Aaryn Scott is a junior at Baxton High. She's newly 17 It's her first year at a boarding school and so far, she hates it. She's already made an enemy, Sydney Star, the queen bee of Baxton who happens to be her new roommate. She then meets five of the nicest boys she could ever meet, and one of them end up stealing her heart, leaving Sydney jealous and furious. Sydney Starr is ready to kill.


5. What did I just do?!

Aaryn's POV

I told Harry I was going to audition to to make Sydney mad. She really thinks I'm deeply in love with her beloved Harry that she met an hour ago.

Wait. DID I JUST SAY I'D AUDITION?! I have stage fright! I never sang in front of any one until two minutes ago and that was by accident! I might as well go start engraving my tomb stone because MY life is over.

Harry gave me a giant smile and said, "Hope to see you there!"

You'll see me there.... lying in my casket.

I sit there in my bed and stare at the bed board.

Harry leaves and Sydney's yelling at me. I clutch my guitar in my hand so she won't take it.

"You're really the worst person ever! You really want to ruin my chances!"

"What chance?" I accidentally say out loud.

Crap. It's war now, I guess.

She crawled upon my bed.

She just sat there and looked at me, the white curtains behind her put what looked like sparkles on her face, wanting an apology or something, but she wasn't going to get one. Not now, not ever.

"What did you just say?" She finally says, disgusted at my existence.

"I'm auditioning tonight." I say, grabbing my guitar, "and your crush on a boy is not, by any means, going to stop me."

I got down from my bed with her still up there, and stomped out with my guitar.

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