¿¡13 & 20!? (Canceled)

Liam Payne, one of the members of the most popular boy-bands, One Direction,have lots of money,fame,and all the girls that he could get, and a beautiful girlfriend. What happens when he meets the shy,quiet,sweet and cute (Y/N) that is 7 years younger than him. Would they become more than friends?. Would Liam breakup with her girlfriend just for his crush on (Y/N)?. What would management think about their relationship?. Would their age gap affect Liam's career?

Read To find Out


30. Firts Time

I was so happy for Alyssa and Zayn. The make a great couple and love each other with all their hearts. Liam and I arrived at our flat "It's hot in here" I said. "Why don't we go to the pool?" Liam asked me. Wrapping his arms around my waist. "That would be great" I went upstairs and changed into my bikini. We went outside and it looked beautiful outside with the stars and the city lights.

Liam and I went to the Jacuzzi and lay down looking at the stars. "This is beautiful" he said.

"But not as beautiful as you" he said kissing my lips. I kissed back roughly the he begun to trail kisses up my neck. making me moan. "Let's continue this upstairs" he said out of breath ,we got out and went upstairs, we reached our room and Liam layed me down on the bed. "Are you sure you want this?" "Of course , I've been waiting so long for this moment" I said. he took off my bikini top and my panties, i took off his pants. We got under the covers and...you know what happens next.


*next Morning*

Liam's P.O.V

I woke up in the morning with (Y/N) sleeping on my chest. Last night, after 6 years she finally gave me the most beautiful thing in the world, her virginity. (y/n) started to wake up "Hey princess" I said kissing her forehead "Hi Li-" she got up and ran to the bathroom, leaned her head on the toilet and puked all the contents of her stomach in the toilet. I went to her and caressed her back. "Babe are you ok? You need to go to the doctors" i said  worried "I'm okay Li-" she said standing up "You're not ok baby, you need to go to the doctor" i said "Alright, I'm going today after breakfast" she said giving up.

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