¿¡13 & 20!? (Canceled)

Liam Payne, one of the members of the most popular boy-bands, One Direction,have lots of money,fame,and all the girls that he could get, and a beautiful girlfriend. What happens when he meets the shy,quiet,sweet and cute (Y/N) that is 7 years younger than him. Would they become more than friends?. Would Liam breakup with her girlfriend just for his crush on (Y/N)?. What would management think about their relationship?. Would their age gap affect Liam's career?

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26. Meeting the Parents

We went to our flat and I went upstairs to our room with bags. I placed the bags on then went to the bathroom and took a shower. I washed my hair, my body, and shaved my armpits. I wrapped a towel around my body and blow dried my hair. I put on one of the dresses that Liam got me(http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_99/set?id=99948481) put on my red pumps, did my make-up natural, and made curls on my hair. Then went downstairs and saw liam waiting for me, he was wearing a plaid shirt with a blazer, black pants, and shoes. "Wow babe, you look gorgeous " he said kissing my lips. "Thanks, so do you" "Thanks, now let's go, my parents are waiting" he said and we took the elevator to the parking lot. We got in his car, and went in our way to the restaurant. "Were's the restaurant that we're going to meet your parents?" I asked him "it's an Italian restaurant called Georgio's" he said focusing on the road "I'm a bit nervous" I said "Don't be nervous babe" he said taking my hand "Everything is going to be fine, they're going to love you" he said kissing my hand. We arrived at the restaurant , went inside. We saw an old couple sitting at a table, I think those are Liam's parents. We walked to their table and they greeted us "Hi Liam" "Hi mom" he said kissing her cheek. "Hi son" his dad said. "Hi dad" he said hugging his dad. "Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N), (Y/N), this is my mother Karen and my dad Geoff" he said "Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you" i said sticking out my hand "Hi dear, nice to meet you" his mom said "Nice to meet you too". We sat down at our table and ordered our food. "So, (Y/N), how old are you?" Karen asked me. Then I felt my palms sweating but Liam took my hand and gave them a reassuring squeeze. "I'm 14, years old" I said and I saw that their eyes widen. "Alright, that's ok. But we thought that my son would choose someone his age or older.. But if you too are happy, then we are happy" his dad said. And all my nervousness fade away.

We did a little talk . payed for our dinner and got out of the restaurant. "It was a pleasure to meet you Mrs. and Mr. Payne" I said "It was nice to meet you too, dear" his mom said. Then Liam and I went to our flat. But when we arrived at the door of our flat, there was a voodoo doll with a knife at the door and it had a letter "if you don't get away from my man, you're going to be in serious problems - D" I was really scared of what could happen to me. And i knew that this letter was sent by Danielle, because of the D at the end of the letter. I was so in my thoughts that i did'nt notice that I was crying. Liam hugged me close to his chest rubbing my back "Sshh Sshh, don't worry princess, i won't let anything happen to you" "Promise?" "Promise" he said kissing my lips softly. 

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