Fanfiction Of The Week

As some of you may or may not know, I have a YouTube account and I frequently make videos on it. I wanted to start something that would encourage my viewers to get involved, so I present to you... Fanfiction of the Week!


1. How to enter!

So, for Fanfiction Of The Week, I will read ANY fanfiction, and by any, I honestly mean a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. A N Y. It can be 1D, it can be Phan, it can be Drapple for all I care! If it's a fanfic, I will read it!

To get me to read it, you need to send me the link to your fanfiction, your name, your twitter and maybe your tumblr. My email is and my YouTube account is poeticchances.

Then, each week, I will read the submitted fanfictions, and choose my favourite three. Three fanfictions will be chosen to be promoted in a YouTube video and linked in the bio of said video, and I will follow those three authors on twitter/tumblr and possibly fan them on Movellas.

I tried this a while ago and only got 7 entries, which sucked a little.

But as a publicist ambassador, this is how I plan to promote some movellas.

Feel free to ask any questions below, and don't forget to share this to people who you think would be interested!

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