Blue Eyes

This story is a Niall Horan form One Direction Fan-Fiction.

I always dreamed of that perfect moment of being free and out of this hell I call home. I never knew that dreams came true for people like me. Here's the story of my life and how it was made better by the bot with blue eyes.


2. Chapter 2

         So you know how I mentioned the guy who tries talking to me but i just reject him. Well he tries everyday. He has blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, braces, and is cute. But seriously I think he just feels bad for me like who who would want to talk to a awkward girl like me. I have basic features, brown hair and green eyes, and is very shy. I think that maybe I will give him a try though. He hasn't given up yet so I think that I will try to 'befriend' him. I need some type of friend. I just got on the bus and sat alone like usual. I was wearing black jeans, and a black shirt. My hair was straight, I didn't like change much. It's what got me here.

            So I am now sitting in Health waiting for the teacher to come in. I sit in the back corner away from everyone. I looked up when I felt a presence next to me. My head shot up and I saw the same guy with the blue eyes.

"Hey, what's your name"

"Um, Delilah, You?"  After I said that his lips grew into a giant smile showing his braces.

"Niall, why do you always avoid everybody?"  

"I'm bad with strangers, I'm actually surprised I said anything to you."

"Well I'm glad you did!" He said with one of those signature smile. I smiled back. I SMILED I ACTUALLY SMILED!!!!! I think if I stay friends with this boy he might change me, wait did I say friends with. I must already be changing SHIT!!! No I don't happen!


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