Making Her The WildOne

"What if I touch you like this?" He said draping his strong, rough hand against her waist. The way his voice whispered the sweet harmonies of seductive words against her ear making her body tingled threatening to cave in. "Then I'd let you." She whispered to the guy she had just been yelling at... the same one she just called a jerk faceded, hormonal, play boy... who also was the bad boy who was turning her into a bad girl.

Rachel Cassidy, Golden child and peace maker of the broken Cassidy Family, has choices to regret when life with her single mom turns disastrous over her mom's sudden lost in a job. As a quick back up plan, Rachel's mom immediately decides to move in with Rachel's father's sister until she lands on her feet again.
Life with your favorite aunt doesn't seem to bad huh? Well Think again. How can one 16 year old out casted medal mouth girl survive when she has to fin for herself against Her scornful Bitch of a cousin and her new obsession with the bad boy next door?


4. Cute, Sweet... But Just a little bit naughty.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid." Was the only thing that banged through my head the entire time I ached inside of this posh white couch. Incase your wondering, not only did I get tormented the entire rest of the day; But Stacey was so mad she made me walk home. And considering I'm flat footed with absolutely no arch... my feet were aching.

"Yeah Lynn, Only if you seen it." Stacey said through the phone as the lights of my mom's black Honda flashed through the pearl white drapes.

"I want her out, Mom! She even managed to get my date, Isaac, in trouble too. I swear she did it on purpose I saw her."

I threatened to interrupt her conversation to correct her on the whole "She did it on purpose" thing because, if I did it would have been pretty intelligent of me to consider me getting in trouble also. But, I decided this wasn't the right time.

"I came as fast as I could --" My mom said scattering into the house in her waitress uniform.

"You came just in time." Stacey barked throwing her iphone into the wall peering down on me.

"Wait... what? Stacey you said Rachel was dead!" "Yeah she will be when I get done with her." Stacey was now fuming. Her red face was starting to beam through her cement layer of base. Of all people, you would think she was good at applying makeup. But some girls didn't know that the natural look is more relevant when you can see the difference of the skin tone texture between your neck and your face.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand, my mom shook her head throwing her apron on the couch slouching down.

"I swear Stacey If I get fired I'll--" "You'll what?!" Stacey interrupted my mom throwing her hand in the air.

"Don't for get Uncle Scott Loves his dear niece." She said fluffing up her golden locks.

"And? What does that have to do with me?" My mom boomed putting on her stern front. My mom wasn't used to people pressuring her authority. Considering I wasn't the one to talk back, say no, or ask why. But for some reason even when my mom and dad were still together, Stacey pressed her way under mom's skin.

"We both know your broke--" She paused moving closer to my mom. "-- And your only here because Uncle Scott had mercy on you and your slutty ways." and as soon as those slimy word echoed off of Stacey's lips my mom had enough.

Of course she was used to hearing the whispers of rumors about her every time we went to a get together with my dad's family. But hearing it from someone that was a mirror image of mom in her younger days before she had to work like a dog, was infuriating. Impeccable at the least.

And that was how I ended up walking to the game. Not only were they arguing back and forth but dishes were being thrown, and people walking there dogs were standing waiting for a gun shot and 911 would come to the rescue.

I had no problem with walking places. After all, I road the public bus to my mom's old apartment from school everyday. Which means I had to walk about 1/2 a mile to the bus stop. But this was different I wasn't walking to the bus stop, I was walking all the way to this preppy school. and considering this part of town was wealthy this was the last thing I needed. But I kinda knew Stacey wasn't gonna be caught dead dropping my off at the game considering it was my fault it was ruined.


"Ruhnelle! We were beginning to think after today you wouldn't show your face here again." May said running up beside me. May too, was taller than me. She was rather curvaceous considering the  average stereotype for her nationality. But you couldn't see because of her baggy clothes.

Compared to Candice's rather skimpy wardrobe options, Aisha was more conservative as she walked over to her arm and arm with Johnny.

"What she meant to say was we were beginning to think you were going to flake on us." Johnny said dark and heavy.

"You are custodianing under the bleachers. Everyone already said they weren't buying anything from the confession stands if your there.... No offense." Aisha said stickering through her words.

"But it doesn't matter, the crew is basically the rejects of this school anyway. Your just another stranger." Johnny admitted in an attempt to discard what Aisha had previously said.


I trudged around the alley parts of the bleachers watching the game from the cracks of the stairs. Most of the night was going by slowly. I had dodged multiple beer cans being chucked to the ground bellow the bleachers. And watching drunken teens fighting and the police arresting them. You'd think since it was on School property they'd be wise enough to wait until afterwards to get high. But who was I to know?


" Cassidy, I've been looking for you for ages what the hell." I heard someone say with a thick Australian accent. I attempted to turn around but I was pretty sure I was not the one that the dialogue was being directed to.

"I know ya' hear me mate." The raspy voice said again coming closer this time. I paused as a rough hand rapped around my fragile arm threatening to bruise.

"Please don't kill me" I begged with stupidity surrounding me with every word that withered out of my immatured mouth.

The voice chuckled lightly spinning my around then letting go. My closed eyes slowly opened meeting with that face again.

"Jesus, do you ever go away?" I whispered. How I got this sudden outburst of ballsieness? I have no idea.

"I dunno hun. I've been called greek god, but Jesus... never." He said peering down on me. His blue polo shirt clung onto him nicely showing how his arms bulged against the fabric.

"You were supposed to wait for me so we could start this together." He pointed to the recent can that fell between the stairs.

"I thought someone snagged you up." He let go of my arm running his hands through his silk black hair then back into his pocket.

"I urm... I.. I... Your...." I paused taking in a breath and thinking for a moment. " Your Isaac... correct?"

"And your the girl with the footy pj's that was watching me this morning." He said with a smirk plastered against his noticeably soft lips.

"Weren't you supposed to be taking Stacey here?"

"Hmm... Let's lay off the questions mate, when there's a game happening that's just waiting for us to watch." He peered down on me. His gentle eyes glistening from the light of the scoreboard and his eyelashes bating against his tanned skin.

"But, But , we're supposed to clean up." I protested the raddling the cans in the trash bag.

"So what?" Isaac said slipping his arm around me pulling me down to a log.

I'd never been this close to... What do they call it? PDA (public display of affection)? But those words made me know I should have listened to Aisha's warnings.

"Let's see how far we can go until the clock runs out." He said kissing my neck. In that instant, I shoved him with all the strength in me off the log storming from underneath the bleachers.


A/N: Okay Yes, Yes, I know. I said I was gonna post. But I didn't Im sorry. It's just School, Homework, and the everyday Drama made me forget all about my Precious Isaac and Rachel. I know what you all think. Oh he's a jerk. But, I have a different plan for him. He isn't that bad. He just hasn't had a reason to get out of his play boy ways. But PLEASE comment, Fav, and Like. It means the world to me to see what you all think.

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