Continuation and Expectation of Past Potters

Albus Severus Potter has been extremely sheltered over the course of eleven years. He is aware that his older brother, James, attends a boarding school somewhere far far away, but Albus has never seen it. However, when his eleventh birthday comes, everything changes. He and is father become closer in a way that he never could've imagined...


1. The Worst Birthday Ever!

I jumped out of bed with a start. After all, it was my eleventh birthday! Despite my happiness, I was still troubled at mind, for I'd had THE dream again. This dream made me dread my sleep every night; it kept me on edge and wide awake for countless hours. It was the very nightmare that had haunted me for the past year. Oddly strange things had been happening to me for the past year as well, so I wasn't exactly surprised when the dream resurfaced every night. My parents, however, seemed to be acting weirder and weirder as my birthday drew nearer. After giving the nightmare serious thought, I left my room and went down the stairs for breakfast.

My father, Harry, who was an auror for the Ministry of Magic, was at work as usual. I never got to see him, but my mother was luckily cooking for our family of five in the enormous kitchen.

" Good morning Mom." I said, trying to get her attention.

" Hmmm?", she replied in the same flat, emotionless tone she'd used for the past year.

Disappointed that she hadn't even acknowledged my birthday, I sat down and waited for my eggs. At that point, my brother, James, and my sister, Lily, came bounding down the stairs.

" We're going to Diagon Alley today!", James squealed.

" Yes, dear", Mother answered. I groaned. How could I have forgotten? James had his first day of his second year at a some boarding school soon.

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