Our Midnight Memories (*One Direction*)

Well, to start of with, hello, my name is Lilly-Ann, Lilly for short. My life is an complete and utter mess, all I wanted was to end my life but then I found Andy......
(***One Direction Fan-fic ***)


2. Chapter Two

**Lilly-Ann's POV**

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I walked out of the front door with an apple in my hand, I was planning to skip school today but first I have to face up to my bullies. I start to eat my apple as I walk along the pavement (or sidewalk for you Americans) I get a text from my aunt May it said that she was going out of town to see her sister for her sisters birthday and wont be back until Monday (today is Friday) I don't live very far from school so I soon can see my school a couple hundred feet away. I take a deep breath and continue walking. I feel the cold metal of my pentagram on my skin, Kyle gave me it after the incident. I loved Kyle, he helped me. I have just entered the main doors of the school building and I am already getting verbal abuse been thrown at me by other pupils. harsh. I walk into the school cafeteria and walked over to the "popular" table and stand up on the table kicking all of their stuff on the way up, I say "to all the bitches that are sat at this table or wish  to be, you have all done this to me and I hope you are happy, I wont take it any longer. I have been bullied for 2 years now and I have had enough, it used to bother me but you know what fuck it I don't give a shit anymore, so call me what you want, you can't hurt me!" I get down from the table and storm out of the school, kicking the door open with my head held high. It still did bother me.... but I am not going to let them know that!

I start to walk home with my head still high! I put my headphones on and start to listen to 'I Miss You'  cover by 5SOS. just as the song was finishing I was walking up to my front door. I go inside and start to pack my bag and write some letters and I made sure I put the box in my bag. I finish what I had to do and locked my front door and put my headphones back on and started to walk to the park.




heyyyy it is MIKKI♥ and NJHs we wrote this chapter together in person (THE HORROR!!)  and most chapters will be us writing them together...... in person.........

hoped u liked it, we know its short xxx







NJHsKryptonite xx :)

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