Lucky (?)

Jemma never knew anything, clueless to the big bad world... Which she had to suddenly face when she turned 17 and found out that all was not what it seemed.


1. The Truth

So much nonsense... Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Young Dracula, The House of Night ... All of this BS surrounding vampires. As if they know a damn thing about what it's really like? Not saying I didn't enjoy watching that stuff (guilty pleasure) but nothing like that actually happens for real...
That's what I thought... Until my 17th birthday came and my parents told me what they had hidden from me for such a long time... That they'd found me in the streets abandoned by God knows what, and they next to me a letter lying there. It said:
'Whoever finds this girl, I beg... Take her with you, whether you believe me or not she is of great luck to anyone she gives her heart to... Win her heart, raise her as your own. I will come back for her when she turns 17.'
It wasn't signed, it just contained a load of nonsense. That's what my parents, scratch that... People who found me thought too, they did take me to the hospital because it looked like I'd been lying there for a long time, but they told me that as they were about to leave... They couldn't, my 'mom' had found out a few days ago that she couldn't conceive and fell down in tears, holding my dad's hand she begged him to let her keep me. To truly raise me as their own. My dad couldn't say no, and they decided to keep me. As they raised me , they kept telling me over and over, they loved me. I was their daughter, but they lied to me. They kept telling me how scared they were that when I turned 17 they'd lose me.
I beg to differ, though. I remember their business sky-rocketing around the time I entered their house, I remember that shortly after they took me in, 'mom' could suddenly conceive and had a baby, who they sent to boarding school to teach him to be a fine young man.
Was that all because of me? Is the reason I was brought in this house because of my luck? That doesn't even make any sense, I mean Luck?! Come on! But, if...

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