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Liam Payne, one of the members of the most popular boy-bands, One Direction,have lots of money,fame,and all the girls that he could get, and a beautiful girlfriend. What happens when he meets the shy,quiet,sweet and cute (Y/N) that is 7 years younger than him. Would they become more than friends?. Would Liam breakup with her girlfriend just for his crush on (Y/N)?. What would management think about their relationship?. Would their age gap affect Liam's career?

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23. First Day in New School Part 2

 We arrived at my new school."Bye babe, good luck" he said and I got inside. While I was walking a bit of people were staring at me and some were smiling. I went to the office for my schedule. I went inside and greeted the receptionist that looked a bit older. Like the age of 40 or 50. "Hi sweetheart. What can I do for you?" she asked me "Hi, I'm (Y/N) and I'm the new student here, and I came for my schedule" "Alright babe, let me check on the computer" she said and typed a few things on her computer. "Yep. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). here's your schedule and the number and the combination of your locker. "Alright, Thanks" I said and got out to the hallway. It was bit hard to find my locker, since it was a big school. Then I trip with somebody making all my things fall to the floor. "Oh, I'm sorry" the other person said. I looked up and saw that the person was Alyssa. "Oh Hi Alyssa!" I said "Hi (Y/N), are you the new student?" "Yes, Do you know were is the locker 213" I asked her. "Yes, It's the one beside mine, I'll lead you there" she said. And we walked till we get to a locker that was close to a window. I opened the door and put all my books in there. "Hi Alyssa" said a red haired girl with green eyes and white, pale skin (like Niall's). "Hi Amie" Alyssa said hugging her "Amie this is (Y/N), my new neighbor and the new student, (Y/N), this is Amie my friend" she said. "Hi Amie nice to meet you" I said stretching my hand "hi (Y/N), nice to meet you to" she said shaking my hand. Then 2 girls with dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes . I think they were twins. came to us "Hi babes" they say in unison "Hi Katie, Hi Lucy. This is (Y/N), my new neighbor and the new student, (Y/N) this are the twins Katie and Lucy. I f you want to know who is who, Katie is the smart one and Lucy is the hippie one " she said introducing us. "Hi girls nice to meet you" I said "Hi (Y/N), nice to meet you too" the n the bell rang. "Girls, do you know were is the History class?" I asked them "Here, let me check your schedule" Alyssa said checking my schedule. "Great, you have all your classes with me, except Chemistry that you have it with Katie" she said "Oh, good so let's got to our class" I said and we all went to the class of history. I sat down beside Alyssa and saw that a group of girls entered in the class and were drowing disgusting looks at me. "Alyssa, who are those girls" i asked her "Oh, she is Zoey Jenner and her group of Barbies. She is the Queenbee of the school, she always dress up with short-shorts, short skirts and tight shirts and always use loads of make-up that make her look like a crayon raped her face.She is the captain of the cheerleader squad. She actually is 16, and is in 8 grade because she repeated the year 2 times.And she have slept with all the football team. And rumor has it that she loosed her virginity at the 14 years old, and she loosed it to  a boy that was  in senior year. She goes for the ones that are older than her, so better watch out if she tries to steel your boyfriend" Alyssa said whispering all those things in my ear. Then the teacher arrived at the classroom. and begun the class, but all that he was saying were the things that we were going to learn this year. So I just doodled in my notebook. Then we went to our biology class and it was the same. BORING: Then the bell ring indicating it was the lunchtime. So Alyssa and I went to the cafeteria and went straight to the line for food. I took an hamburger,with french fries, a brownie and a coke. "GIRLS OVER HERE!" I saw that the girls were waving at us to come there. We walked and sat down in at the table. "Hi babes, how were your classes?" Amie asked "Boring as hell, and yours?" i said taking a bite from my hamburger "Boring too" the said. We talked for a while. Then we saw a pair of high-heels near us "Hi, How are the bitches doing today?" Said Zoey "Go away Zoey" Amie said "But what's your problem, I just wanted to say "HI HI" to the new bitch in my school" she said looking at me "I know that you're the new girlfriend of Liam Payne, so better watch your back because he is mine, and I see that he choosed the wrong type of girl" she said and all her 'friends' laughed. An let me say that their laughs sounded like the laugh of a dolphin "And I see that you choosed the wrong type of make-up, or your face looks really like that?" I said and a few people around us were "OOHHHOOHH"ing  at us "Better don't get on my way" she said and then walked away. I saw that I received a text from Liam so i checked my phone.

Liam<3: Hi babe<3, do you want to go for some ice cream after school


(Y/N): Yes sure, bye babe, love you xxx


Liam: bye babe, I love you too xxx


*At the end of school*


I sat down under a tree outside the school with the girls.Then Alyssa said something that make us really happy "Girls, I got something to tell you...Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend" she said excited "And what did you said?" "Obviously I said Yes" she said and we all got excited.  And we exchanged phone numbers and chated for a while. Until a heard the honk of a car and saw that Liam was there outside his car. I walked up to him. "Hi baby" he said kissing my lips "Hi babe" i said and got inside his car. We drove to the ice cream parlor, went inside and ordered a banana split for the 2 of us. We sat down on a booth and eat our ice cream. We chated for a while about our day and he asked me about my day in school "It was boring but great, I made new friends and i met the bitch of the school" i said an he chuckled. We finished our ice cream and went to our flat. we got there and I went upstairs to our room. I wanted to surprise Liam so I take off my clothes  and put on a pink robe and leaved my head on it's natural waves. I went downstairs and saw that Liam was sitting on the couch watching T.V in the living room. This was my opportunity. I got on top of him and kissed him passionately. "babe, what are you doing?-" I put my finger to his lips "Sh" and carried on kissing him. this time kissed back and put his hands on my waist "You know we can't until marriage" "But this is a make out session, not sex"I said kissing his neck. He took off his shirt and I caressed his chest and abs. He trailed kisses through my neck, down my shoulder, down my arm. And kissed my hand, "You're so beautiful" he said looking at me in the eyes. he kissed me and brushed his tongue in my bottom lip and I let him in. our tongues fighted for dominance and he won he begun to take off my robe but I stopped him. "let's bring this to the bedroom" I said and he carried me bridal style to our bedroom. He layed me down on the bed and kissed my neck while I played with his hair.. he took of my robe living me in my underwear. I covered my body with my arms. "You're gorgeous, don't hide it from me" he said taking my arms off my body and kissing me. We carried on with our make- out session for ours until it was night and we cuddled under the sheets. "i love you" he said kissing me "I Love you more " I said between kisses. An I fell safe, on his chest listening to his heartbeat.



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