Making Her The WildOne

"What if I touch you like this?" He said draping his strong, rough hand against her waist. The way his voice whispered the sweet harmonies of seductive words against her ear making her body tingled threatening to cave in. "Then I'd let you." She whispered to the guy she had just been yelling at... the same one she just called a jerk faceded, hormonal, play boy... who also was the bad boy who was turning her into a bad girl.

Rachel Cassidy, Golden child and peace maker of the broken Cassidy Family, has choices to regret when life with her single mom turns disastrous over her mom's sudden lost in a job. As a quick back up plan, Rachel's mom immediately decides to move in with Rachel's father's sister until she lands on her feet again.
Life with your favorite aunt doesn't seem to bad huh? Well Think again. How can one 16 year old out casted medal mouth girl survive when she has to fin for herself against Her scornful Bitch of a cousin and her new obsession with the bad boy next door?


9. Aussie

Note: Considering the beginning of this chapter is from Issac's POV his accent is a lot more precise. So, the way some of the words are spelled are not spelling errors.


Isaac's P.O.V.

"Why is it trending on Twitter that You, Isaac Rivers left with Nerd face." Stacey barked

"You don't seem too Jazzed mate. What is the prooblem' with me heelping' the donzel' (damsel) in destress?" I said with my words curlig around my lips.

Maybe it was just me, but even if Stacey decided today was the day she wanted to plunder around in my room; If she found Rachel it wasn't goin' to burn me none.

Good thing was maybe if she did she'd stop being so bloody skittish around her.

I looked over to the closet as it shut softly. I knew Stacey heard it too. Stacey had a keen sense of hearing. Especially after the time I had Bonnie over.

"What was that?" She asked her full lips curling upwards looking around.

"Maybe it wer' the wond' (wind) breezing through thot' window?" I pointed towards the opposite direction of the closet.

She grinned glazing over towards me.

"I love It it when you talk all that Ossie, Mate, Aussie, mumbo jumbo to me."

I nodded pulling her close to me by her hips. Sooner a later Rachel's petite little body was goin' to comburst through that closet door. She just needed to get a little jealous.

If her and Stacey were really blood, she'd be as much of a jealous lover as Stacey.

She crashed her lips against me, smearing her wine red lipstick against me' lips.

She moved her lips from mine as a light from a car flashed through my window.

"I have to go," She smiled moving out of the room. Stacey's body was slender. It was as if I could wrap my arms around 3 of her and still have space. Her hips her non-existent, but it was as if her legs went on for ever.

Ofcourse I'd never see her as girlfriend material, neither did I see Rachel that way. But Rachel was a piece of work.

"You can coome' out now kitten." I said after the clicks of Stacey's heels lingered down stairs.

The closet door opened slowly and next thing I knew her hands were flying towards my chest hitting me in a specific rhythm.

"You, You!!!" Her hands continued flailing in my direction aggresively but only if she knew I could barely feel her.

After a while of her hitting me, almot swearing, and taking a moment for breathing I grabbed her sholders lefting her feet off the ground.

"I hate you! I hate you! You bas---" She caught her lips just in time before she said something she'd regret later. I pushed her against the wall soft enough not to hurt her but quick enough so she'd know to calm down.

"You steal my first kiss and then make out with my cousin, right infont of me!!???" She was screaming now and her little body was still full of adrenaline.

"Thot' was your farst' (first)?--" a smirk spread across my lips.

"Whar' (Where) do you live mate? In woop woop?"

(If you didn't know, Woop Woop is Australian slang for in the middle of no where)

Her face quickly turned red as she blushed. She unraveled out of my gripped rushing from my room.


Back to Rachel's P.O.V. c(:

My feet were running from up under me towards the house. Seeing how much of a jerk he could be right infront of me after I'd given him the satisfaction of taking my lip virgintity and he goes and does that.

It was like my tummy was hurrling around in a jealous rage that only made me hate Isaac Rivers. I'd curse his name until the day I died.

I marched up to the slide door that looked as if it'd been unlocked all this time. Only if I'd looked... none of that would have ever happend.

Seeing the way he completely ignored that I was in there; kissing her like they were in love.

Kissing her like the way he had kissed me... Or maybe it was different? Regardless of the type of kiss, he still kissed her and in order to kiss someone you have to really like them and only them.

Well... atleast that was how it was in all the romance novels I'd read. Speaking of which I'd have to write it into my day planner to throw all of them out.

They were all Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies. Because if he could so easily kiss me like that then go kiss Stacey worelock #1 of her step step preppy chick clique.

I hated him I hated him I hated him.

I don't care about him anyway.

But... If I didn't, Why am so angry about this?

I quickly grasped my hand around the slide door handle edging it open. More and likely Stacey was in there already because of the 5 minutes I wasted arguing with Isaac.

I tip toed inside sliding it behind me then creeping up the stairs to the room ignoring the group of voices that were conversating just around the corner from the door I'd just entered.

As I entered the room I'd seen that Stacey's room light right across from mine was still off so I entered slipping off his shirt stashing it into the closet along with my other clothes.

