Love is a Battle

This is my life when i felt like everything went down hill for me . But while i felt as if nothing well go well a special someone came into my life and made it better even if my time was coming to an end. My name is Liberty Perez and this is my story.

This is not a real story obviously and everything i write on here is not real so , no my name is not liberty and i am not dead obviously lol :) . I hope you enjoy the story :)


3. oh lord

Since my mom was not there I decided to take a nap because I was not in the mood to be thinking of all the negaivity that has been stuck in my mind for a bit. About 30 minutes into my nap I heard a car pull into my driveway. There was no possible way to explain how scared I was at that moment because in a couple of minutes i was going to tell my mom I was dying. I slowly made my way down the stairs to greet my mom. " hey liberty! how was your day?" my mom said cheerfully. I wondered why she was so cheery because she doesn't always come home this happy. "my day was alright , i guess. How was yours?" I asked. I made a decision in my head that if the reason my mom was because of good news I was not going to tell her my sucky news because I didn't want to be the reason she would be sad. " mine was great!" dang it. " I got a promotion and I think a guy at the office is starting to like me." oh lord i had to make sure that she doesn't remember the appointment because then she will be sad. i needed to distract her so i started to ask about everything like her promotion and the guy at the office. Let me just say that she was not shy to talk about anything so we ended talking to about 11 o'clock in the night. It was real nice talking and bonding with my mom I never knew she could be so easy to talk to. I liked seeing a genuine smile on her face, I hadn't seen one of those in a long time. Right when i was about to tell my mom goodnight she asked something i was really dreading she would ask. " how was your doctors appointment today? what did he say?" she asked. Damn. I never liked lying to my mom but it was one of those moments that i didn't have any other choice. " Ohhh.... it was ok , mom its really late. I'm going to bed , goodnight." " ok dear goodnight" my mom said. That night i felt like the suckiest daughter ever. I knew that i was going to have to tell her at some point but i knew i made it worse for myself by already lying and saying everything is ok. Hey everyone :) I'm so sorry that it has taken me forever to make another chapter but i have been really busy and school has been a pain in the butt. If you really like the story it would be really helpful if you could comment below because i feel like nobody really is feeling this book and i don't want to write something if nobody is going to read it. If you can you can tell me to update sometimes that would be great. if you want to u can follow me on twitter at @greatgg16 i would really like it if you could spread the word about this story because then i will have the ambition to want to update more because than i will know people are actually reading it. Also i noticed that my chapters look like they are short so im going to make them longer know.
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