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3. ADOPTED by smithep200


Movellian: smithep200 []

Movella: ADOPTED []



-The protagonist has a clear personality which is portrayed really well in the writing 

-The nacho plate thingy picture on chapter two made me really want to eat nachos

-The description is in depth in places where it's necessary 



-Paragraph more and make sure you do a new paragraph for every new speaker 

-Put punctuation and capital letters in necessary places (the easy way to do this is to put your story through a word processor like Microsoft Word ,which will show you where punctuation needs to go, then paste it back onto Movellas)  


Overall thoughts:

I like the concept of this and how nicely the story flows, however with a couple of tweaks it could be even better!

Rating out of ten: 6/10

Review done by Enya Sanders.

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