back from the dead

" i held the funeral, the day you left . . . a black umbrella and a sad song in my head . . ."

i thought, i thought it was over.
that was it.
no more pain.
no more hurt.
no more lust.
no more tears.
no more loving him.
it was all over.
i killed him. i killed every piece of him, that was left with me.
but, i never thought that i and him would ever meet again . . .
i didn't expect him to end up at my door. i didn't expect to fall into his trap again . . .

"do you like that?" he asked, as he pressed his lips against my neck. I stumbled on my words, i knew i should've said no . . .but by then, it was too late.
"y-yes, i-i do." i mumbled, closing my eyes; running my fingers through his hair.


1. flames

I stood there. Numb. Watching the flames flicker, burning every single memory i had of him. Every photo, every gift, card, every " i love you", every thing that reminded me of him, burned within that fire. I killed him. There and then. For me? He was dead.

I closed my eyes slowly, as i felt a tear full of pain and hurt roll down my cheek. As i felt it leave my cheek, and meet the dry ground, i watched the earth hungrily swallow it down. I fell down to my knees, tracing my hand over the dry thirsty ground, tracing his name.

"Dalton.." I managed to whisper timidly to myself, finishing the N. I grabbed a fist full of dirt, and angrily threw it at the fire. I squinted my eyes, flinging my hands to my face, backing away as the fire roared back at me.

I grunted back at the fire, taking off my stilettos throwing them towards the roaring flames. I teared up, with tears of hatred, and anger.

I took a step closer, ignoring the flying sparks determined to take me down with them. I took of my shirt slowly, and slipped out of my shorts. I moved as close as i could towards the fire, feeling my bare feet burn. It hurt; but nothing could ever hurt me as much as he hurt me. I cried softly to myself, numb tears, as i thought of him. I dumped them into the fire, yelling at the top of my voice over and over his name.

I scratched my arms with my nails, lowering myself down to the level of the fire. I slipped out of my bra, throwing that into the fire. At this point, I couldn't care less if someone saw me or didn't. Or the fact that i would need something to wear, when i go home tomorrow. Maybe.

I was just . . . confused. hurt. and then confused again. Why? Why Dalton?

I curled into a ball, watching the fire eat away at my clothes, the flames glimmering in my eyes. I pulled my finger nails away slowly . . .ignoring the blood that traced their outline, and traced one bloody finger over the side of my waist, where i had tattooed his name.

"what happened to forever and always . . .?" i started scratching away at the tattoo in anger, trying my best to dig as deep as i could into my skin, piercing away at his name. I don't want anything to do with him. Not now, not ever.

As I watched the fire die down, I also felt my heart slowly die along with it...

"Fuck love.." I felt my drowsiness take over, and the next thing i knew, i had blacked out.






A/N oh hai sweethearts. <3 this isn't my first account lovelies. c: I used to be @/simmylovesyou101 but i don't really use that account anymore. I miss all those lovely friends that i made on that account. :c oh poo. :c but anyways, I've decided this time to write a story, that isn't fan-fiction. cx but don't worry, i know you guys love imagines, so I'll be doing those too. c:

I hope you enjoy this story, as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy writing this. x

please make sure to let me know, if this story is horrible, lovelies. c:


lots of love, your sim. <3


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