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2. Love At First Stitch by pink896heart

Movellian: pink896heart

Movella: Love At First Stitch


- Good spelling and grammar

- Great plot-line

- Strong dialogue 

- Nice description

- I really liked the switch of perspective (third person) between Adrian and Julissa 


- I noticed a couple of errors (not very many) but go through it and correct it (I noticed the first one on the second chapter)

- There seems to be an overload of dialogue.

- I feel the break-up of Tristan and Julissa could be described more.

- Chapter five - put it into paragraphs and space the dialogue like you did with the other chapters.

Overall Thoughts:

This is a really good story so far! The characters have strong personalities and the story is very well written. A couple of errors, but overall it's really great. 

Rating Out Of Ten: 7/10

Review done by Hail King Diego.

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