Aaryn Scott is a junior at Baxton High. She's newly 17 It's her first year at a boarding school and so far, she hates it. She's already made an enemy, Sydney Star, the queen bee of Baxton who happens to be her new roommate. She then meets five of the nicest boys she could ever meet, and one of them end up stealing her heart, leaving Sydney jealous and furious. Sydney Starr is ready to kill.


1. Welcome to Baxton!

Aaryn's POV

"Bye, Sweetie!" my mom says, kissing my on the cheek.

"Love you," my Dad follows with a tear in his eye.

"You know I don't even want to be here." I say, coldly.

"You'll love it! Your roommate should be here any minute and you two can enjoy yourselves." my Mom doesn't take no for an answer.

"Whatever," I say plopping down onto my bed.

The blue and green walls gave me a headache. It looked too happy. I'm usually a happy person, but as long as I'm enrolled in Baxton, I'll never be happy.

My mom and dad walked out the door. My dad was crying and my mom walked out like she dropped her child off at six flags.

My sister goes here, too. Her name is Kat. It's short for Katherine, but no one calls her that unless she's in trouble. I hang out with Kat a lot and I love it. She's more like a best friend than a sister. We tell each other everything.

Just then my new roommate walks in the door. She smiled and carried in the stuff to the bottom bunk. I always get top bunk.

"Welcome to Baxton!" She over-exaggerated.

"You've been here before?"

"No, but I'm looking forward to it. I walked in and there was the HOTTEST BOY EVER walking in."

She's one of THOSE people. One of those people that judge people by their looks.

"What's his name?" I asked, trying to make small talk.

"He said his name was Harry," She smiled and bit her lip.

"He goes here?"

"YEAH!" she screamed.

"I see....."

"He's cute. You'll see him."

"I'm sure I will.."


"Cool!" I say, not really caring.

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