Our Midnight Memories (*One Direction*)

Well, to start of with, hello, my name is Lilly-Ann, Lilly for short. My life is an complete and utter mess, all I wanted was to end my life but then I found Andy......
(***One Direction Fan-fic ***)


4. Chapter Four

**Lilly-Ann's POV**


I woke to birds chirping. The sun shone bright in the beak room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, looking for the time. It was half ten great. I got out of my warm bed and made contact with the cold floor. I walked down the stairs realising I had the house to myself. I walked into the lounge realising my phone was going off, I checked it and it was Andy, oh yeah I found out he was friends with this guy in One Direction, I have heard of the band, they're alright I suppose-they aren't my cup of tea though. The text said;

from: Andy x

Heyy, wanna do something??

A x

I texted back saying;

To: Andy x

Yeah, sure

L x

Andy Texted back:

From: Andy x

pick you up in an hour xx

A x

I got un-dressed for my shower and noticed my scars which brought back painful memories I took a deep breath and turned the shower on keeping the promise I had made.I got into a shower and once I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and went into my room and chose this outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/lilly-ann/set?id=97371703

I changed into my chosen outfit and put my hair up in a messy bun and put my mascara and eye liner on, I didn't bother to put lipstick on. I shoved my Dr. Martens on and put my phone in my pocket. I made my way downstairs and sat in the lounge with my laptop refreshing my Tumblr dash for a while until I heard a car pull up outside my house I put down my laptop and took my keys and phone locking the house as I went outside to see Andy in his car, I opened the door and got in. "Hey Lilly A" Andy said.

"Hey A" I replied I guess that's our new nick names for each other then.

"where are we going?" I asked.

"where do you wanna go?" A asked.

"well... I am starving so take me to....... Subway!" I really was starving though!

"well okay..." Andy turned around the car and headed to the nearest subway. We got our foot long's and it was a nice day so we went to the nearest park and sat under a big tree and ate our foot long's (A/N: sorry idek where tht came frm?!)

"Hey Lilly, I was wondering. I am going to this party tomorrow night and I wondered if you would like to come?"

Me? A party? I haven't been to one in years. well no one ever invited me to one and I.... what?

"Emmm...... sure. Tomorrow night.. yeah okay.." I replied unsure of what to answer.

"Cool, wear what ever you want."

I haven't got anything..... well at least no dresses with long sleeves.... ughhh. What am I gonna do?? And what if they don't like me, I just know they'll hate me. hate me.Every one hates me. I cant dance. At. All. I don't want to go now. But I said to Andy I would. My mind was racing with thoughts and it was all due to one simple little party.

"Lilly. you okay?" Andy said pulling me out my thoughts.

"yeah. why wouldn't I be?" I replied.

"well you just looked deep in thought and a bit worried. just making sure you are okay."

"oh... well thanks but I am fine." By then we had finished our lunch and I rested my head on A's shoulder and just looked out into the trees. The sun shone through the branches of the trees and it made the place seem like a magical place. We had found a quiet place away from the playground.

"you seem to think a lot and get lost in your thoughts all the time." A said pulling me out of my thoughts. Once again.

"yeah. I guess I kinda like to think a lot. I don't have much friends so I tend to just think and keep my self company with my thoughts and daydreams." Lies. I don't have ANY friends. but I don't what him to know that not yet or at all.

"hey! do you have anything for the party tomorrow?" A asked.

"why?" I questioned.

"Ohh well I just thought cause I had this friend that is giving away a lot of clothes cause she wanted to 'change her style' and her 'old' style was just like yours... so I just thought...." awesome idea! oh wait I should say something I really don't talk a lot

"Ohhhh. I haven't got anything to be honest. just jeans and jumpers really." I said quietly.

"Great! Lets go! I'll text her that we're coming over." A said getting up and taking my hands helping me up.

we started to walk back to the car and soon we found the car and headed over to Andy's friends house. yay!



(MIKKI♥) hopped you liked this chapter I wrote most of it myself xx I am trying to make 2 updates but will probs do it tomorrow xx I know this chapter is soooooo long!!! I made it especially long for u guys! xx

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