¿¡13 & 20!? (Canceled)

Liam Payne, one of the members of the most popular boy-bands, One Direction,have lots of money,fame,and all the girls that he could get, and a beautiful girlfriend. What happens when he meets the shy,quiet,sweet and cute (Y/N) that is 7 years younger than him. Would they become more than friends?. Would Liam breakup with her girlfriend just for his crush on (Y/N)?. What would management think about their relationship?. Would their age gap affect Liam's career?

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11. My Gifts

We were at my home with my family and friends,liam and even the boys were here. I have to say that everyone in my family like Liam and all of my little cousins too. Then I t was time for the gifts. All of my family gave me clothes and the boys gave me the 1D merchandise but I was really happy to see the gifts that liam was going to give me.

"Alright babe, now i have 13 gifts for you" 13 gifts!!!!! wow I want to see them now. I opened a black velvet box to find a necklace with an L on it and other with an L and a spoon "If we are apart, that will remind you of me" he said, OMG i love this boy, i'm glad he is mine "Thank You Liam" i said kissing his cheek multiple times. I opened the next box that was color pink with blue, and find the most beautiful dresses of the world. "OMG, LIam this are beautiful!!! THANK YOU" i said hugging him "Not as beautiful as you baby" he said kissing my head. I opened the next box that was a small one to see an IPHONE 5S!!!! with 6 cute covers "THANKS LIAM, I LOVE YOU!!" i said kissing him. "Your welcome babe" Then i opened the next box that was a bit heavy. And it was a ........ MacBook bitches!!!!! "Thank you, I love it!!" "Now the next gift it's a big surprise just for you" Liam lead me outside the house,opened the door of his car and an schnauzzer come out of it!!! "WOW!! I  LOVE IT" I said petting the puppy "I think I'm going to call him ,Pussy" " Well, it's an original name"


"Thanks for the best birthday ever, Liam" "Anything just for you babygirl"

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