Thinking it all over(One direction/Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Sometimes thinking back on your past you realize how much it affects your future. No matter who or what was in your way at the time.


2. Thinking Back

[Chapter two: Thinking back]


"Hey Kayce. I'm having a party this weekend at Marks house. Do you want to come?" my best friend Jack said

"Sure, just remind me to call my mom luring lunch okay?"

"Sure no problem." He said as we walked into class. Sometimes Jack has parties for no reason at all but its fun because everyone always shows up. I always wonder if he could really become popular if he wanted to.

"Hey, Kayce how are you?" I see you're not using your brace anymore. Is it fully healed?" Patricia asked as I took my seat next to her.

"Not really, I just didn't feel like putting it on today." I have to wear a brace on my leg because of one of the guys that hang around Liam ended up pushing me down and I sprained my knee. His name is Niall Horan. He has been bullying me for quite a while now. I just endure it because I know sooner or later it will stop. Boy was I wrong. Just as I took out my book "he" walked in.

"Mr. Horan you're late. Please take a seat. I will see you after class." Mrs. Hawthorn said as he was walking over to his seat. Sadly it was right next to mine.

"Hi, Kayce did your knee heal quickly?" He said as soon as he noticed I wasn't wearing my brace. It's weird to know he's actually caring about it.

"No it didn't, but thank you for asking."

"No problem."

The day went by pretty quickly. Sadly I have every class with Niall so there is absolutely no escaping his hateful stares or his stupid remarks toward me. Honestly sometimes he could be nice but the second his friends are around he changes.

"Why are you not wearing your brace then?" Just then Liam walked in. "Is it because your thunder thighs won't let you pull it on?" Everyone in the room laughed. He has drawn and crossed the line now. I ran out of the room crying. How could he be so mean to me? What have I ever done to him?

I ran to an empty hall way and cried. A few minutes later I heard footsteps. I knew it was probably just Patricia coming to comfort me like she usually does.

"Kayce why did you leave the class?" I knew that Irish accent anywhere.

"What do you want? To torture me some more? Or to record me crying and put it up for everyone to see and make fun of me?" I didn't look up because truth be told, no matter how much Niall bullies me; I have some extremely strong feelings for him.

"I wanted to know why you left class. I'm sorry about what I said; I just can't lose my reputation. My friends depend on me to make fun of at least one person during every class. I would never record you crying because it's not a pretty view." Who does he really think he is? Sometimes I wish he could go to hell!

"What ever Niall! Just leave me alone."

"I'm not going to leave a beautiful girl crying on the ground. The least I can do is just be here for the girl I have feelings for." Did he really just say that. Who does he think he is fooling. Yeah sure "Feelings." What a lie.

"You're lying about the feelings. Who put you up to this, Zayn, Liam, Harry? Who? How could you be such good friends with my step-brother and bully me everyday of my life?" I know I never mentioned this but Louis Tomlinson is my step-brother. My mom passed away when I was 5and my dad remarried to Louis' mom. I have to ask her about the party Jack and Mark are having becasue my dad said as long as I'm with Jack or Mark then it's fine where ever i go.

"I'm good friends with him because I have a huge crush on his step-sister. She is beautiful, smart, funny and sweet. She is my dream girl, but I'm too stupid to really notice it and ask her out." He said this with such confidence that honestly the next thing he did never made it passed my mind. He kissed me. I didn't kiss back because I knew it was probably all a lie.

"Really Kayce? I pour out all of my feelings for you and you don't want to accept them?"

"No I don't because now your going to tell all of your friends that i forced myself upon you and make me a bigger loser than i already am. My feelings for you are real but right now I am putting them aside so that i can hate you." As I finished the bell rang. I just hate how hard he tried just now to make me look like a loser in front of every one all over again.

As soon as I was out of that hallway I looked around to find Patricia, Jack and Mark to tell them everything that happened. They didn't believe that he actually kissed me or had feeling s for me. I'm not going to lie though.

"...the kiss was really sweet. His lips are soft, softer than freshly made cotton." I never thought his lips would make me blush, but thinking about them made me turn redder than a tomato.

We arrived at lunch and sat at out usual table. Liam came by and sat next to Patricia. To this day she still blushes every time he kisses her cheek, or holds her hand. They are so cute. Why can't I have a relationship like that with Niall... I mean with someone who could really like me.

"Hey Kayce, are you okay. Niall is stupid for what he said. After you left I told him off. Some of the words are to never be repeated." Liam was so sweet and kind, but if you get him mad he will snap like a pitbull and never let you get away easily. "After I told him off he admitted something I thought would never come out of his mouth."

"What was that? That he hated me and wish death upon me?"

"No, that he liked you and was hoping to make you his girlfriend someday. But after what he did he'll be lucky if he walks away alive because I called your brother."

"Thank Li, that really nice of you. I have to call my mom about the party. I will see you later okay." They all nodded. "Bye."

Walking out of the lunchroom I took a small glance at Niall's table, but he wasn't there. I left feeling a little sad but was soon filled with fear when I heard Louis' voice boom through the halls.