After I changed into my sweat pants and my mom's SCAD hoodie I slid back downstairs to welcome the voices that I'd avoided greeting.

"Rachel, were have you been?" My mom's voice invaded as soon as I turned the corner. Her worried face muted as soon as she stood up.

Something about the way she held her self worried me also. Usually after work she'd be all layed back and telling me to tell her about the stuff I'd learned at school late that night.

"I um..I was..."

"Never mind sweety we'll talk about it later. We have company." She nodded over to a women as she blankly fake smiled.

She was rather young looking. Maybe a couple years older that me and Stacey. My mom never hung around younger females. She rarely hung around females.. or anyone period. Except her friend from high school that had kids but they didn't live around here.

The woman.. well girl was dress in a skirt-suit. The skirt fit tightly against her slender waist. It was starting to look more and more like the only females that came in this house her skinny compared to me and mom.

Of course neither me or my mom were fat, But we weren't skinny. My body fit my body weight. Considering I wasn't tall my weight stayed in one placed so my hips went out a lot more than stacey's.

My mom was that way too, but my mom was perfect. She was perfect for her age atleast. Her burnt orange hair waved down to her chest making her skinny face stand out more.

My mom looked a lot better when she was married to daddy, but it was mainly because she was drowned in ravishing jewlery.

But back to this girl that was sitting on the coach. Her blond hair was pulled back into a doughnut bun; showig off her strong jaw bone and her perky nose.

She was pale and the only color on her face her orbiting brown eyes, the soft pink blush and her very light pastale lip stick.

"Who is this?" I asked looking her up and down. It was atleast almost 11:00 oclock and she was still walking around in heels.

"Rachel Bug!" a familiar male voice called coming around the corner.

My dad's black and grey hair was swept back in a style that looked like someone had ran their fingers through it.

His arm was around Stacey's shoulder as if she were his daughter instead me. He was in a suit so I assumed tat thing on the coach was a new package.

"Rachel, this is Hailey; the assistant. Hailey this is my daughter."

She greeted me with a smile holding out her hand. I simply ignored her gesture.

"Why is she here?" I asked looking from her head to her toe.

"Rachel be nice." My mom said

"Yes, Rachel me nice. " He added smirking. Maybe he didn't realize that he'd hurt me when he'd left more than he'd hurted my mom.

"Mr. Cassidy; if it is okay with you I'll be taking our bags to the guest room."

My eye brow raised looking over to him. "Our? Bags?"

"Scott?" My mom questioned waiting for him to explain the living situation to the both of us.

"Calm down Veronica, we wont be staying here perminantly." He said motioning his picture perfect so called assistant to continue on with what she asked,

"Then explain to your daughter why you and this little girl have entered this house."

"She's 23--"

"Your 39" my mom interrupted

"You had a kid while you were 21!" He chucked.

"Exactly, and you were 23. We were kids too and look were it got us now." my mom boomed.

"Well you both sound like kids right now" I yelled looking at how ridiculous they were already acting when they couldn't have been spending more than 10 minutes in the same room together.

They both paused as I turned around stomping upstairs. Both Aunt Lynn and Stacey were giggling watching the Cassidy family show that was bound to sprout through the time he stayed.


I really couldn't ask for anything worst. I didn't even see it coming to top off the icing on my crap cake. But when I saw them talking I almost hit my head running downstairs.

I'd left him alone for 5 minutes outside to get my phone and a scrunchy and next thing I knew he was in a full on conversation with the neandrathol next door.

Something told me to look out the window and I'd slightly looked to left left as I was leaving and there they were.

Fully engaged in a conversation saying god knows what. my lip began to quiver; I couldn't get out of the door fast enough.

What if he'd told daddy about what happened between us?

He'd kill me he'd insinerate me to bits of pieces explaining to me how disapointed he was.

As my feet connected outside onto the posh freshly cut grass I paused as my dad cracked a smile wide as the widgth of the Mississippi River.

I started back in a slower pase over to them and the car The Isaac Rivers was leaning against. Of course I didn't want to see him right now; but If he decided to say anything I had to be there to defend my case.

"Hey Rachel Bug." I quickly blushed looking down. How could he embaress me like that?

Sometimes I think my dad was born on a completely different planet were it was cool to embarrass their already social plumeting daughter.

My dad looked away from me to Isaac brushing his hand against the car.

"What year is she?" He asked

I had no idea what he was talking about. Was he talking about me? And what grade I was in? Was it because Isaac told him about the kiss and my dad was quizzing him of my life story?

"1968, She's a pure beauty, I've had ah for abooout two yars (years) now."

I scrunched my eye brows looking at the both of them. Sometimes I had no idea what Isaac said because of his thick accent but now I was in utter confusion.

"You wouldn't know anythong about this Raych, Thos (this) ahs (is) big boy toys." He winked towards me.

"And what model did you say this was?" My dad questioned.

"A Chevy Camaro SS." Isaac said rushing his hand through his hair pointing towards the jet black vehicle.

"Uncle Scott--" Stacey's irritating voice called from behind us.

"Looks like you've met my boyfriend, Isaac."

My mouth scrunched up as Isaac's dropped looking past me towards Stacey


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