the wishing fountain

its about a brother and sister that get taken into another universe


1. The wishing fountain


Once upon a time there was a girl and boy named Alexa and Alfie. They are brother and sister and like any brother and sister they fight… A LOT.

“I HATE you Alfie!!!!” shouted Alexa “so what, I borrowed some money from you, big deal” exclaimed Alfie.  “Well for start, you stole the money, why did you need it any way” Alexa asked aggressively.

“I needed it for the wishing fountain” Alfie whispered.   “FOR A WISHING FOUNTAIN”, Alexa was really annoyed by this point. “Well yes my friends say that it really works”, Alfie said excitedly.

“Yeah like those things really work”, by this point Alexa was feeling very angry.

Well this one is different, very, very different let me explain.  It was 1882 when Lord Barrel asked his inventor friend to invent something that will make him lots more money.  The Lord was very greedy.  So his friend invented a wishing fountain. The inventor really wanted the fountain to work so that his friend would be happy.  When the inventor threw a coin into the fountain and made a wish Lord Barrel’s favourite dog turned into a ‘blues singer’ the Lord went potty.  Lord Barrel knew that the inventor had done this and Lord Barrel got very angry that he sabotaged the fountains so that they would never work.  Lord Barrel kept one for himself. Unfortunately, by mistake he took the wrong fountain he took the one that was broken this meant that none of his wishes would come true.  The inventor put the fountain that worked in Lakeside shopping centre, at this very moment as we speak the wishing fountain is giving everybody their wishes.

 “Fine but I get to have the first wish” said Alexa.  “Yes let’s go” said Alfie happily.  As they walked across the street Alfie saw his friend JJ (JJ is short for John James). So he joined them, when they got to the fountain Alexa went first…

“I wish that my stupid brother was never born” Alexa said angrily, she threw her coin into the fountain. Alexa turned around and the only person that she could see there was JJ, he looked a bit shocked. “WHAT just happened, where’s Alfie?” JJ was very shaken up. “Well I sort of wished that my stupid brother was never born” Alexa said worriedly.  “How stupid can you possibly get” JJ said meanly. “Well if you STOP having a go at me than we might be able to think of a way to find him, right think JJ THINK!!!!!!!!!” Alexa said.

“Ok, right I have an idea” JJ said, “what if we wish that Alfie had been born”. “Yes that might work” Alexa said excitedly.  “I wish that my stupid brother was born” Alexa said and threw a coin into the fountain. Nothing happened. “Maybe if we say it together it might work” JJ said.  “We wish that Alfie was born” they both said together and threw a coin each into the fountain. Nothing happened straight away then ten seconds later Alfie popped out of thin air.  Alexa went running up to him and hugged him.  Alfie luckily didn’t remember what had happened to him.  They all decided not to use the fountain again and not to tell anyone about the fountain and its POWERS.






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