The Darkness Within

Sequel to Don't Close Your Eyes.
How can you fight the darkness when the darkness is inside you? How can you win a battle when either way you lose? How can you escape the darkness within?

Ryan thought he had won, that his battle was over. But really, it had only just begun. He thought that the vampire inside him was dead, but he couldn't have been more wrong. The vampire has returned, and this time is prepared to win, and Ryan will go to any lengths to stop him, but what is he willing to lose...(for vampire comp)


2. Chapter One-Lena

 The fat droplets of rain splattered over Lena's face, as she returned to consciousness. She groaned, every fiber in her body aching. Her eyelids fluttered open, and the moment they do, she wishes she had just kept them shut. The memories of last night came flooding back to her in bits and pieces, and they scared the living daylights out of her. She remembered the infected boy, standing inside the Dome, and the D.S.S. She also remembers running away from the vampire and falling. He had been all but sucking her blood when she fainted. She was so sure she would die, that her time was over. She had felt the thirst for blood as the vampire closed in on her. But the impossible had happened, she was alive. Filthy, her clothes torn to shreds and pain shooting through her body, but alive.

  She rolled onto her front, and got slowly to her feet, every muscle in her body screaming in resistance, pretending not to hear her brain commanding them to move. She finally rises, and immediately bent over and retched. She felt dizzy, and black spots dotted the corners of her vision. How long has she been here, she asked herself. It was daytime, and through the artificial rain, she caught glimpses of the sun, shining brightly overhead. That means she has been at least one day lying there, soaking in her own crimson blood.

  She stumbled forward, pain raging through her ankle, as she took the first steps home. As she walked, she clung to a picket fence to keep her up. Finally she reached her home, panting and gasping in relief and pain. She hobbled as fast as she could, down the driveway and up to the door. She grabbed the handle and shoved the door open, stepping inside.

  "Mom, Dad," she shouted, her voice breaking slightly. "I'm back!"

  No answer. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. The house was eerily quiet for this time of day. It was way too quiet. She moved further into the house, not wanting to know what lay in wait. The moment she stepped into the living room she knew what had happened. The whole place looked like it had been bombed, chairs cast all over the room, a stove that had been switched on for far too long and worst of all was the the crimson blood, smeared across the walls, the floor and door. She didn't have to ask whose blood this was.

  She remembered one time when she was younger, she had fallen out of a tree face first. The breath was knocked out of her, and she struggled to breath for minutes. That's exactly how she felt right now as her legs gave way and sunk to her knees, the tears already streaming down her ghostly white, fear-stricken  face.

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