Let Her Go

Badass Jake Phillips,a high school dropout,has his eyes on a certain goody two shoes Jenessa Clark.She's smart,kind,and good looking. Jake starts falling for her. Hard. But what happens if he gets her? And what if he lets her go?


4. Closer To You

That night I made dinner for my mom and me. As we ate I kept thinking about Jenesa. "Hey mom, have you ever been in love? Like, really in love." She looked at me. "I suppose so. Why do you ask?" "Oh I don't know." She smiled. "No no, I know my little boy. You can't hide anything from me. What's up?" I signed. "Ok, well there's this girl. I haven't known her long, but the last time I saw her I got this feeling. Do you know it?" She just kept smiling. "Yes I know that feeling. I got it whenever I saw your-...father." Her faced dropped and I was kind of sorry I asked. "Well, who is she?" "Jenesa. I'm not actually sure of her last name."

She asked how we met. I just said she dropped her stuff in the store and I helped her out. The conversation ended there because my mom got called into work. She was a nurse and worked mornings and often times got called in at night. She never complained but you could see in her eyes that she was tired and upset she couldn't be home.

"I'll be home...later. No wild parties." she kissed me goodbye and left. I went to my room. It was 6 o'clock. I got bored so I texted Jenesa. 'Hey!You finish that hw?' she didn't respond. I took a shower and when I got out she had texted me. 'yeah.just finished.whats up?' 'im bored.wanna come over my place and hang for awhile?' 'sure!but do you mind picking me up?' she responded five minutes later. And twenty minutes after that,she walked in my door.


We were watching The Titanic and she was close to crying. I looked at her eyes. They were glossy from her tears. I scooted closer to her and put my arm around her. "You can cry if you need to-" she immediately started sobbing. I laughed a little. "You think this is funny!?" she looked at me in awe. I smiled, I almost leaned in to kiss her but I knew she didn't want me to. "No. I just don't get that emotional over a movie." she shook her head. "True love just crumbled before your eyes and you're not balling your eyes out? Cold."

I grabbed a pillow and hit her with it. She screamed and grabbed a pillow. I ran away before she could hit me. We started chasing each other around the living room. I ran after her but she slipped. I didn't stop in time so I fell over her. I was propped up with my hands over her. We laughed, not bothering to get up.

"You are a catch Jake Phillips. Bad boy on the outside, pure gentleman on the inside." 

I looked her in the eyes. I lowered down to my elbows. "Well so are you. Goody two shoes on the outside, and nothing but a heart breaker." I smirked and she blushed. "Not gonna let me kiss you, are ya?" she shook her head. I kissed her anyway. "Like you said. I'm a bad boy." she looked mad. "That doesn't mean you can't be a gentleman."

We got up and just sat on the couch talking. It was eight thirty and her parents wanted her home by nine. 'Make your move Jake. Time is ticking!' I thought. I took her hand in mine and scooted closer to her. "Jenessa, you are so beautiful. Ever since we met I haven't taken my mind off you. I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" she looked at me, then she smiled.

"Yes. I will." I smiled so big it felt like my face was going to come off. I took her face in my hands and kissed her. This time she actually kissed back. I pulled away and smiled. "Ok Jessy, let's get you home." And I drove her home, hand in hand. 


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