¿¡13 & 20!? (Canceled)

Liam Payne, one of the members of the most popular boy-bands, One Direction,have lots of money,fame,and all the girls that he could get, and a beautiful girlfriend. What happens when he meets the shy,quiet,sweet and cute (Y/N) that is 7 years younger than him. Would they become more than friends?. Would Liam breakup with her girlfriend just for his crush on (Y/N)?. What would management think about their relationship?. Would their age gap affect Liam's career?

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9. Dinner with my mom

Me and Liam were walking around the park."Liam, my birthday is in one week" I said "Really? Wow my baby is growing up" he said with a smile "I'm going to give you the best birthday present of ever, me and the boys are going to sing in the ellen show and I was planning on dedicating 2 songs for you" Liam said, and handed me some tickets for the show "Are you really going to do it for me?" "Babe I would swim all the ocean's just to see you smile(A.N: see what i did there ;))" he said kissing me. We arrived at my house and we walked into the kitchen to find my mom cooking waffles. "Hi Mrs.(Y/L/N)" liam said giving a kiss to my mom cheek's "Hi darling, how are you?" "I'm good, are we going to have waffles for dinner?" Liam asked a bit confused. I explained him the thing of the waffles day and he understand it. Then we ate waffles with cream, M&M's, and Nutella and dank iced tea. "And Liam, when are you going to be back to tour?" my mom asked Liam "In 8 months, but  I'm going to be here for (Y/N)'s birthday" "Oh great, were going to have a party here with all of (y/n)'s favorite food and the family members, would you like to come?"." I wouldn't lose it for anything in the world" Liam said kissing my cheek."Well I may be go home right now, so goodnight baby" he said kissing my lips "Goodnight Miss, thanks for the dinner" "Goodnight Liam, and your welcome" "Bye" "Bye" and Liam drive to his house.And I went to bed, wearing this:http://www.polyvore.com/sleepwear/set?id=97040741

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