Blue Eyes

This story is a Niall Horan form One Direction Fan-Fiction.

I always dreamed of that perfect moment of being free and out of this hell I call home. I never knew that dreams came true for people like me. Here's the story of my life and how it was made better by the bot with blue eyes.


1. The Beginning

              I'm Delilah, I live with my uncle. I would tell the story about why but I'm not the type of person who usually rants about life. I'll just sum it up for you, my parents died and I was forced to live with my alcoholic uncle that made me the way I am now. I now live in a town in a town in Ireland named Mullinger. I use to live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I had three great friends Louis, Laura, and Sammi. Now I go to the high school in Mullinger, I never took the time to learn the name. I literly have no friends, but this one guy who tries to hang out with me but I'm not good in the trust department.

          My usual day consists of school, bullying, work, home, abuse, and anything that falls between them. The popular people are the major bullies then there also are the jocks and sometimes even the geeks call me names. The names the geeks call me don't hurt as much as he other names. In the school food chain I don't really have a place. I'm usually the loner type who sits bye herself and doesn't talk.

         Now I will tell you more about my Uncle. His name is Shane, his favorite hobbies is drinking and abusing me. I have gotten used to the pain, I've been living with him for about 6 years now. His routine is to leave when I go to school (to the bar), get drunk, come home after I get back from work, beat me, then leave to the bar again. He blames me for my parents death and all his girlfriends leaving him. I never understand why he blames me all I do is listen to my I-Pod, do my homework, and do my chores.

      Today is Thursday and my schedule is,

1st Block: Health

2nd Block: French

3rd Block: Algebra

4th Block: Physics

      Before 3rd block I have lunch. So I have to wait a whole 30 minutes to go to my favorite class. When it comes to Algebra I'm a total nerd. It's the only reason I go to school. Well other than to get away from my uncle for a few hours. 



So let me know what you think please. Just remember this is my first time writing on. I've had this story written on my I-Pod for awhile now. I thought it was good and My friend said it was okay. 














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