"You really thought that everything you did to my sister that I would forgive you!"

"No I-" Louis punched him in the jaw. I was scared that Louis was going to kill him. but maybe that wasn't such a bad idea.

"Because of you my sister cried every night, she even cuts herself because she doesn't think she's pretty enough for anyone. "This time Louis punched him in the gut. Niall fell to the ground. i ran to him out of instinct.

"Oh my god, Niall are you okay? Louis what are you doing to my Boyfriend!?" Boyfriend? why did i say that. gosh now Louis is going to question me about this. Kill me now please.

"Boyfriend?" They both said, well Niall grunted

"Well, I mean- um, what are you doing to him Louis? Why are you hurting him?" I had my foot in my mouth. I didn't know where to stick my head.

"'m hitting him because he hurt you. If Liam would have never called you would never told me." Louis was right. I wouldn't have told him. I would have ended up cutting myself again.

"Kayce?" Niall's voice made me jolt back to reality. "Do you really cut yourself for every time i hurt you?"

"No, Louis was just joking. Right Lou?" i laughed awkwardly giving Louis a look that made him turn back to Niall. I pulled at my sleeves to hide the scares I had from previous cuts.

Niall pulled my arm t him and pulled up my sleeves revealing the scares he had caused. "Kayce... I am so sorry, please forgive me." I don't know if I should.

Out of the corner of my eye I seen Louis walk away looking even angrier than he did while beating up Niall.

"I don't know Niall. I just don't know if i could forgive you. You see what I did every time you hurt me." He pulled up my other sleeve revealing the fresh wounds.

"Kayce, was this recent?"

"Yes." I say ashamed of the new cuts on my arm that were made after i told Patricia, Mark and Jack. I couldn't hide these because they were still fresh and still bleeding even with the gauze wrapped around them.

"Did you do that here in school, after you left the hall. He looked really hurt. Not only physically but emotionally.

"Yeah. Right after i went to look for Patricia, Mark and Jack." I completely forgot that we were still in the hallway, him resting his head on lap from when i ran over to him after Louis punched him. I looked down at him to see that he was already looking at me. I blushed a deep red. He slowly sat up and rubbed his hand against my cheek lightly.

"Why ar-" He kissed me again. But this time it didn't feel forced. It was sweet and caring. This time I didn't hesitate to kiss him back. He pulled away.

"Kayce, I really truly do love you, Louis is going to hate me for a life time."

"Niall we really should get you to the nurse, you're in really bad shape." I helped him up. He put his arm around my shoulder and held on to me for dear life as we walked to the nurse.

We walked in and everyone looked at us like we were crazy. Something about what we were doing made their eyes pop out of their heads. But it was until I felt the soft lips press against my cheek.

"Thank you Kayce. I think I got it from here." He kissed my cheek again and everyone gasped because now they knew what they seen was real.

"You're welcome but I'm not leaving because I want to know exactly how much Louis did to you, if that's okay with you." I didn't know how to react. my head was spinning.

"That's fine thank you Kayce, after this how about i take you home?"

"Thank's that would be great."

After what seemed like like hours Niall emerged from the room the nurse put him in. i could wait to know just how badly Louis beat him up. "What did the nurse say?" i really couldn't wait to yell at Louis.

"She said that I'm fine. Just some bruising and soreness that's all. Thank you for stopping him before he killed me."

"No problem Ni. Let's go okay." I started walking away. I knew the faster I got hime, the faster I gould get home to yell at Louis. He can be so-

"And thank you for calling me your boyfriend in front of Louis." Niall said interrupting my rant about Louis. I turned around to look at him.

"Niall, that was more of just a reaction. I'm sorry, I know if anyone heard that your reputation would be ruined. I'm sorry re-"

He pressed his lips against my lips knowing that's the best way to shut me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me for what felt like years.

We finally broke apart when we heard Harry say, “Hey Ni, Why are you kissing Lardo? Did she force you to kiss her? Wow she is really pathe-“

“No harry. I kissed her, she is average size for a girl and she’s my girlfriend. So BACK OFF!” That was the first time Niall defended me, and he called me his girlfriend?

“Girlfriend? Yeah right. So kiss her if she’s your girlfriend.” Was Harry trying to make Niall rethink about what he said?

Niall didn’t hesitate to kiss me, full on. Protecting me, standing up for me, kissing me, and holding my hand? I think he is serious about wanting me to be his girlfriend and about the feelings he has for me.

“Whoa, okay man, please stop the PDA. I don’t even need to see your tongues dancing.” This made me laugh against Niall’s lips.

“So you believe me now? Niall said pulling me to his side.

“Yeah I do, gosh I thought you two were going to swallow each other.”

I laughed again. Then I remembered I had to call my mom. “Hey sorry I have to call my mom then head to my last class. I also have to explain to her why I missed two classes already. See you guys later.”

“Okay Kayce. See you later.” Niall said pulling me into another quick kiss before I started down the hall way.

Right before I was out of earshot I heard skin against skin. I turned around to see Niall hunched over holding a bloody nose. As soon as Niall regained his balance, he attacked Harry. What happened just now?

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