Aaryn Scott is a junior at Baxton High. She's newly 17 It's her first year at a boarding school and so far, she hates it. She's already made an enemy, Sydney Star, the queen bee of Baxton who happens to be her new roommate. She then meets five of the nicest boys she could ever meet, and one of them end up stealing her heart, leaving Sydney jealous and furious. Sydney Starr is ready to kill.


20. The Angel in the Shower

Niall's POV


I was under the impression that everything was fine at school. Girl's auditions were coming up and only one girl was going to be admitted. There were only a few girls left in the final cut, and I knew... err.. everyone pretty much knew that Aaryn was getting the part. Harry never stopped talking about her. It was Aaryn this and Aaryn that, but I had my eyes on another girl. She may not have auditioned for the part, but Hazel... she was just so gorgeous.

My thoughts wandered to Hazel as I walked down the hall. I hear an angelic singing voice come from the shower room. I knew it wasn't Aaryn, I passed her a while back. I stopped in my tracks and listened intently.


You were better, deeper
I was under your spell
Like a deadly fever, yeah, babe
On the highway to hell, yeah

I couldn't help but sing along with her. Ariana Grande was the inspiration for me to get up on stage.

I only wanna die alive
Never by the hands of a broken heart
Don't wanna hear you lie tonight
Now that I've become who I really are

The voice faded and the shower stopped. There she was, Hazel, covered by nothing but a towel.

"I'm sorry," I apologize, "Your voice is just so amazing."

"Oh..." she blushed; soap suds were coming off her hair and face "I'd better get back to umm.. showering..." 

"Yeah... but hey, when you're done showering, how does dinner sound? I know this really cool place on the North side of campus.. it's a really fancy place." I felt myself stuttering.

She smiled, hopefully she didn't see through my nervousness, "That sounds nice.. You can come to my dorm at 6:30, I'll be ready.."

"Cool," I flash her a smile and walk away.

It was only three. I had three and a half hours left to wait for her. I ran down the hall and straight to my car; I needed to look nice. 

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