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If you're looking for a new Movella to read or you're a new Movellian who wants their book both being noticed and reviewed, then check this out! Movellians who have been a member for a maximum of two months can leave a comment asking for a review and either of us will review your story! Also, keep your eyes peeled , as we will also post reviews of Movellas by newbies which have not been asked to be reviewed ;).


4. The Legend by Nita

Movellian: Nita

Movella: The Legend


- Amazing description! 

- Really good dialogue.

- I love the storyline.


- Maybe change the 3 to three?

- There's minor errors - barely noticeable, though and not worth much change.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty amazing. I just love it. I found it so hard to find any errors.

Rating Out Of Ten: 9/10

Review done by Hail King Diego.

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