Making Her The WildOne

"What if I touch you like this?" He said draping his strong, rough hand against her waist. The way his voice whispered the sweet harmonies of seductive words against her ear making her body tingled threatening to cave in. "Then I'd let you." She whispered to the guy she had just been yelling at... the same one she just called a jerk faceded, hormonal, play boy... who also was the bad boy who was turning her into a bad girl.

Rachel Cassidy, Golden child and peace maker of the broken Cassidy Family, has choices to regret when life with her single mom turns disastrous over her mom's sudden lost in a job. As a quick back up plan, Rachel's mom immediately decides to move in with Rachel's father's sister until she lands on her feet again.
Life with your favorite aunt doesn't seem to bad huh? Well Think again. How can one 16 year old out casted medal mouth girl survive when she has to fin for herself against Her scornful Bitch of a cousin and her new obsession with the bad boy next door?


3. Threats are Just The Half Of It.

I could hear the whispers swirl around the semi silent room. "Did she seriously just drop that it his lap!" "Oh my god somebody make new girl an obituary!"

I was quickly yanked up and grouped against the nearest lunch table. It was carving into my back making my eyes shut before my tears of pain drowned me.

"What the hell mate!?" His dark raspy voice yelled. His light hazel eyes felt as if they were carving a whole through my eyes.

"You tryna' piss me off so early in the day?" A whisper rolled off of those boared lined lips against my ear.

"Isshaa borrie!" I said through my hair that was covering my eyes and swarming in my mouth making my braces deform my speech. I shook my head feeling stupid. Way to go. Until his eyes widen making them grow big with curiosity and that was when I knew that this wasn't the first time I had seen those big hazel eyes today.

"Looks like the little freak show is gonna wet herself Isaac!" Stacie's wicked voice echoed to the guy peering over me.

His eyes dashed from me to the side and back up again. His face showed anger but slight humor of my previous impaired sentence.

"Whoa whoa wait a minute you rejected Malibu Barbie --" I heard Aisha boom from the table storming over towards the scene. "One thing your not gone' do is talk to my girl like that Stacie. Its not to late for me to woop your ---"  She barked waving her hands in the air like she was a singer in the booth. But before she could get over to Stacie she was yanked back by May.

Stacie chuckled shrugging her off. "Oh whatever." She waved off Aisha with a devious grin spread across her lips like whipped icing.

"You better be glad she holding me back!" Aisha yelled through the still silent cafeteria. My eyes glanced back from Aisha to the now tightening grip on my arm.

I doubtfully moved my eyes up to the shirtless pharaoh of this morning's death greaming facial expression.

"I'm, Im really--" "What is going on here!" Ms. Briggs interrupted my apology running down the aisle that we were on.

"Everyone-- Rally--- NOW!" She screamed and whirled around to look at everyone.

I was still being held down with his eyes still buried into me. He didn't move, He didn't Blink, He didn't budge. And this attention did nothing but make me feel disgusted with myself.

"Im so sorry. Can you please let me--" "Come on Isaac, I want to help you get this mess off of you" another random blonde girl said tugging him away from me. Again I was restricted from my apology. Bummer.


"Rachel, I'm so so so sorry I left you alone back there." Candice, who had been apologizing to be ever since we left the cafeteria.

"I should've been the one to stick up with you instead of Aisha. It was my fault." Candice whined pulling me through the crowd of students to the bleachers.

"Gimme Gimme Gimme!" Aisha squealed to Johnny who was eating a pack of gummy bears.

"Umm... No!" He yelled yanking the pack out of her sight.

"But but baby! Caring is sharing!" She was now having a mini physical fight with him over the bag.

"Would you guys stop it!? I'm trying to apologize to Ruhnelle here." Candice said holding onto my arms.

"Umm... It's Rachel. "

"What Ruhnelle?" May said walking past me to sit on the other side.

I shook my head. The term 'hanging out' didn't come easy to me. But I really enjoyed conversating with someone besides the hamsters in the science lab.

The whole Ruhnelle thing was kind of humorous, I suppose but that wasn't the least of my worries because the guys dress in football uniforms came running across the gym and then onto the stage accompanied by Ms. Briggs .

I felt Candice nudge my arm to look at the cheerleaders standing in front of the stage. Some were grouping onto the football players as if they had no shame. At my old school this was highly normal. I'm pretty positive the wide spread of Herpes  was an epidemic from all the tongue swabbing going on.

"Who is that?" I whispered to Aisha who was now fumbling through her phone.

"Isaac, Stacie's play toy for the week. Do me a favor and keep clear of him." she mumbled not even bothering to look up from her phone as she was smacking on the gummy bears like they were made of glue.

"Yeah, your not his type anyway." May grumbled from the bleacher row in front of me.

"Well then again... everyone is his type. He isn't just a play toy of Stacie he is a play boy, a man whore. He does them then moves to the next." Candice said toying with her hair.


"I hope to see you all at the game tonight!" Ms. Briggs left her speech off on.  "And because of the little up roar at lunch the following students will be in charge of the confession stands and custodianing the bleachers." She paused pulling out her list.


"Rachel Cassidy, May Wong, Aisha--" She shook her head in mid sentence squinting her eyes over to Aisha. "--and Isaac Rivers."

The last name sent the school into an out roar of groans and boo's.

"Isaac is the only reason I'm going!" "They are going to loose now without Isaac." "Is she crazy?!" "This is all new girls fault."

I slowly sunk down into my jacket covering my pale face. I've never been in trouble before. What is my mom going to say?


A/N: Hi Guys (: Chapter Three Already? Well I was hoping to clear some things up. Aisha's name is pronounced (Eye-eeshhuhh) . The other names are pretty easy to pronounce. Aisha is African American if I didn't describe any of the character precisely enough. I want you guys to be able to picture them. Thanks for reading! Next update is probably going to be this weekend (9/14/13- 9/15/13)




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