Love Me

"Wanna Know Something?" he said in a hush whisper sliding his tongue against my neck.

"W-What" I stuttered my breathe hitching at the back of my throat.

"I don't like sharing what belongs to me baby" He chuckled in my ear before pushing me to the wall and grinding his body to mine.


1. Chapter 1


Zayn’s body pushed against me.
“Get off” I growled trying to pry his clammy hands off of me.
“You’re not going anywhere baby” his hoarse chuckle sending shivers down my spine. From what my friends have told me about Zayn Malik is that he finds a ‘pretty girl’ and starts to chat them up so he could use them for their body. Zayn had a sleeve if tattoos going down his right arm giving off a badass look. Sure he was cute and he would have a line of girls dropping to him but from his reputation, I would never want to be his. I close my eyes in disgust as he ran his hands towards my waist. “Z-Zayn” I stuttered, his grip growing tighter around me.
“Oh, I love the way you beg my name” a smirk playing towards his lips. The party around us started growing bigger, giving Zayn an opportunity to press his front to my back. He then pressed a stern kiss to my neck, sliding his tongue making me flutter my eyes shut. I cried in pain as he started to suck on the skin, making sure to leave a mark. He chuckled against my neck fanning the now bruised area.
“Please get off” I whimpered as felt a bulge from his dark skinny jeans.
“Let’s take this upstairs, eh love?”He said grabbing my arm, his nails digging into my skin. I tried to pull away but this only made him pull harder onto my arm. He pushed through the warm bodies of people dancing as he saw the stairs that lead to the bedroom. As we were about to make it up the stairs a handsome, tall boy with glistening green eyes blocked us. His hair was in messy waves as though he had a lot on his mind. His white t-shirt clinged onto his body, showing off his abs. “Where are you taking her?” his husky accent demanded. Zayn looked up to him “To the bedroom” he smirked.  The unknown boy’s eyes turned a darker green “Fuck off” his height looming over Zayn’s. Zayn let go of his grip and a sigh of relief filled me as I rubbed my arm, seeing the indents of Zayn’s nails.  Zayn’s brown eyes filled with anger and pushed the taller boy. The green eyed boy stood his ground, a smirk tugging at his lips. I tried to walk away trying to blend into the party until I heard a bang, sounding as somebody had hit the floor. My eyes darted back to Zayn and the mysterious boy. Zayn was groaning on the ground, holding his jaw. And all in a moment I felt strong hands on my hips. I looked up to see it was him. The curly haired boy who just knocked Zayn’s lights out. “Let’s go” he said in a hush whisper. My stomach filled with butterflies not knowing who this guy was and where he was taking me but something inside me made me nod in response to the green eyed guy. He glanced back at me and started to lead me through the clearly intoxicated teens dancing around. His hands moved up so my hands were in his firm clasp. We finally made it out, the moonlight hitting the unknown boy showing off his tattoos.  “Are you alright?” he asked starring back at me as we made it in front of which I’m guessing was his car.  I nodded scarred of what he was going to do to me.  He looked at me up and down until he spotted the mark Zayn gave me on my neck “He did that to you?” he asked running his thumb gently over it. I sighed “Yes” and closed my eyes wincing at his touch. He chuckled “I can do it better” he smirked stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Who are you?” I asked my mind racing with who this boy was.
He smiled “Harry”. “Harry Styles”. My mind raced his name filling my head, trying to remember what my friend had told me about him.

*Flash Back*

"Harry Styles?" I smirked

"Yeah, he has a reputation" my friend smirked at me.

"Mmm, really? What kind?" I said pressing my lips into a firm line.

"Fights. He's got anger issues so he takes that problem and turns it into fights. People told me he even killed his own father."

*Flash Back Over*

My breath hitched at the back of my throat. Harry was a murderer. He could have killed me right then and there, but he didn't. Fear filled my eyes as I kept my soft gaze on him chewing at my bottom lip “Why did you save me from him?”
Harry smirked “He would have torn you too bits baby” his eyes glistening in the moonlight. “Plus a thank you would be nice” he smirked leaning against the black Ferrari, looking up at me.
I rolled my eyes “Thank You” I said sarcastically.  “Well if that’s all, I’m going to go home” I said turning my heels to the sidewalk. I felt hands to my waist again “I’ll take care of you baby” he whispered into my ear, his warm breathe hitting my neck. I fluttered my eyes shut, scarred of what Harry might do to me or even think about doing. For all I know, he might be another Zayn.  He turned me around so I was facing him “Beautiful” he smirked. His hands moved up and down my waist pulling me closer to him. My hands flew up to his toned chest, trying to stop him from getting any closer.  He led me back to the car and opened the door for me then shutting it, jogging over to his side. He started up the ignition and we started to drive down the road. “Name?” he asked glancing at me. “M-Marissa” I stuttered keeping my hands closed and in my lap. “Mmm” he hummed. “So innocent”. Even from here I could see him smirking as we drive down the London road, the only light we had was the street lights dimming down as it starts to get darker. Harry leaned in, his touch tensing my arm “We’re here, love”. I opened the door and walked out. How does he know where I live? I couldn't explain my fear for Harry. He was a very strong guy who was cute I should admit but something about him feared the hell out of me. Maybe it was because he trying to take advantage of me. Fuck that, it was because he killed his on flesh and blood. I opened the door and quickly tried to shut it until I heard a rough slam. Harry’s hand was holding the door from being closed. “I saved your life and you’re just going to leave me like that?” he chuckled. His hands pushed the door open and pulled my hips outside so I was in front of him. My heart beat raced as Harry’s face was centimeters from mine. He leaned in to my neck sucking on the skin. I winced trying to push Harry away but his got hold of my hands. He nibbled at the skin making my eyes shut, my eyelashes touching my cheek.
“Told you I can do it better” he smirked walking away back into his car speeding off. I ran inside the house closing the door and locking it.
What the hell did I get myself into?
A/N~ New Story ! Hope you liked it ! Harry is sexy in this story, aye? Heart it if ya like it c:

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