Making Her The WildOne

"What if I touch you like this?" He said draping his strong, rough hand against her waist. The way his voice whispered the sweet harmonies of seductive words against her ear making her body tingled threatening to cave in. "Then I'd let you." She whispered to the guy she had just been yelling at... the same one she just called a jerk faceded, hormonal, play boy... who also was the bad boy who was turning her into a bad girl.

Rachel Cassidy, Golden child and peace maker of the broken Cassidy Family, has choices to regret when life with her single mom turns disastrous over her mom's sudden lost in a job. As a quick back up plan, Rachel's mom immediately decides to move in with Rachel's father's sister until she lands on her feet again.
Life with your favorite aunt doesn't seem to bad huh? Well Think again. How can one 16 year old out casted medal mouth girl survive when she has to fin for herself against Her scornful Bitch of a cousin and her new obsession with the bad boy next door?


10. A Three Lane competition

"Listen Stace--" He interrupted as she slammed her leaping body against his wrapping her arms around him.

"Oh no son," My dad said

"You guys don't have to hide anything just because the old man's here."

I couldn't believe these words were coming out of his mouth. Was he serious? Old man, Son? Some times I wasn't even sure if he realized that Stacey was not his daughter; I was.

"Rachel and I were just going to drive up to build a bear and see if we can get her that doll she used to like."

My face quickly begun to heat up as I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks making my pale color darken.

"Dad!" I yelled scrunching up my face.

Stacey snickered as Isaac slid his hands that had just caressed my hair into his khaki skinny legged pants.

"That was years ago!" I said trying to defend myself but I knew it wouldn't get anywhere to dad's processing system.

" Matter a fact," Stacey rubbed her chin "I think me and Isaac would love to join the two of you; maybe even take pictures!"

Oh god kill me now. Not only had she found away to worm her way into ruining my first kiss but she was ruining the time I was to have with my father.

"We can take my cah (car)." Isaac said smooving his hair back while a smirk spread against his lips like petrolium jelly on a scratch.

I squinted my eyes at his hazel ones. Even though when ever I looked at him I felt like we were the only ones there; but obviously not to Stacey or Dad. Because as soon as Stacey saw us starring at each other she nudged him into the car.

Mat dad grabbed onto the keys.

"You kids can ride in the back and Hailey and I will ride in the front."

Hailey? Since when was Hailey invited? Since when were assistants invited to family vacations, slept in the same room as their boss, and tagged along durring father daughter time? I should consider being an assistant.

She glided down the steps, across the lawn, then into the arms of my dad. Her blond locks were no longer restrained and were replaced in long thick volumes of flourishing flattened hair.

Her and Stacey dressed a like; no doubt in my mind that they didn't act a like. Both of them wore tight fitting jeggings. Her's were blue blending with her floral imprinted baby blue spaghetti strapped shirt.

The beating sun flashed against her eyes, through her hair. And the thing that really got me was never in my life time had I ever seen Stacey jealous. But she was now, because not only were the both of them wearing idential outfits; Hailey looked better than her in it.

Of course I was completely out ruled in this best looking competition. I was planing on going to build a bear with dad and adding a new one to my collection. So instead of dressing up, I was straddled inside of camoflagued patterned cargo pants and a red hollester shirt. My hair was not only messy, It was tangled from the destruction of my previously perfect curls. Thanks a lot Isaac.

I slipped inside of the car's backseat ignoring Stacey's glares at Hailey, and Hailey's glares at Stacey.

Maybe Isaac saw them too because as the two glared at each other He slipped into the backseat beside me.

"What was up with you lost (last) night?" He question, his voice low and frustrated.

"Tons of garls (girls) would have begged to have been in yar (your) position."

I snarled at him. What a jerk. A hormonal play boy. How in the world could you be so sweet and innocent at one moment and then a complete and utter jackass the next.

"Stop thinking so hard Raych." He smoved him thumb over the wrinkles that formed between the two of my eyebrows as I frowned at him.

"If your wondering how great my lips would have felt last night if you didn't get so jealous; there are other times for that."

My eyes spread as wide as the atlantic ocean. I couldv'e hit him. I could have even shoved him out of his own car. But I didn't, because... Maybe that was exactly what I had been thinking about.

"How'd you.... Why did you kiss me." I whispered looking over to the three of our accompanices bickering outside over their outfits.

"I didn't kiss you." He added grinning.

Did he just lie to me? I had far enough liars in my life. My dad, sometimes my Mom, Stacey, everyone. Even if he was to deny to me that he had kissed me the night before it would surprise me.

After all, It wouldn't have been the first time someone denied something between us. Like the first time a boy hugged me. He lied the next day to everyone at school and his girlfriend slapped me infront of the entire 6th grade.

"Im kidding Love." He nudged his arm against mine as my dad entered the car along with the two replicas.

"And that gives her an excuse to copy my outfit?" Stacey was screaming now as she rested her head against his hard chest.

The engine growled up and my dad back out of the drive way. This was to be a long drive to the mall, Even if it seemed like the time I spent around Isaac vanished into the air.


Thump, Thump, Cladoomp, Thump Thump. My finger nails went against the window. We had only been in the car for around 15 minutes and the subject of their matching outfits were replaced with some thing worse.

Isaac and Stacey's head bobbed back and forth swapping bacteria. Possibley Baccillus. Did you know those things split in half every 20 minutes. That means if she started off with one in her mouth they'd grow to 2 in 20 minutes, 4 in 40, 8 in 60. Crazy huh? Not even counting the ones harvesting in his... And the ones from other girls.

I paused.... Rubbing my tongue. He'd kissed me too. Yuck.

Anyways besides all of the tongue swobbing and soft moans; my dad and Hailey would occasionally hold hands. She'd take his calls and every once in a while peak back at Isaac. I didn't find anything about this miticulous until he winked at her.

After Stacey fell asleep Isaac grasped my hand interttwining our fingers. The fire of his skin and warmth flickered through me making me wince.

His face leaned down by my ear whispering something.

"I never said I dated her." He admitted.

I snatched my hand from his as my dad's head turned to the review mirror. I need everything but for this thing we had to be misconcepted. I didn't want him, I didn't need him. I needed someone the polar opposite from him. But for some reason cupid gave me something more intemidating.

His death glare beamed down at me as I nudge my head towards the mirror. I didn't want him to think I was being rude. Because I wasn't I just couldn't stand letting him get to me like he is.

"We're here kids." My dad interpritted not wishing not to remove his fingers from the firm stirring wheel.

Only if he'd hesitated that much to let go of me.



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