Let Her Go

Badass Jake Phillips,a high school dropout,has his eyes on a certain goody two shoes Jenessa Clark.She's smart,kind,and good looking. Jake starts falling for her. Hard. But what happens if he gets her? And what if he lets her go?


2. The Party's Outcome

*Jake's P.O.V*

7:30 rolled around so I left to pick up Jenessa. "Where are you going?" my mom asked. My mom is a little over protective. Ever since I dropped out of school,she's been a little to supportive about my decisions. My dad ran off with his girlfriend, which he had been dating for five years behind my mothers back,about two years ago. I got mad and dropped out of school so my mom could keep the house. Ever since,she's been really protective of what happens to me. "Just a party at Dustin's house. I'll be home by 11. I promise." I kissed her goodbye,grabbed the keys,and headed out.


When I pulled into Jenessa's driveway,I found a large,very well decorated,expensive looking house. I walked up to the doorstep and as I was about to knock on the door,it opened. Jenessa came out and closed it right away. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward the car. "Hey. Sorry but my parents wouldn't like me going out with a guy like-I mean...well,you don't exactly have the appearance of a boy they would want me hanging out with. No offense." I smiled and push her against the car while grabbing her hips. "So you're a rebel now? I like girls who don't follow the rules." I then noticed what she was wearing. A red sleeveless dress that went just to her knees. I went to kiss her,but she pushed me away. "Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a guy who at least opens the door for me before he tries to get in my pants."she folded her arms. I smirked and opened the passenger door. "My lady."she smirked and got in the car. I closed the door,got in,and we were off.

Dustin's house was only five minutes from Jenessa's so we sat  in silence the whole way over. When we finally got there,she didn't get out of the car."What,are you scared?"she just smiled at me.I rolled my eyes and opened her door."Thank you,what a gentleman."she said and I guided her to the door.When we got in,I put my hand right above her butt. She went to tell me no,but Dustin interrupted her."Jake!What up bud-aahh.I see you got yourself a girl.Try to hold onto this one.She's a looker."he walked away and Jenessa looked at me. "What exactly did he mean by 'hold onto her'?"I stuttered."Well uh,just an inside joke.Shall I get you a drink?"I guided her into the living room which was full of people and pushed her to a corner."Stay here."I yelled over the music. I left for the kitchen. She looked a little worried about me leaving her alone. When I got to the kitchen,there were less people but still a lot. I walked over to the punch bowl and got a cup and filled it. I opened myself a beer and poured about a fourth into Jenessa's punch. 'That'll loosen her up.' I walked back over to her and gave her the drink. "There's no alcohol in this is there?"I shook my head no and took a sip of my beer. "Are you sure?"She asked,and took a sip. Her eyes widened."This is really good!"and she took another big sip.'Punch for you all night...'


It'd been about an hour and she had been through four cups of 'punch'. After her fifth,she looked pretty happy."Do you wanna dance?"she asked me and dragged me into the middle of the room. We danced for awhile but she eventually got tired. "I think I need some more punch."She said,and looked at me.I smiled and went back to the kitchen. Dustin was there. "You're still here?I figured you'd have worked your magic by now.Where is that girl anyway?" I got the beer/punch. "Her name is Jenessa.And she's a good girl.I need to,"I held up the beer. He nodded."I get it.Well,I'll see you tomorrow.There's a hotty waiting for me upstairs."And he left.

I had poured more beer into this drink than the others.I gave it to her and it was gone within a minute."Wow.You really were thirsty."she smiled and nodded.I leaned in closer to her and kissed her."Woah woah woah,were not dating.No kissing."she said,but I kissed her again."Wow...you're good at this."she let me kiss her again then pushed me away."No.I wanna go home.I know what you're doing."I ignored her and kissed up her neck.She pushed me but i kept going.She pushed me again but harder.I went back a few steps and bumped into a lamp.It fell to the ground with a loud crash.Only a few people noticed but they quickly turned away.I got really mad and pulled Jenessa outside."Where are we going now?"she sounded loopy and wasn't walking very well."To take you home."I opened her door and pushed her in.I had to buckle her seat belt for her,she was to drunk.When I got in the car she looked upset.I sighed."What's wrong?"I asked."I'm sorry i made you brake a lamp.And that we didn't get to do it."I was shocked,but then I laughed.She looked at me."Well I am.I'm just not ready yet.And I barley know you."I kept laughing."But you went to a party with me?"she started laughing with me.We kept laughing the whole way back to her house.


I walked her to her doorstep."Thanks for taking me home.I had fun tonight."I smiled and took a pen out of my pocket.I wrote my number behind her ear."Text me."I said.I started toward the car but she grabbed me and kissed me.She smiled and ran into the house.'Wow....wow...'

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