. I sighed "Where are we going?" Harry looked at me and licked his plump lips "Somewhere special" his hands slide down my hips giving it a quick squeeze. My body tensed up at his slight touch as he walked us out to a taxi and opened the door for me. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, how romantic." He moved to put a finger on my mouth, telling me to shush. "It gets better baby" his deep voice sending shivers down my spine.  There was something about Harry that I found cute but then my mind leads to the fact that he killed his father. My gaze shifted over to him and Harry noticed "Like what you see, sweetheart?" a hint of smirk in his voice. My cheeks turned crimson at the comment but soon disappeared as Harry moved his hands up and down my thigh. The taxi man eventually stopped and Harry paid, he opened my door and then shut it for me when I got out, and he grasped for my hand as we walked through to the entrance of a park.
"A park?" He nodded. "I thought it'd be nice, to be in public to show I'm not gonna do anything bad to you like that dick-"
"Don't." I left my hands clasped with his, because I didn't want Harry mad and make him do anything to me. A gasp escaped my parted lips as he pulled me towards the bathrooms. I looked at him confused. "I need to use the bathroom, stay here" Harry stated. I slowly nodded and watched as Harry entered the men's side. As soon as he disappeared I ran for it. Hell no I wasn't staying here. I didn't even like Harry, he forced me to go on this date. I started to run, not knowing where I was going but I didn't care because I needed to get out of here, away from Harry. When I was far enough from the bathroom stalls I looked back to see an angry Harry. His eyebrows furrowed searching the park for me. He finally spotted me and a smirk formed from the corners of his plump lips. My feet padded across the wet grass as I heard Harry's deep voice call my name over and over again. I finally made it across the park and ran through the busy London streets. I didn't give a damn if cars were honking, I needed to get away from Harry. I made it into a alley, hoping I could loose Harry. I stopped dead in my tracks, of coarse the wall would be bricked up. Just when I was about to get out my phone I felt to large hands on my waist.

"You think you can escape from me that easily?"


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