Our Midnight Memories (*One Direction*)

Well, to start of with, hello, my name is Lilly-Ann, Lilly for short. My life is an complete and utter mess, all I wanted was to end my life but then I found Andy......
(***One Direction Fan-fic ***)


3. Chapter Three

**Lilly-Ann's POV**


still wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/lilly-ann/set?id=97309301 (same as chapter two)


When I reached the park I walked over to a hidden part behind a bush, there was a huge tree and as I sat down I remembered all the fun times me and Kyle had here. we found it one time when the ball went flying in the wrong direction.I climbed up the tree and sat on 'our branch' taking out the box and looking through it. I don't really look through the box because it brings the painful memories back. I spend about another half hour looking and crying my way through the box. I reach into my bag pulling out the rope. I tie it to the tree and made a loop. I grab Pizza the teddy bear and place the loop around my head. I start  thinking of all the good times I have had and all the bad. another tear rolls down my cheek and I take a deep breath. I start to hear noises in the background but I ignore them. as I am still thinking the noises are getting louder and louder I was just about to jump but then two strong arms wrap around me.


I still have my eyes squeezed shut when I feel like I am being carried down the tree. I was placed on my own two feet. I open my eyes to a man standing in front of me he is throwing questions at me. I just collapse into him and start crying. he places his hands on my back and comforted me. he picked up my bag and guided me out of the "secret" place. he sat me on  bench and sat beside me. by then I stopped crying and I just sat there. "hey, why were you doing that??" he said in a soothing tone. "I...I.. don't know." at that moment I decided my shoes were interesting. "what were you doing in there?" he asked "no what were you doing in there?" I questioned. "well my friends dog that I was walking got off his leash and ran in there and I guess I found you. my names Andy by the way". I was still looking at my shoes when Andy said, "what's your name, it must be as pretty as you are." I blushed slightly as he said that. "L-Lilly-Ann but call me Lilly." I started to pack up my things. "ohh hey, I need to go and find that dog." Andy started to get up and leave, "hey Andy I will help you since its kinda my fault." "thanks and its not your fault, shouldn't you be in school?" Andy questioned "I should but I kinda had plans." we walked in the direction the dog went in.


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