Aaryn Scott is a junior at Baxton High. She's newly 17 It's her first year at a boarding school and so far, she hates it. She's already made an enemy, Sydney Star, the queen bee of Baxton who happens to be her new roommate. She then meets five of the nicest boys she could ever meet, and one of them end up stealing her heart, leaving Sydney jealous and furious. Sydney Starr is ready to kill.


19. plotting revenge.

Kat's POV

"Zayn, look, I'm sorry," I said as he stood awkwardly in my presence. 

"Yeah, well maybe I should go... Obviously you let your sister control your life."

"I don't!" I called after him, but he was already halfway down the hallway, carrying his Ghost Busters shirt with him.

"Zayn, seriously come back!" I called.

I had it with Aaryn; she always tried to dictate my life.

Sydney walked down the hall in a hurry. The only thing I knew about Sydney was that she hated Aaryn, loved Harry, and sucked at singing. She stormed past but then she turned around and spotted me.

"Your sister is ruining my life."

"I hear ya.." I say under my breath, but she must have heard me.

"So she ruins your life too?" She questioned.

I was too angry with Aaryn to reject Sydney's words.

"She's ruining my love life." I yelled.

An evil smile came across her face and then followed my smile.

"Why don't we get back at her?" she grinned.

"Why not?" I responded, "I don't know why Harry would like someone as controlling as her, anyway."

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