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-still 3rd p.o.v- Harry motioned the rest of his crew to move forward. He told them to surround the area and take caution. If they were caught. They were done. This had Niall worried. Being the youngest member of the crew, sixteen, he gets a little scared at moments. He gets that blood rush feeling that gets you hyped up. Its well a roller-coaster .. as he had described it. Liam, twenty-one, he was... secondary. The second leader. He fills in when Harry isn't there. Liam's very good at high jacking and hacking. That sort of section in criminal like skills. Louis, twenty-one, well he is a thief. He can steal literally everything out of your bag and you won't notice a thing. Zayn, twenty, he is the best at tracking. Finding out who is who and where he/she is. Niall, he has recently been added to all the action. Since he has turned 16. This is his second mission outside. Not hiding and sniping behind the bushes. He specializes in well... fighting, good reflects, good aim when it comes to shooting. The kid may look sweet. But really he is popcorn just waiting to pop. Harry (twenty).. he was the best with strength and intimidating people. Scaring them into doing whatever he wanted. He was the strongest in the group. He was the smartest to. That is why he is the leader. The alpha. But he can't do one thing. Control his anger. All of his team mates are terrified of him when he is at that state. He is more stronger when he is mad. And less patient. You don't stand in his way. I guess you could call them a gang but they don't like to be called that. They're simply a group of skilled people. "Zayn and Louis; there" Liam says gesturing to the right half of the building. Zayn and Louis nod and move out. "Niall you stay with me." He says and Niall just nods and stays quiet. Harry moves through the door. Liam had a key copied. Harry makes his was through the house trying not to make a sound. He looks through all the rooms waiting to see the girl he is looking for. Finally as he slowly creeks the last door in the hallway open he sees her. She was laying in a crunched up ball position. Harry had gotten a ball with him. He filled it up with mist if her clothes and tossed it out the window. He continued to look at the girl. Frozen in his place. He just skimmed through her body with his eyes. Looking at her delicate features. Small fragile body. So innocent. At that second she opened her eyes and went stiff. Fear rushing through her body. She was scared. She was so scared she had almost stopped breathing. She is only 17. She was mostly scared because her parents were not home. She had no one to defend her. No one at her side. Which she was used to. Her parents are always at work. They come home, well, once a week. They're too occupied in their jobs to be with her. The thing is she isn't a rich snob. Most people think that of her but she doesn't take her money for granted. She never did drugs. Never drank. Never smoked. She studies. Gets good grades. She's never gotten a call home from school. She wants a good future. Something where ,one day, she could go to her job and come home everyday to see her children. She felt neglected as a child. If she would ever try to talk to her parents they would just give her what she wanted and left. She didn't want all those toys and Barbies. She wanted someone to tuck her in at night. Someone to tell her she loves her. Read her a bed time story. Kiss her on her head like other parents do. But no. They just worked and worked. 'Please don't hurt me. Please. Please' she thought in her head. He picked her up and put her in a car. She was seated in between to Niall and Liam. The car ride was silent. Harry would check the mirror a couple times to look at what she was doing. He couldn't help it. He knew nothing about her. Zayn tried to find her but couldn't. Her father must've made sure she wasn't found. He kept her on a low profile. Harry was driving but heavily thinking. He really didn't know anything besides the fact that she is Mr.Hamlin's daughter. He didn't need to know any other information anyway. All he needed was his money back. What money? You might ask. Well Harry's father worked with Mike. Also known as Mr.Hamlin. They were good friends. As Harry's father told him. One day his father died from a "heart attack". Harry was 15. He knew it wasn't a heart attack. He knew it was a lie. He knew. Shortly after his father died his family went bankrupt. His mother sent his sister off to his grandmother. Harry didn't go. He wanted to stay for his mother. He chose to stay with his mother. His sister wanted to stay to but he told her she would be safer at her grandmother's house. His sister understood him and she hugged them goodbye and left. Harry's mother got terribly sick. She couldn't afford any of the medicine she needed. Harry went to the bank. He tried to get his father's money. 'I'm sorry sir. But the one hundred thousand in your fathers checking account has been moved into another. The Hamlin's account.' The banker said. Harry knew exactly what happened. His father didn't die from a heart attack. Hamlin killed him. Harry went back to his mother but was to late. She was already dead. He cried and cried. But no one was there. He needed someone to tell him everything will be better. But no one was there. No one. He figured he'd half to be his own superhero. At 16 he was robbing banks. But never was he caught. He had his own apartment. He met Niall at a shelter shortly after. He knew what he was going threw. The feeling of loneliness. He took him into his place. Niall was a natural good aimer. And good fighter. He would be a huge help. But Harry wouldn't let him out at 12. He let Niall sit in the bushes. Niall took out any threat that was coming towards Harry. One bank robbery wasn't successful. (Harry is 17 here) They were caught. But not by the police. By Zayn, Louis, and Liam. They wanted in. Harry told them his history and they said that they had a bigger place they could all live in. Harry soon became leader. Replacing Liam. But Liam made him leader. He knew how smart and strong Harry was. He was best for it. Liam knew Harry would make a good leader and he did. A newspaper paper came one day. The article in it was about, 'Hamlin Industries'. They already have gotten loads of money. But it wasn't enough. Harry wanted Hamlin to go bankrupt. He wanted him to suffer like he did himself. Harry wanted him to know what he did. How it destroys people. Once they had gotten home Harry took the girl and put here in a room. She stared into space. 'My parents won't even know I'm missing.' She thought. She just looked around the room it was pretty big. She was terribly hungry. She always had, what she called, 'The Midnight Munchies.' Harry just looked at here as her eyes skimmed through the room. Her stomach growled. Loud enough for Harry to here. "Are you hungry love?" He asked. "Wel- I- no." She said hopelessly nervous. She was never good at talking with people it wasn't in here nature. She would never speak her mind either. She was to scared. Frightened by Harry. Harry got out and came back with a can of brisk and a turkey sandwich. "Thanks" she whispered. He left after just leaving her in there alone. She couldn't sleep. She wanted to know why he took her. What she had done. Why was she there. There were lots of questions to ask but she knew she would get no answer. A/N So how's this chapter??? You like? Should I continue?
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