Let Her Go

Badass Jake Phillips,a high school dropout,has his eyes on a certain goody two shoes Jenessa Clark.She's smart,kind,and good looking. Jake starts falling for her. Hard. But what happens if he gets her? And what if he lets her go?


3. Falling For You?

The next morning I woke up to my alarm. It was 5 in the morning. 'Why does Hot Topic have to open so freaking early?' That's where I work. Why they have me come in at nearly the ass crack of dawn,I will never know. I got ready,grabbed my keys and a bagel,and left. When I got there my boss was the only one there along with another co-worker. The store didn't open yet so I started chatting Brittany(my boss). "Hey." I realized my voice was giving out,probably from the party. "I take it you went to Dustin's party last night?"she didn't look at me. I pretty much went the whole rest of the day trying to forget the previous night.


When I got home,I had a message. 'Hey it's Jennesa wanna hang out?' Wow.She actually texted me. 'sure.what do u wanna do?' 'wanna meet me at the park?i'm already here.' 'ya. see you in ten.' ':)' 'Is she into me?...' i wondered.

When I got to the park she was waiting on a bench. She looked really cute. She had a soft pink dress on with a matching pink headband. "Hey cutie."I said,and sat next to her. She blushed and smiled. "Hey. So about last night-" oh no...where's this going?"I just wanted to say I had fun. I've never really been to a party like that. I don't have a lot of friends. Well,just one actually." I looked at her."Really?A social butterfly like you?"she laughed. "You really are a charmer Jake." I leaned in and kissed her. She frowned. "About that,stop it. We're not dating so..." I sighed. "And also did you sneak beer into my punch last night?" I smiled,she smiled.

We started walking around the park trail. I bought us some ice cream and we sat down at a picnic table. There were some kids playing on the playground. One little girl was sitting there crying. Jenesa got up and ran over to her. I just sat and waited. She got the girl to stop crying somehow. She took her hand and started walking toward me. When I saw her stand there,hand in hand with that little girl,I realized...I loved her. The way she walked,How she looked,and the way she didn't hesitate to help the girl. "Jake this is Sarah. She lost her mommy so we're gonna help her-""SARAH!There you are I was so worried!" A woman came running toward us and scooped up Sarah. She started crying in her arms. "Thank you so much for finding her. I looked away for one second and...don't you ever walk away from mommy again you hear me?" Jenesa just smiled. The lady thanked us again and left. I just stood there looking at Jenesa. "Well, I have some homework so I should head home. By the way, what school do you go to?" I stuttered. "Uh I-I don't. I dropped out. I got a job to help my mom with bills." she shook her head. "That's sweet." I stared into her vibrant blue eyes. "Can I drive you home? It might be quicker." she nodded and I took her home.


When she walked in her house i sighed. "I'm in love."


Authors Note

Hey guys!I hope you like the story so far!Can I get 5 likes before updating?thanks!



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