Let Her Go

Badass Jake Phillips,a high school dropout,has his eyes on a certain goody two shoes Jenessa Clark.She's smart,kind,and good looking. Jake starts falling for her. Hard. But what happens if he gets her? And what if he lets her go?


1. Jake Phillips

*Jakes P.O.V*

Another day,another girl,another beer,another smoke. I sat in Dustin's car with a beer and RED,my favorite band,playing. We were in a drug store parking lot waiting for Drew,Dustin's brother. We were like a pack,or a gang. Dustin was the leader,and Drew and I were his followers. Others sometimes come and go but it was just us mostly. We were going to have a party at Dustin's place tonight and Drew was picking up the beers. Well,more beer anyway. Dustin always had some at his house. "So who alls coming?"I asked. He tapped his cigarette in the ash tray. "A bunch of Drew's friends,Kelly,and some of her friends. Why?"I didn't know why I asked. It was the same people every time we had a party."Just wondering. Hey,who's that?"There was a bleach blonde chic walking past our car. She had a bag slung over her shoulder so I figured she was a student. I watched as she entered the store while Drew was leaving. He stopped and smiled at her,but she kept walking. "Did you know her?"I asked as Drew got in the car. "Yeah. That's Jenessa Clark. She goes to my school. She's a senior but I try to catch her eye sometimes. She's to smart for her own good." I jumped out of the car. "I'll meet you guys at the house. I need to get uh...some iTunes. I ran out." Dustin rolled his eyes and they drove off. 'I'm gettin me some eye candy.' I thought


I was looking at the gift card shelf and tried not to stare at Jenessa. She had quiet a hand full of groceries so I knew how I'd make my approach. I walked past her and hit her (a little to hard) and she dropped everything in her arms. "Hey!" she said and started picking up her things. "Oh I'm sorry. Here let me help you." I started picking up the contents of her bag. One of the papers I noticed was an acceptance letter from a college. "Smart one,are you?" she blushed and went to take the bag from my hands. I jerked it away from her reach. "Lemme help you. You seem to have your hands full."she opened her mouth but closed it. "Who are you anyway?" she asked. "Ah. I'm Jake Phillips. And you,are Jenessa Clark. A senior at Bradley High. Some smart eye candy if you ask me." I winked and hit her bum. She gasped and blushed even more. "H-how do you know who I am?"she asked. "Well my lady,you go to school with a close friend of mine. Drew Richard-" "Oh him. Yeah I know him. He's always got his arm around a different girl each week. I don't know two girls who haven't been with him at least once." I looked at her up and down. "Is that you included?" she laughed and we started down the next aisle."Please,I'm smarted than that. No offense." It was my turn to laugh. "None taken. If I were a girl, I wouldn't be fooled by his charms either." we walked through the rest of the store and I helped her carry her things. 'Ok Jake,make your move.' "So there's gonna be this party tonight. How 'bout you stop by?" she thought about it for a minute. "Well I have a lot of homework and-" "It's a Friday. Take a break from all the work. C'mon." she looked doubtful. "O-ok. I guess a party won't be to bad. Where is it at?" I smiled,got her address,and told her I'd pick her up at eight. "See you there Nessa." I winked,and we went our separate ways.

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