Making Her The WildOne

"What if I touch you like this?" He said draping his strong, rough hand against her waist. The way his voice whispered the sweet harmonies of seductive words against her ear making her body tingled threatening to cave in. "Then I'd let you." She whispered to the guy she had just been yelling at... the same one she just called a jerk faceded, hormonal, play boy... who also was the bad boy who was turning her into a bad girl.

Rachel Cassidy, Golden child and peace maker of the broken Cassidy Family, has choices to regret when life with her single mom turns disastrous over her mom's sudden lost in a job. As a quick back up plan, Rachel's mom immediately decides to move in with Rachel's father's sister until she lands on her feet again.
Life with your favorite aunt doesn't seem to bad huh? Well Think again. How can one 16 year old out casted medal mouth girl survive when she has to fin for herself against Her scornful Bitch of a cousin and her new obsession with the bad boy next door?


1. Moving In

I tumbled through the front door of my mom's tiny unspacious apartment that had been holding me by it's seams through the tough years of my parent's divorce. This was the 10th time today I've walked up and down these raggedy steps with card board boxes.

Never again will I let my mother talk me into choosing her over dad because that was exactly why I was stuck doing this. This stupid thing that was going to ruin my life. I mean, Of life only consist of dreamy mushy gushy romance novels.. and Saturday nights that called for pink panther pj's, bowls of popcorn drowned in sugar, and multiple episodes of Jeopardy... but that wasn't the point.

Moving was one of those things that just turned everything upside down in one blow. But, with just my luck.. this wasn't even the first time. When my parents first split it was cool. My mom had a nice Condo and my dad stayed in the house that used to govern all of us. Two separate Birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmases were the icing on the cake. They even showed me extra affection.

That all lasted for maybe a month until my dad found out how much of a slut my mom was being when he went on his business trips while they were still together. Every now-and-then I'd catch them making out after they realized how silly they were being when they argued about who loved me most.

But the day my mom slipped up and confessed that she had slept with my dad's business partner, he chucked her name off of his bank account. Boom Bam bow... we went from Condo to Crappy apartment.. and now heading to his sister's home.

I suppose when she broke the finger of the principal of an elementary school she was substituting for touching her bum was not a way to keep her job. She collected her last check, which coudn't pay for the monthly rent is why we are moving in with Aunt Lynn and Stacey.

I personally love Aunt Lynn, but Stacey and I don't talk. I guess since she is 3 years older than me I don't have "Down to Hang" Stapled across my forehead. Or the fact that she is beautiful and I'm just the tongue tied, Medal mouth, nerd of a baby cousin she had to drag around a couple years ago. But that's totally a story to tell later.

"Rachel, hurry up now, Lynn agreed to help you set up while I'm at work." My mom, Gwen, called from inside the car that was stuffed with boxes and bags.

"Ok." I whispered through my track of Braces layered against the top row of my teeth. I lowered my last duffel bad in the trunk and sat in the front seat.

Say hello to a long ride to the other side of town.


"Rooms over there, make it snappy, my friends are coming over and I don't want your freak of a face traumatizing everyone." Stacey snapped as we approached my new room directly beside hers.

"Urm.. Thanks?" I murmured avoiding contact with her. She was tall, skinny, and beautiful.. the exact antonymous indication of me. Her brunette hair flowed down her back against her tanned shoulders that almost complimented her infamous scowl, like it did everything else molded on to her Bollywood body.

I walked into the vacant room that looked like someone had made an effort in making it look like a spoiled teenagers room. Sorta like the ones in those brainwashing teen fiction shows. Ya' know... like 90210 and stuff.

Gently, letting down my duffel bag with the rest my mom threw in here I sprawled myself against the warm bed that devoured my quite boney arms into its sheets.

I wasn't exactly model material. i was 5'1, a little lean towards the bottom half of my body but boney on the top half. This drastically explained why I was at the top of my class at my other school but failed gym miserably every time.

Sure, my semi dark Mocha hair took away from the light freckles layered across my cheeks and nose but it still made me stand out ... purely nerdafied.







Okay Hey guys... another story from Tasha huh? LoL well this one is indeed going to be fun to write. Trust me it's going to be rather interesting. Rachel is a very interesting character.. (: But here is a picture of Rachel ----->

And please continue to read. I know this chapter is boring but the next couple are just getting to know the characters.

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