Our Midnight Memories (*One Direction*)

Well, to start of with, hello, my name is Lilly-Ann, Lilly for short. My life is an complete and utter mess, all I wanted was to end my life but then I found Andy......
(***One Direction Fan-fic ***)


1. Chapter One


you are wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/lilly-ann/set?id=97307559


I can't take it anymore. I grabbed my bag and rushed out the classroom, ignoring the teacher and the sniggering bitches. I ran outside and ran as fast I could home with tears streaming own my face. I got the my house and unlocked the door and walked in. I knew aunt May wasn't home so I slammed the door shut and ran upstairs wiping my tears. I flung my rucksack on my bed and slid down my "crying" corner and started to cry. I promised Kyle I wouldn't. but I have to. sorry Kyle. I kissed my pentagram and said "I know I promised, but I have to, sorry" I got on my knees and fished for what I was looking for and pulled it out from under my bed and opened the lid, I grabbed the small piece of cool metal and sat back. I pulled up my sleeve, I shivered as the cold metal pierced my skin, all my worries were flowing away, but that feeling wouldn't last. I wrote the words 'I'm sorry Kyle' with the sharp blade across my skin, I had to stop I dropped the blade and leaned against the wall and I looked at the shoe box were all of my secrets lie. I grabbed the photos and started to look at them. as I am looking at the pictures I can feel new warm tears roll down my cheeks. I quickly put the pictures back in the box and I quickly wipe the tears away.





heyyy it is meee MIKKI♥ and NJHs (for short) we worked on this together in person (YAY!) but we know tis is short butt it is only a teaser and we will try to get the nxt chapter upp today!! xxx

hope you like it xxx





NJHsKryptonite xxx :)


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